Buy Now Pay Later that works with Varo [Complete List]

Varo is a fast growing online banking service, that offers you to bank without most fees. If you are banking with Varo and looking for Buy Now Pay Later apps that work with Varo, you are on the right post. Do the popular BNPL apps like Klarna, Afterpay, Affirm etc. work with Varo, read on to get the complete details.

Varo is actually fintech company (started as Varo money in 2017), which later became the first all digital bank- Varo bank. So the service you get from Varo is comparable to that of traditional banks (which includes FDIC insurance) on many counts. However, being an online-only bank, it has some limitations as well.

Buy Now Pay Later is gaining popularity as a preferred way to make payments for heavy purchases in easy installments. It can help you manage your cash flow. And there are number of players which are operating in this space. You can use it online or offline. There is no interest or charges and only late fees if the payments are not made on the due date.

The way it works is you make the purchase using Buy Now Pay Later App, add your bank account or debit card to the App to make the initial payment i.e. fist installments and later installments (which can be done manually or by setting up auto-debit)

So the question that my come to you mind – can I link my Varo bank account or debit card to make the purchases with these BNPL apps for initial payment and later installments.

In other words

Do the Buy Now Pay Later apps work with Varo? The answer is mostly yes as Varo is a US based bank and you can add the Varo debit card or Varo bank account as a payment method in most of the BNPL apps like Klarna, AfterPay, Affirm etc.

However, there are some intricacies and details you should be aware of, for each of these Apps.

Read on to get the complete picture for your preferred Buy Now Pay Later option.

Does Klarna work with Varo

Klarna works with Varo without issues. You can add or link your Varo debit card or Varo bank account as a payment method in Klarna App to buy the goods.

To add Varo Debit Card or Bank Account in Klarna:

  1. Open the Klarna app and log in
  2. Go to ‘My Klarna’ settings and select ‘Payment methods’
  3. Choose to ‘Add a card’, ‘Add a bank account’, or ‘Remove’
  4. Enter your Chime Card details and follow the instructions

While you can add multiple cards in Klarna, you can only use one card or account as the primary method of payment at any point of time.

Does Sezzle work with Varo

Sezzle does not allow you to link Varo bank account or debit card as per its official list of payment methods.

Sezzle also does not accept Chime and few other banks and cards.

Does Afterpay work with Varo

AfterPay is another popular Buy Now Pay Later service that works with major debit cards and credit cards including Varo. You can add the Varo debit card as a payment method in AfterPay.

AfterPay also works with Apple Pay. So if you have your Varo Debit Card is already added to Apple Pay, you can even choose to pay with Apple Pay.

Do You Know? AfterPay is originally an Australian company, which has been recently acquired by Square (parent company of Cash App) .

However, AfterPay does not give you an option to link bank accounts, so you can use your Varo Debit Card.

To add Varo debit card in AfterPay app:

  • Go on the AfterPay App or online at AfterPay website
  • Go to “Billings” section under “My Account”
  • Go to “Add a payment method”
  • enter the details of Varo debit card

Does Affirm work with Varo

Affirm is a US based Buy Now Pay Later service that allows you to make payments using debit card and checking account. So you can use Varo bank account or debit card to buy products via Affirm

You can also use a credit card to pay with Affirm for some eligible purchases.

Affirm has partnership with many big brands including Walmart, Shopify, Big Commerce and Zen-Cart. It is also the exclusive buy now pay later partner for Amazon.

Does QuadPay (Zip) work with Varo

QuadPay (now called Zip) is an Australia based BNPL service founded in 2013. Zip allows debit cards attached to bank and credit cards to be used for payment. QuadPay works fine with Varo and there are no known issues.

To add your Varo Debit card in QuadPay, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Zip App and log in
  2. Next Tap Account in the app
  3. Next Tap on Payment methods
  4. Next Tap on Add a Payment Card
  5. Enter your Varo Debit Card details and complete the process

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Is Buy Now Pay Later a good option?

Buy Now Pay Later should not drive you to get into things which you can’t afford in the first place or will not buy otherwise. It is a just a convenient option that helps you manage your cash flow. It does not increase affordability of a product. You have to pay later, with the payment schedule decided at the purchase itself.

A report says that more than half 57% of users regretted making a purchase through Buy Now, Pay Later because the item was too expensive. So use it with caution with clarity of your budget. Don’t get clouded with the instalment amount, but look at the overall price of the product when making the decision.

Wrap Up

To conclude, most Buy Now Pay Later Apps support Varo as any other bank. However, it is preferable to use the Varo debit card which works on all the apps rather than using the bank account details as they don’t work in some apps like Sezzle, AfterPay etc. If you are banking with Chime, you can also see this post on Buy Now Pay Later Apps that work with Chime.

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