How to Add Gift Card to iTunes [Simple Guide]

How to add Gift Card to iTunes

If you are struggling to add a gift card to iTunes, this guide will make things easier. A gift card can be easily added and redeemed to fund your iTune purchases. This guide will walk you through the steps on how to add funds from your Apple gift card to iTunes account.

There are different types of gift cards that Apple offers, which often becomes an area of confusion. There are ones which you can buy from any retail store or grocery store.  These are usually reloadable in denominations of USD 10 to 500. 

Then, you can also use other gift cards like those offered with Visa, MasterCard, American Express  brand etc.

The process to add a Gift Card to iTunes varies based on whether it is an Apple Gift Card or any other brand gift card.

First let’s talk about Apple Gift Cards as Apple itself offers different gift cards and you may not be able to use all their gift cards for iTunes. Let’s talk about how they look and identify what can you purchase with them

Apple Gift Card- With the colorful apple logo and a white background. This card is also called the “Everything Apple Card”, which was launched in Jan 2020.

Before this, there were two mainly two Apple gift cards available: iTunes cards (for ‌App Store, iTunes Store, and iCloud storage purchases) and the Apple Store gift cards (for purchasing physical Apple products like iPads, iPhone) at Apple brick-and-mortar retail stores. 

As the name suggests, this card can be used to buy any Apple product whether it is a digital product like music from itunes, books, in-app purchases and also physical products like iPhone, iPads, Macbooks from Apple store. The products you can buy with gift card is mentioned at the back.

Apple Gift Cards are available only in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Apple Store Gift Card- This one usually comes in solid colors like grey, silver, gold actually quite similar to iPhone color. As the name indicates, this gift card can be used ONLY to purchase physical products from Apple physical stores or online stores and does not allow you to redeem for purchases on iTunes.The products you can buy are listed on the back of the card.

App Stores & iTunes Gift Card: These cards come in blue color. As the name indicates, this is more for digital purchases. They allow you to make purchases at any place where Apple Id balance can be used including buying games, apps, in-app purchases,  buying music, movies from App-Store, iCloud storage, subscriptions like Apple Music, Apple TV and more.

So if you are not using Apple Store Gift Card (valid for only physical product purchases) adding  the gift card to iTunes should work fine. Let’s now talk about the steps to add a gift card to iTunes.

How to Add Apple Gift Card to iTunes on iPhone, iPads etc

  1. Scratch the area at the back of your card to find the 16 digit gift card code
  2. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to the “App Store” app (blue color with white A)
  3. Next at the top right of the screen, tap on your profile photo circle ( on Today tab)
  4. Next tap on the option “Redeem Gift Card or Code.” If you don’t see “Redeem Gift Card or Code,” sign in with your Apple ID.
  5. Enter the 16 digit alpha-numeric code manually or alternatively scan the gift card by using your mobile camera ,
  6. Next click on Done 

Once the gift card funds are added, it will show under your Apple account balance.

Then you can make purchases in the normal way from the iTunes  store using the funds added.  You can also redeem it to buy music from Apple Music app, books, iCloud storage, in-app purchases etc.

In case you face issues in redeeming the Apple gift card, you can refer to this page from Apple support website that can help with troubleshooting.

If you have a gift card from another brand say Visa, American express etc. you can follow the steps below.

How to Add Visa Gift Card to iTunes on iPhone, iPads etc

  1. Open the “App Store” app on iPhone, Ipad
  2. Next at the top right of the screen, tap on your profile photo circle ( make sure you are on Today tab for this option)
  3. Next tap on your username or email id displayed which takes you to Account screen
  4. Next tap on the option “Manage Payments” which is displayed under your Apple Id
  5. Next tap on “Add Payment Method”
  6. Next tap on “Credit/Debit Card”
  7. Enter the card details like no, CVV, expiry date
  8. Next tap on “done” and you will see that card is now listed under Credit/Debit Cards and is available to make purchases on iTunes

About Apple ID and Payment Methods

To make purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, or Apple Books, or buy iCloud storage, you need an Apple ID and a valid payment method.

And Apple allows you to use all the following payment methods:

How to add Visa gift card to Apple Wallet

Adding a Visa Gift Card to Apple Wallet may or may not work depending upon the bank which has issued the gift card. If the issuer bank offers support for the card, only then you will be able to add it in your Apple Wallet. If not, you will get an error saying that the Gift Card is not supported by the issuer.. 

To attempt to add visa gift card to Apple Wallet, follow the steps below:

  • Scratch the area at the back of your card to find the 16 digit gift card code
  • Launch the wallet app on iphone, ipad
  • Next tap on +” at icon on top right of app home screen
  • Accept the terms and conditions of Apple pay if you have read and agree and tap on Continue
  • Next tap on Credit or Debit Card 
  • Enter Credit Card details like card no, security code, expiration date etc.

Wrap Up

So you see that it is actually not that difficult to add the Gift Card to itunes. Make sure you are using a valid gift card which will work for iTunes which has not been used before. For non-Apple Gift cards, the process may be a bit of hit or miss especially if you are attempting to use on Wallet.

How to Add Gift Card to Venmo [Full Guide-Visa, MasterCard Gift Card]

How to Add Gift Card to Venmo

Venmo is a popular payment app that makes it super convenient to receive and pay money with a social touch. If you have received a gift card and are looking to add funds from such a gift card to your Venmo balance, you are on the right post. This post will give you a ton of information on how to add a gift card to your Venmo account (including Visa Gift Card, Master Card Gift Card) and transfer funds from a gift card to your Venmo balance, with all the steps.

While it is quite easy to add a bank debit card and link it to your Venmo account, a gift card is an area of confusion. That’s because there are a variety of gift cards available in the market.

Some of them are for a fixed value and non-reloadable. There are also others that allow you to reload the gift card. You can purchase such gift cards from retail stores like 7-Eleven including Vanilla Visa Gift Cards, Walmart Visa-branded Gift Card, Secure Spend Gift Card, Mastercard gift cards.

The gift card is usually a prepaid card that may or may not be linked to a bank account and often for one-time use only.

As per Venmo Website, Venmo allows you to link credit, debit cards, and also prepaid, network branded cards (e.g. American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) which are registered in your name, as a payment method.

So technically, if you have a gift card from any of the above brands,  you can add this card to your Venmo account as a payment method and use them.

However, there is a catch.

Venmo’s website talks about situations where: “Cards may be declined by the card issuer or Venmo for funds availability or fraud prevention reasons. Also, some payment cards may require a zip code to be linked to your account.”

Some gift cards may allow you to spend only on purchases at specific merchants. They may not support being added to Venmo as a payment option.

So adding a gift card and using it on Venmo can be a bit of a hit and miss. There are some gift cards that may work just fine with Venmo, while there are others where you would run into issues.

Let’s now go into details of how to add a gift card to Venmo.

Steps to Add Gift card to Venmo [Visa, MasterCard, Other Gift Cards]

  • Open Venmo App and tap on the You tab to open the menu (single person icon blobid0.png)
  • Next go to “Settings” (gear icon)
  • Next tap on “Payment Methods” (bank icon) from the list of options
  • Next Tap on “Add a Bank or Card
  • Select “Card” to add the Gift Card
  • Enter the Gift card details like the 16 digit no., expiration date, etc.

For Zip Code, you can enter the one you used when registering or activating a card on the website with the address. Sometimes you get the error message Zip code invalid unless you register it on the website.

(see below for more details on how to go about finding the zip code on your Gift card)

Once the gift card is successfully added, it will show up under “Payment Methods” usually displayed as a Prepaid Card.

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Finding Zip Code for your Visa Gift Cards

When adding a gift card on Venmo, you will be asked to provide the Zip Code of the Card. For this information, you can check the back of your gift card where it usually mentions a website link of card provider or phone no. for any balance and transaction inquiries. This website or phone option will also allow you to register and activate the card. 

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If you choose to visit the website, it should take you to a page that has a link or button to register your card. (make sure you only access the authentic website only as mentioned on the back of the card. Don’t run a search to avoid the possibility of entering into a spammy website). This option will ask you to key in your card details like gift card no, CVV, and expiration date. 

Once you enter the details and login into the card, you should see a section that allows you to update the address details including the Zip Code details. If for some reason, you run into an error or are not able to update the zip code details, you can just call on the phone no. mentioned on the back of the gift card to get help on the same.

Some gift cards may not allow an option to update the Zip Code on their website. In such cases, you can simply try to use the Zip card associated with your address.

In fact, most cards require you to register your gift card on the website to activate it. If you don’t complete this step, it can also be a reason for card decline during the transaction.

In some cards, you do not find the option to update the zip code, in which case, you can just enter the zip code for your area when adding it to Venmo.

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Finding the PIN of your Gift Card

If you choose to use your gift card to do a transaction at a specific merchant say Starbucks etc.  (instead of adding it on Venmo) you may be asked to provide the PIN of the gift card. You can set the PIN of the gift card by referring to the instructions on the back of the gift card. Most gift cards allow you to set a PIN of your choice.

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Wrap Up

Adding a gift card on Venmo is similar to the way you add a debit card. A gift card is a prepaid card and Venmo usually supports such prepaid cards as a payment method. Venmo is also known to support NetSpend cards.

However, it is not a surefire way and there are some cards that may not be supported to be added as a payment method. So the only way to confirm is -you try adding a gift card following the steps above and hopefully it works.

If your gift card does not work with Venmo, you can explore some other options like PayPal, which is known to be more supportive of prepaid cards.

You can also try reaching out to Venmo support for a specific issue.