How to Check Screen Time on Samsung S8 | S9 | S10 [Super Easy Guide]

How to Check Screen Time on Samsung S10

Got a Samsung mobile and looking to know how much is your daily screen time. Well, you are on the right post to find the easy ways to check your screen time on Samsung S8, S9, or S10 or any other Samsung Galaxy device.

Screen time is an important metric that shows the amount of time you spend on your mobile screen. It is a good indicator of how heavy or light is your daily mobile usage. As a Samsung premium phone user, you have a few options to check your screen time.

It’s a good way of keeping a tab on how much time you spend on your mobile phone and making sure that you are not overdoing it. According to research from RescueTime, people generally spend a daily average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their mobiles. This kind of usage can be a great time loss as it is almost 20% of the waking hours for most people.

So how to check screen time on your Samsung device? You can check screen time on Samsung S9 or S10 either by going to Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control option under Settings (below advanced features). You can also check screen time on Samsung by going to Battery Options.

The preferred way is by using the Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control Option which gives you a bird’s-eye view of digital habits on mobile- how much time you spend on your mobile and break up of the time spent on different apps. It further allows you to put a budget or a cap (called as Goal) on how much screen time you want to spend on mobile overall or on a particular app. A good way of self-control.

Google introduced this Digital Wellbeing feature on all android devices from Android 9 Pie or Android 10. It was with the intention to give you more control over your mobile usage and maintain the right balance.

Way 1: Check Screen Time using Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control on Samsung S8, S9 or S10

Let’s see the detailed steps on how to check screen time using the Digital Wellbeing

  • Go to Settings App by tapping on gear icon
  • Next scroll down and tap on “Digital Well Being & Parental” Controls
  • You will be shown dashboard of screen time on Samsung mobile for the day
  • It will also show a break up of screen time with list of apps consuming maximum time

You can further set goals or limits on your daily screen time by setting your Screen Time Goal. Another option available below is the App-Timer to set a time limit for a particular app. This can be of great help as mostly the Pareto rule would be applicable on your screen time as well i.e. 20% of the apps will be eating 80% of your time. Once you exhaust this limit, it automatically blocks the app and displays a notification that your time limit is exhausted for the day. You can use one of the default time limits or create your own custom time limit.

Another great option available under Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control is the Focus Mode. By turning on the Focus mode, you can limit your access to only a few selected apps for a set time period. This way you don’t get interrupted by every other app which gets greyed out during this focus period. You also have the option to customize the list of apps that are available to you during the Focus Mode.

Way 2: Check Screen time using the Battery Usage Option

Another Option to check your screen time is by going to the Battery Usage section. This again gives a breakup app-wise of active time on the app as well as the backend time consumed.

To access screen time using this option, follow the path below:

  • Go to Settings by tapping the gear icon
  • Scroll down to “Device Care” option
  • Next you will be showed battery health score. Tap on the battery icon -which is first option below the score
  • This will show the battery time available along with a list of apps along with battery percentage they consumed as well as the time spent on these apps.

By default, it shows the app usage time per week which you can change to the day. This is a good way of getting insight into which apps are draining your mobile battery along with the time you are spending on them.

Wrap Up

You have 2 easy ways of checking your screen time on your Samsung S8, S9, or S10. I personally prefer the Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control feature to not only know how much is my daily screen time but also set goals and restrict my mobile usage within my own defined limits.

How to Find Bookmarks on Kindle App on iPad

How to Find Bookmarks on Kindle on iPad

If you are looking for a way to find the bookmarks you made on kindle app on iPad, you are on the right post.

Using the Kindle App on iPad is a great reading experience and can compare very well to reading a physical book. Especially with the useful features which Amazon provides in Kindle app -like the ability to highlight favorite sections or place bookmarks to keep track of your reading.

Bookmarks feature in Kindle help you mark the place where you were at and quickly return to it. You can bookmark a page by tapping the kindle app on top right which opens the book mark icon. Just tap on it and you see it colored indicating it’s bookmarked.

Now if you want to find the bookmark in case you are lost, this is a very easy process

How to find bookmark on Kindle app on an iPad? To find bookmarks, tap on center of page on Kindle app which will open up the top and bottom menu.  You will see a line at the bottom menu with dots marked on it. These dots represent bookmarked pages. Just tap on the dot which will take you to the bookmarked page.

Another way in which you can access your bookmarks is by going to highlighted portions of the book. Apart from the showing list of highlighted portions, it also shows the list of book marks in sequence.

Let’s see the steps in detail to access bookmarks on Kindle App on iPad.

First all make sure you are using the latest version of Kindle App to access the features. Just go to the Apple app store and search for kindle app again-if it shows an update option in the search results, that means you are not using the latest version of the app. So do the update first if required.

Alternatively, you can also go to the notes section which shows the highlighted portions of the book as well as the bookmarks

How to Find Bookmarks on Kindle app on iPad

  1. Open the book and tap on the center of any page to open up the top and bottom menu options
  2. You will see a line at bottom menu which is actually the progress bar for the whole book. The dots on this line indicate the bookmarked portions of the book.
    Access bookmarks on Kindle App
  3. Click on any dots to access or jump to  bookmarked page

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Way 2: Access bookmarks on Kindle on iPad

  1. Open the book and tap on the center of any page to open up the top and bottom menu options
  2. Tap on the “My notebook” icon on the top right menu
  3. Scroll down to find the bookmarked pages
  4. You can also filter the notes section to display only the list of bookmarks
    Bookmarks on Kindle on iPad

Wrap Up

Kindle on iPad is a great reading experience. Finding the bookmarks and highlighted portions is a breeze as you would have checked above. You can use any of the ways to access bookmarks on Kindle app on iPad.

How to Download Uber Receipts [Guide]

How to Download Uber Receipt

Uber is one of the most popular cab services across the world. If you are looking for a convenient way to download and print the receipts for your Uber rides, here is an easy guide to help you achieve this.

The Uber Receipt contains details like the break up of Uber Fare, date of the trip, starting and ending point (time and location), trip distance, driver name, and vehicle number.

Unfortunately, Uber does not give you a direct option to download your trip receipt on its mobile app.

However, you can easily download your Uber receipt by following the steps below.

How to Download Uber Receipts

  • Step 1- Go to and log in with your registered email id/mobile no. and password
  • Step 2- Once you log in, click on your Profile (person icon) on the top right to open the menu
  • Step 3- Click on the option “My Trips” from the drop-down. It will show you a report of all your trips.
  • Step 4- Select any trip whose Uber Receipt you want to download by clicking plus icon next to the trip
  • Step 5- Click on the option “Details” for the selected trip
  • Step 6- On the next screen, click on “View Receipt”
  • Step 7- A pop-up opens giving you an option to “Print” or “Download PDF” for the receipt

Note that an Invoice is different from the Receipt. The Uber receipt carries more details about the trip such as the travel time, vehicle number, etc.

If you only want to save the Invoice without many details, you can use the option “Save Invoice”. This option downloads a PDF copy of your Uber Tax Invoice as per the statutory invoice format in your country.

The good thing about logging in at is that it gives you a complete history report of all your trips. You can filter the report on the Current month, Last month, and even “All Trips”.

Especially, many times, you don’t remember the days you took an Uber. So this report is immensely helpful.

However, I would love to have more options like a filter on the “To “and “From” locations. Even some basic options like filtering for the year or last year or quarter are not available.

For a person who is frequently traveling on official purposes and using Uber on an almost daily basis, this can be very handy. This happens so many times when you are in a service-oriented job.

Another convenient way to download your Uber Receipt is from your emails. After every trip you take, Uber sends a trip receipt to your registered email id.

The email is sent from “Uber Receipts” and received from the Email Id “uber. your [email protected]. The subject line is user-friendly like “Your Sunday Afternoon trip with Uber”.

You can then simply print a copy of the email with the trip details. If you are using Windows 10 you get a default printer like Microsoft Print to PDF. You can simply print this email as a PDF using this printer option.

Printing mail is very easy if you are using Gmail on a desktop. It shows the “Print icon” on the left-hand top of the mail body. You can directly print only the mail body if you are using this option.

Now if you are accessing your email on an Android device, that too gives you an option. Follow the steps below:

Steps to download Uber Receipt from Gmail

  • Open the Gmail App on your Phone
  • Find the Uber mail by searching your inbox with the words “Uber Receipts”
  • Click on the mail and tap on the More option (3 dots)
  • Select the “Print” option from the drop-down
  • By clicking on print, you get an option to save the mail as a PDF
  • Click on the More icon (3 dots) on the mail and select the print option. It should give you an option to save the mail as a pdf.

If you don’t see Uber Mail in your inbox, it may be possible that your message has landed up in your spam or junk folder. If you find the receipts in spam, be sure to mark the email as “not spam”. Also, make sure to add Uber Id to your address book to ensure that Uber Receipts get delivered to your inbox.

If you are using iPhone or iPad, you can print the Uber Receipts mail by the steps below:

Steps to download Uber Receipts on iPhone mail

  • Open the iPhone Mail App
  • Find the Uber mail by searching your inbox with the words “Uber Receipts”
  • Click on the mail and tap on the reply icon (left-pointing arrow)and select the “Print” option
  • It opens the mail as a document
  • Pinch the document sideways like you are scrolling out
  • This enables the “Share icon” on the document. Click on it
  • You now get an option to “Save the File” as pdf

Note: In case you are not able to find the email receipt for a particular trip in your mailbox, you can log in at Go to the “My Trips” section by clicking on your profile name. Open the trip from the report and click on the Resend button.


While the above steps are easy to execute, there is no time-saving option to directly bulk download or print a list of Uber receipts. It would be really handy for frequent cab riders.

There is even a desktop app called “Ride Receipts” that was launched to help you download all your Uber Receipts for the year. This can be especially useful to track your business expenses for taxes and expense reports. I am yet to give it a try though.

This app description mentions it can download the Uber or Lyft receipts from Gmail/Google, Outlook/Microsoft, or any other email with IMAP support. The files will automatically organize themselves in your Documents folder.

In this way, you can easily download your uber receipts by the methods above.

How to Get Passbook from HDFC [3 Easy Ways]

How to get HDFC passbook

If you are looking to get a passbook for your HDFC saving or current account, here is an easy guide to help you with this.

HDFC Passbook is an essential document to keep track of your day-to-day bank transactions. HDFC Bank provides you number of options to access your passbook.

Let’s see the details on how to get HDFC passbook, if you have not got one or lost it.

How to get passbook from HDFC

  • Way 1- Submit the application form to get new physical passbook issued at HDFC Bank Branch
  • Way 2- Download HDFC mobile banking app to get HDFC passbook in digital form on your mobile
  • Way 3- Login at HDFC Bank website net banking to get passbook i.e. bank statement details

Now let us look into the detailed steps for each of these ways.

Way 1 – Get passbook issued at HDFC Bank Branch

Many times you require the physical passbook with the front page which has the customer KYC and bank account details as proof of address etc.

You can follow the steps below to request for a new passbook from HDFC Bank or to get your passbook re-issued you have lost the old one:

  1. Fill the respective application form available at HDFC Branch. You can even download the form from HDFC Bank website.
  2. Sign the filled application form and submit it at your nearest branch to get your new passbook issued.

Way 2- Download HDFC mobile banking app to view digital passbook on your mobile

You can also get Mobile passbook called HDFC mPassbook on HDFC Mobile Banking app. It is a feature which is available as a separate section in the HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App.

mPassbook is a great way to get regular transaction updates on your Savings or Current Account from the convenience of mobile.

Make sure you are using the latest version of HDFC Mobile App to be able to access this feature.

Steps to access HDFC mPassbook on Mobile

  • Download and Install HDFC Mobile App on your mobile
  • Open the App and click on the option “More” at the bottom right hand corner of the screen (see images below)
  • On next screen, click on mPassbook
  • Complete one-time registration to start using the mPassbook feature by either entering your Debit Card No. and PIN (Option 1) or your internet banking customer id and password (Option 2)
  • You will be asked to set a short 4 digit Quick Access Pin to access the mPassbook. Note the mPassbook only allows to view your bank account balance and does not give you access to do any transactions.
  • When you open mPassbook, it will show you the list of your accounts with their balances. Click on the account whose passbook you want to view
  • In the next screen, you will be shown graph and recent transactions .You can click to view more transactions upto last 6 months.
  • You can even download the statement as PDF by clicking on “Request Statement” button

It even allows you to categorize your transactions and track your income expenses.

With this feature you can keep a track of all transactions and view them at any time.

Way 3- Use HDFC Bank Netbanking to get bank statement (in place of passbook)

If you are just looking to get bank statement, you can download the same using HDFC netbanking. Follow the steps below:

You can download and print the past two years’ bank account statements by following the steps below

  1. Login to NetBanking with your HDFC Customer ID and password
  2. Click on the ‘Enquire’ option on the left side of home screen (after logging in)
  3. You will see an option ‘Account Statement- Current & Previous Year’ (similar option also available for Current & Previous Month statement)
  4. Select the required months or year for which statement is required
  5. Download the statement using any one of the available file formats which are Excel, PDF etc.

In case you are looking for a longer period than the previous year, you can go to “Request” tab on left side (not Enquire which was the earlier option) and select the option “Account Statement-Last 10 years”.

Now under this option, you are actually placing a request to the Bank to send a Physical Statement which is delivered in 4 working days to registered address or Email statement which is delivered in 1 working day to registered email id. But as per the instructions- if you have already registered for email statement, you will only get email and no physical statement will be sent.

You can check below the detailed process for requesting a physical bank statement to be delivered to your registered address. The steps for requesting a physical bank statement are below:

  1. Login to NetBanking using HDFC customer ID and Password
  2. Select ‘Account Statement-Last 10 years’ under the ‘Request’ option on the left hand side
  3. You can then select the Account Number and period of the statement requested
  4. Click on ‘Continue’ and ‘Confirm’, and the account statement will be delivered to your registered address within 4 working days

Wrap Up

In this way, you can get your HDFC passbook or bank statement with any of these options.

If you just want to view your bank transactions in the passbook, then the HDFC mPassbook is suggested. It is a really easy way to track your bank transactions on mobile and stay updated with your balance.

However, if you are not that tech savvy or require a physical passbook, then you can go for the option 1.

How to Reset Bank of Baroda mPin [3 Easy Ways]

Bank of Baroda Mpin Reset

If you have forgotten or lost your Bank of Baroda mPin, here is an easy guide to help you reset it. There are three convenient ways to reset or generate new mPin in mobile banking, which we will cover in this post.

mPin is a four-digit secret password which you can set to authenticate yourself for doing transactions on Bank of Baroda mobile banking using Mconnect Plus App app (just like we have Debit Card pin for ATM transactions). When you start using the BoB mobile app for the first time, you are asked to generate a new mPin. This mPin is used to perform any mobile banking transaction like Fund transfer, Payment etc.

But many times you may forgot your mPin and would want to generate a new one. Let’s look at the ways on how to reset Bank of Baroda mPin on such occasions.

How to reset mPin Bank of Baroda

You can change or reset Bank of Baroda mPin using the “reset mPin” option available in Bank of Baroda website or app . Log in at Bank of Baroda website using Net banking, then go to Service Request Tab, next select M-Connect Plus Registration (under My Account) and then “reset mPin” option.

The above is a faster option- you can check the step by step details below.

Some other ways to reset mPin :

  • Way 2: Use “Forgot mPin “option at Bank of Baroda ATM to generate new mPin with your debit card
  • Way 3: Submit the application form to generate new mPin at any of Bank of Baroda branches

Let’s now look at the steps involved for each of these ways in detail.

Way 1: Reset MPIN using Bank of Baroda Netbanking

A convenient way to reset your mPin online is simply by using netbanking. For this, login at the Bank of Baroda website using your desktop.

To reset your mPin using Netbanking, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to Netbanking at Bank of Baroda website using Retail Banking. Enter your normal User ID and password to login

Step 2: Once you login, click on the “Services”Tab on Home screen

(Important Note: If you are doing this on mobile browser, follow this path to reset mpin – Click on “Services” Tab on Left -> Then Click on “Service Requests”-> Then click “New Request”-> Next Click “Other Services”-> Next Click “Mobile Banking Registration” -> Then Click on third tab “Reset MPIN”. Now go directly to Step 5 below)

Step 3: Select the option M-ConnectPlus registration in “My Accounts” Section from the list of options under this tab

Step 4: In the next screen, click on option to reset mPin on the left side (3rd bullet). Select Continue to go ahead with the process to reset mPin.

Step 5: At this stage, you will be asked to enter your net banking User ID and Transaction Password. Enter these details and click submit.

Step 6: You will get a confirmation message saying the mPin for mobile banking has been reset successfully. An auto-generated mPin will be sent by SMS to your registered mobile number.

Step 7: You can now login in Mconnectplus App with your registered mobile number and mPin (received on SMS). After logging in, you will be asked to set a New mPin of your choice to login in the future.

In this way, you can see that the option of changing Mpin via netbanking is very similar to the process of registering Mpin for the first time.

Way 2: Reset mPin at Bank of Baroda ATM

You can even reset your mPin at any of the Bank of Baroda ATMs. This is another convenient method if you have a Bank of Baroda ATM near your home or office. However, please note that this option may not available in old Bank of Baroda ATMs.

Just follow the steps below to reset mPin at ATM:

  • Step 1: Insert your debit card at ATM, select language and enter PIN in normal manner
  • Step 2: Once you authenticate yourself with PIN, you will see the Home Screen . It shows an option for M-Connect (Mobile Banking). Click on it. (Please note this option may not be available in all Bank of Baroda ATMs especially the old ones)
  • Step 3: In the next screen, you will find the option : Forgot Login Password / mPin
  • Step 4: Tap on it, you will be asked to enter your Registered Mobile Number. You will be asked to re-enter it again to confirm
  • Step 5: In the next screen, you will be asked to select your “Type of Account” i.e. Savings or Current. Select the appropriate option.
  • Step 6: Once you complete the selection, you will get a confirmation message “Your Transaction Completed Successfully”. New Password/mPin will be sent on your registered mobile number.
  • Step 7: Login with the mPin and registered mobile number in mConnect Plus App. Once you login, you will be required to change the mPin to a new one of your choice.

Way 3: Submit the application form to generate new mPin at Bank Branch

You can also reset your MPIN at any of the Bank of Baroda Branches. Fill in the relevant application form with the required details and submit to the Bank authorised person.

Details to be entered in the form are:

  • Name of Account Holder
  • Mobile Number
  • Customer ID
  • Primary Account Number
  • Communication Address

You can find the PDF of the Form here.

Note that the mPin is different from the Application Password. Application Password is used only for opening Mconnectplus App and not for any transaction.

Related Questions

How to generate/set new Application password?
You can set any 4 digit number of your choice as the Application password. Application password is usually required to be set during the first time activation process.

If you want to change it subsequently, you can follow these steps:
In the Pre-Login screen > click on ‘Unlock / Forgot application password’ > Enter your Mobile number and mPIN > Set a new application password of your choice.

What if user gets blocked due to entry of wrong mpin?
Generate new mpin through Branch/Internet Banking/ATM. Go to “Unlock/Forgot Application Password” and reset your password by entering mobile number and mpin.

Q. What are the services you can access by using Mobile Banking Application?

Mobile Banking application M-Connect Plus helps you with a host of options to manager your account and do banking transactions.

Financial Services-
 Fund Transfer within Bank and outside Bank (IMPS/NEFT)
 Recharge (Mobile/Datacard/DTH)
 Bill payment
 Cash on Mobile
 FD RD opening
 Scan to Pay
 ToneTag

Non-Financial Services-
 360 degree view of all accounts linked to your customer ID
 Balance inquiry
 Mini-statement
 Account statement of up to 3 months at a time can be sent to the registered email ID
 Cheque book request
 Cheque status and stop cheque
 Seeding of Aadhaar number
 Interest Certificate of Loan accounts for last 3 financial years
 TDS certificate for last 3 financial years
 Debit Card Blocking
 Offers
 View 26AS
 Filing 15G/H forms

Mobile banking service is free and helps you to do banking transactions 24×7 at your convenience from any place just by the use of a mobile phone.

Closing Thoughts

You can reset your mPin using any of the three ways explained above. My preferred option will be changing it through net banking as you can do it from the comfort of your home. Also, change takes place almost immediately.

How to Find MNGL BP number?


Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited is a leading supplier of PNG in Pune. If you are a customer of MNGL, you are often asked to provide your BP number. The BP Number is required even to make online payment of Gas Bill and generally needs to be quoted for complaints or request.

So what is the MNGL BP Number and how do you find it? BP number is a unique 8 digit number provided by MNGL to each customer. You can find the BP number printed on the monthly gas bill provided by MNGL (left-hand side). (See illustration image on top)

The BP number is unique for each gas connection. Also, it is not the same as your meter number.

MNGL BP Number.

In case you have not received a bill yet for your BP number, the only approach that you can take is try to get in touch with MNGL customer care. They also have a contact page on their website. It has a form where you can fill the details and send your query . Luckily, this form does not ask for your BP Number.

We don’t know how fast their customer care responds to the queries but it doesnt seem to be very responsive.

You can also find the details of MNGL Customer care below for your easy reference.

MNGL Customer Care -Toll Free Number and Email

These are some of the communication modes mentioned in MNGL website to reach their customer care.

Toll Free Number: 180-02662696

Emergency Number: 9011 676767

Email : [email protected], [email protected]

Address for sending queries: Sr No-28/2, Ground Floor, Office No-1, Zenith Plaza, K.M.Gandhi Path ,Near cloudline hospital, Shivaji Nagar,Pune-411005.

You can also check their

Uses of BP Number

If you have queries/complaints relating to your MNGL Gas Connection, you can contact their customer care and quote your BP number.

You also need to enter your BP number while sending the meter reading to MNGL online or via any other mode.

So make sure you have your BP number handy while intreracting with MNGL.

BP Number can be used to make bill payments online, complaints and other services on MNGL Website related to your PNG gas connection.

How to Register / Reset Quick Access PIN in HDFC Mobile Banking?

HDFC Mobile Banking Quick Access PIN

Quick Access PIN is a PIN that gives you quick access to your account on the HDFC Bank MobileBanking app. It is a 4 digit PIN, that you can set, to access your account on mobile by avoiding the hassle of typing long and complicated passwords.

How to register Quick Access Pin on HDFC Mobile Banking APP

You can register Quick Access PIN by following the steps below:

  • Open HDFC Mobile banking App. You will see 2 login methods- “Customer ID” or “Quick Access PIN”
  • Click on “Set Up Quick Access PIN” under login button
  • Verify yourself by entering registered mobile number and customer ID
  • Enter OTP you received via SMS
  • Enter your Debit Card details like Debit Card No, Expiry Date and ATM Pin
  • Enter new 4-digit PIN and Retype the PIN to confirm

Post that customer will receive acknowledgement of successful registration of Quick Access PIN.

If you face any errors like “You are not authorised to set Quick Access Pin” or “You are not registered for Quick Access Pin”, make sure that you are using the device with the registered mobile number. Also, if you have already activated registered for mobile banking before, you may have to use option of forgot “Quick Access PIN” (see below)

If for some reason, you are still unable to do this, it could be a specific troubleshooting issue. In such case, you can always login using your Customer ID and password (same as your NetBanking login details).

If your Quick Access PIN is not working, not being accepted or if you have simply forgotten it, here is a simple and easy way to reset it.

How to reset HDFC Quick Access PIN

To reset your HDFC quick access pin, follow the steps below:

  1. Open HDFC MobileBanking app and click on ‘Forgot 4-digit PIN’ on the right hand side under the Login button
  2. Verify yourself by entering your registered mobile number and customer ID
  3. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number
  4. Verify your Debit card details
  5. Enter and re-enter a different, new 4 digit Quick Access PIN and press ‘Continue’. You will now have your new PIN through which you can access your accounts

How to change HDFC Quick Access PIN when logged in Mobile Banking

You can change Quick Access PIN on HDFC Mobile Banking App:

  1. Go to Menu > Tap on ‘Your Profile’ > Tap on ‘Security Center’ > Tap on ‘Manage Quick Login Method’ > Tap on ‘Change’ option
  2. Enter the existing Quick Access Pin
  3. Enter the new Pin
  4. Re-enter new PIN and Tap on ‘Confirm’

Post that customer can login through updated Quick Access PIN.

How to de-register Quick Access PIN

You can even de-register Quick Access PIN by following the four steps below:

  • Open HDFC Mobile Banking App and log in > Tap on Menu > Tap on ‘Your Profile’ > Tap on ‘Security Center’ > Tap on ‘Manage Quick Login Method’ > Tap on ‘Remove’ option
  • Confirm all the details and Tap on ‘Confirm’
  • Receive acknowledgement of successful de-registration of Quick Access Pin > ‘Done’

Related queries on HDFC Mobile Banking

If you have already registered for NetBanking, you simply need to download the MobileBanking App from the App Store or Play Store and set it up using your account details.

  1. You can choose to sign in using your NetBanking login ID and IPIN or set up a 4-digit Quick Access PIN
  2. If you do not wish to download the app, you can also access NetBanking via your mobile browser. The login process will be the same as NetBanking on your computer
  3. You can access this service by visiting on your mobile phone

Did You KNOW?

You can also get Mobile version of your passbook called “mPassbook” using HDFC Mobile Banking-

It is a new feature in the HDFC Bank MobileBanking App. With mPassbook, you check your updated passbook on your mobile phone and easily track your transactions. Save yourself a visit to the bank branch.

mPassbook is an easy way to get regular transaction updates on your Savings or Current Account and a summary of your Recurring and Fixed Deposits. These can be viewed even when you are off-line.

It even allows you to categorize your transactions and track your income expenses.

mPassbook is currently available for Android and iOS users only.

  • Open HDFC Mobile App, and in the pre-login section you will see the mPassbook feature.
  • Complete the one-time registration to start using the mPassbook feature.

With this app, you can keep a daily track of all transactions and always stay updated with your bank balance.

How to Check the Balance in HDFC Food Card? [Easy Guide]

HDFC Food Card Balance Check

If you hold an HDFC Food Card and are looking to check the balance on the card, read on. HDFC Bank FoodPlus Card (also known as HDFC Food Card) is a convenient way for Corporates to provide meal allowance to employees. Many Indian Corporates like TCS, Cognizant, etc. offer HDFC Food Card to their employees. 

And HDFC provides you some convenient options on how to check your Food Card Balance – both online and offline. Let’s have a look at the ways:

How to Check the Balance in your HDFC Food Card

To check the balance on your HDFC Food Card, use any of the 3 options :

  1. Insert the Food Card at any of the HDFC ATMs. Enter card no. using the credit card option and select the option to check balance.
  2. Use HDFC  Netbanking and login using Prepaid Card option where the User Id is your Food Card Number and Password is the Activation Code/IPIN (provided in the welcome kit).
  3. Swipe the food card for any transaction of small value and you will get available balance by SMS on registered mobile number.

In case you face any issue, use Phone Banking to contact Customer Care for Food Plus Card related queries. See the IVR options below to quickly connect with HDFC Food Card Customer Care.

How to connect with HDFC Food Card Customer Care for any queries?

You can contact HDFC Customer Care Food Card by dialling HDFC Customer Care number. Use IVR options given below to quickly reach HDFC Food Card Customer Care (we know that it is a pain to hear all the options)

After dialling the HDFC customer care number, follow the steps :

First Step

  • For details of bank account, credit card or loans or any other services, Dial 1

Second Step

  • For Loans, Demat/Prepaid /Forex Cards, MFs- Dial 3

Third Step

  • For Prepaid/Forex Card- Dial 3

You will be asked to enter your HDFC FoodPlus card no. at this time.

In case you don’t enter your card no. within reasonable time, the call will directly get transferred to their customer care executive.

Other Important Information

You can also get details on how to connect with HDFC customer care for food card related queries, benefits of HDFC Food Card, how to reload card and procedure to reset the PIN of card.

How can I load/reload my HDFC Food Plus card?

Food Plus card is a corporate card. So any instruction to load / reload and transfer balance in the card can be done only when the Company issuing the food card gives instructions to HDFC Bank.  So you cannot add money to your Food Plus Card. Only your Corporate Employer can do it.

Is there a load amount limit?

Card balances cannot be more than Rs.1,00,000/- (Provided card holder KYC is in place) at any given point of time

Will I be able to Transfer money to Food plus card from my account or from any other account?

Only your employer can give instructions to transfer money to your HDFC Food Plus Card.

Individual Cardholder requests cannot be Processed

Benefits of HDFC Food Plus Card

  • HDFC Food card is a great alternative to Food Coupons or Food Vouchers. Earlier we used to have Sodexo Coupons which were paper based and difficult to handle and pay. With a plastic card, it is easier to track and maintain. It is a handy and durable option. 
  • It helps to reduce administrative burden for the corporate employer. The card can be loaded with monthly meal allowances directly by your employer. There is no need to waste time on distribution and control of food vouchers.
  • It is definitely more convenient for employees to carry and handle than a bunch of paper vouchers, which are fragile and can be easily misplaced or torn. 

Some other features and benefits you get on using HDFC Food Card are:

  • You can block (hotlist) HDFC Food cards in case it is lost or misplaced to avoid misuse. In such cases, the remaining balance on the lost card will be transferred to the re-issued Card.
  • You can check balance in the card at any of the HDFC Bank ATMs
  • You can conveniently check the transaction history and balance online and keep track of your purchases. by using NetBanking facility. For this, log in at HDFC website (under Prepaid/Forex Card Option)
  • You also get PhoneBanking facility for this card by using your registered mobile number

Where can you use HDFC Food Card?

HDFC Foodplus card can be usually used for food & beverage purchases. Usually, you can use to it purchase ready to eat meals at your office canteen and HDFC partner merchants.

The FoodPlus card is accepted at all Visa / RuPay ‘Food & Beverage’ outlets , across India and can be used online for ecom transaction (restricted to Food & Beverage MCC’s).

Swiggy and Zomato may also allow payments via HDFC Food Card.


Food Card or Vouchers provide a tax benefit as it is usually exempt from Tax upto Rs. 100/- per working day. That gives you an exemption of Rs. 2600/- per month (if you have 26 working days). This is managed by your Corporate Employer by adjusting the TDS accordingly.

Can I use HDFC Food Card to withdraw cash?

No, it cannot be used for cash withdrawls at ATM.

What happens if the PIN is forgotten?

The cardholder should call PhoneBanking and ask for a re-issuance. Remember that the PIN will be delivered to the purchaser’s address.

FoodPlus Card Charges

Charges that may apply on your HDFC Bank FoodPlus Card are given below:

Description of Charges FoodPlus Card
Issuance fee Rs. 100 (plus applicable GST)
Annual Maintenance Fee Rs 100/- (plus applicable GST)
ATM withdrawal charges(HDFC Bank) N/A
ATM withdrawal charges (Non HDFC Bank) N/A
Balance Enquiry(HDFC Bank) Nil
Balance Enquiry(Non HDFC Bank) Rs. 8/- ( plus applicable GST)

Did you know?

HDFC FoodCard can be used only at all “Food & Beverage” outlets that accept Visa Card.

You can use HDFC Food Card only in India.

How soon can I get a HDFC Food card after application?

HDFC mentions that TAT to get a personalized HDFC Food card is 7 working days.

How to update your mobile number and/or email id for HDFC Food card?

You can change your mobile number and email ID by logging in prepaid card net banking . Look for the options-” My requests >>>My Personal Setting ” option “

How to Find IGL BP Number?

IGL BP Number

Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) is one of the leading suppliers of Piped Natural Gas to consumers for Domestic and Commercial Consumers. If you have an IGL Gas connection, you are often asked to quote your BP number.

So what is IGL BP Number? BP number in IGL is Business Partner Number, which is a unique 10 digit number allotted by IGL to each gas consumer. You can find the BP number printed on your monthly IGL Gas Bill. You need your BP number to log-in at IGL website, make online gas bill payments or for any complaints or queries.

IGL BP Number

So remember to keep your BP number handy whenever you are interacting with IGL. You can login anytime at IGL Website with your BP number to view your Gas Balance Status or for Prepaid Meter Recharge.

Did you know?

IGL even offers its own official app called “IGL Connect” where you can login with your BP Number. You can use the app to view your billing history, payment history, lodge complaint, view complaint status, submit meter reading, and make online payments.

If you have more than one PNG connection, you can even add multiple BP Nos. in your My Account section in the App.

IGL Customer Care – Toll Free Number for queries

IGL website shows the following customer support information for raising any complaints / queries.

Toll free Numbers:

  • 1800 102 5109
  • 1800 180 5109

Email id-

IGL Email id- [email protected]

IGL Background
IGL is a Joint Venture between GAIL and BPCL which was started in year 1998. It is a listed company in the Indian stock exchange.

It supplies PNG as well as CNG.

IGL has its operations spanning across different areas like NCT of Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Rewari. It has > 500 CNG stations, 11 lac + residential consumers and 4000 + industrial / commercial customers.

Why PNG?

Nowadays, more and more people are shifting from LPG Gas cylinder connection to PNG connection.

PNG  which stands for Piped Natural Gas, is a more cost effective and cleaner alternate gas.

PNG is mainly made up of methane with a small percentage of other hydrocarbons. Methane is known to be a more cleaner fuel.

Unlike gas cylinders which are more cumbersome to handle and need to be physically delivered every month to your home (as per your consumption), PNG supply to your place comes through a online supply system which consists of safety valves and regulators. It is a regular and uninterrupted connection.

This is more similar to having electricity or telephone connection, which is set-up once and then billed to you based on your consumption. The consumption is calculated based on your meter reading and billed to you.

Authorised IGL staff take the meter readings usually once every two months.

The bills are delivered at the customer’s residence. IGL also provide options of e-invoice which you can receive on your e-mail by registering for this facility on their website.

For the bill payments, you can make the payment online on their website or through any of the apps like Paytm, Phonepe etc.

If you have an existing LPG appliance, there are options to convert it to a PNG friendly one by calling the IGL technicians. Generally in such cases, you have to surrender your LPG connection to the respective oil company and get a refund of your security deposit amount. Since as per law, you cannot have both LPG and PNG connection. 

The PNG connection charges will vary depending upon the type of house and applicable installation fees at the time of registration. Here again, you generally need to deposit interest free refundable security deposit to get a PNG connection.


How to Send Mahanagar Gas Meter Reading by SMS

Mahanagar Gas Reading by SMS

As per Mahanagar Gas Terms, if you are familiar with your billing cycle (Actual or Assessed), you can send the actual meter reading over phone or via e-mail, seven days prior to the billing cycle.

How to send meter reading to Mahanagar Gas by SMS?

To send your meter reading to Mahanagar Gas by SMS: Send following message to the phone no. 92235 55557:

<BP No.> Space <5 digit meter reading >

Where the BP No. stands for the Business Partner Number which is mentioned on your Mahanagar Gas Bill. For the 5 digit meter reading, you need to take only the 5 digits under black portion on the meter e.g. 0 8 5 3 2, 123. Ignore the figure to the right of the comma and only use ‘08532’ (check images below for illustration)

Where to Find the Mahanagar Gas BP number (Business Partner Number)

The BP No. (Business Partner) is printed on your Mahanagar Gas Bill.

Check the image below to find the location on the face of the bill-

Find BP Number in Mahanagar Gas Bill

Image Credit: Mahanagar Gas Limited – Website

How to get the Mahanagar Gas Meter Reading

For the meter reading, you only need to consider the 5 digits under the black portion of the meter.

Ignore figures after comma which are in the red portion. See Illustration Below.

Here the meter reading is 00222

Mahanagar Gas Meter Reading


Other Ways to Send Mahanagar Gas Reading

Recently, Mahanagar Gas has also been providing a lot of other convenient ways for its customers to send the meter reading (apart from using SMS)

Some other convenient ways to send your meter reading to Mahanagar Gas:

(A) Download ‘MGL connect’ Android App from Google Playstore &

Upload your metre photograph and reading through the app.

Though this app does not seem to have good user reviews, it a still acceptable channel. 


(B) You can also e-mail your meter reading to [email protected]


(C) Logging in to – Customer Zone and entering your meter reading, OR

(D) As a last resort, you can consider calling Mahanagar Gas Customer Care to inform the meter reading over phone – (022) 26594500 / (022) 61564500

Mahanagar Gas Reading

Image Credit: Mahanagar Gas Limited – Website

What is the Billing Procedure followed by Mahanagar Gas?

As a customer of Mahanagar Gas subscriber, you are allotted a Business Partner (BP) and Contract Account (CA) Number for your unique identification

Mahanagar Gas usually sends bills once in two months.

Actual Bill vs Assessed Bill- What’s the Difference

The First bill that you get from Mahanagar Gas is generated based on the actual meter reading. This bill is also called as Actual Bill.

After two months, an Assessed bill is sent which is again succeeded by an Actual bill.

This sequence is followed alternately.

Let’s see this further.

How do you know if my Mahanagar Gas Bill generated is Actual or Assessed?

Actual Bill– In case of an ACTUAL bill, the exact reading taken as shown in the meter on a particular date. The same is reflected in the bill.

Estimated Bill- If reading is not available, a bill is generated on an ESTIMATED basis. The word (E) will be mentioned on such estimated bill.

Assessed Bill- In case of an ASSESSED bill, the word, (A) is mentioned beside the reading.

Also, the word ‘ASSESSED’ is also mentioned on the invoice.

Pre-cautions to be taken in case of Meter Readers

Meter readers having a valid Identity Card only should be allowed to take your meter reading.

Meter reader carries Smart Phone hand held terminal.

Do take the following precautions before allowing meter readers at your residence –

  • Check Valid identity card,
  • Check Authorization letter issued by MGL
  • Check MGL non-employee ID card

Important Points to Note on Mahanagar Gas Billing Process:

  1. Bills are raised on Bi-monthly basis.
  2. If the meter reading on the bill displays (A) or (E) , it means that the ACTUAL READING IS NOT AVAILABLE TO MGL.
  3. If you are billed for > 3 times on Assessed basis, MGL will issue a notice.


The more you consume, the higher the rate.
Presently (As in July 2016) there are 3 Slab Rates.
Slab I = Rs. 21.96/SCM,

Slab II = Rs. 26.01/SCM,

Slab III = Rs. 33.36/SCM.
(SCM – Standard Cubic Meter) · Slab III rates vary month on month.

Applicable rounding off is carried out for gas consumption by SAP.


(a) Remember your billing date.

(b) At least 4 days prior to the billing date, give Actual Meter Reading (the digits under black portion on the meter) to MGL through any of the means explained above.