Does Amazon Accept Apple Pay [Easy Guide]

Does Amazon Accept Apple Pay

If you are curious to know if Amazon accepts Apple Pay, you are on the right post. Apple Pay is one of the popular payment wallets and Amazon is biggest e-commerce player. You would expect these giants to offer easy integration. But does Amazon accept Apple Pay? The answer is no, but there are a few workarounds to use Amazon with Apple Pay, which we will cover in this post.

Does Amazon Accept Apple Pay

No, Amazon does not accept Apple Pay yet. You cannot use Apple Pay directly on Amazon. But you can use your Apple Card to make the payments conveniently at Amazon.

Here. we are talking about the Apple Credit Card (Called Apple Card). Not the Apple Cash Card, which is linked to your Apple Pay balance.

Are you confused? Let’s make the difference simple for you:

Apple Pay

  • Wallet on your iPhone
  • Can hold credit card or debit card to make payments

Apple Cash

  • Prepaid debit card linked to Apple Pay balance (Black colored)
  • Completely Digital card, sits inside Apple Wallet
  • Runs on Discover Network and issued by Green Dot Bank

Apple Card

  • Apple Branded Credit Card (White Colored)
  • Digital as well as Physical Card
  • Runs on MasterCard Network and issued by Goldman Sachs

So if you have applied for and received the white colored Apple Credit Card, you can use this card to add as a payment method in Amazon. I

How to use Apple Pay at Amazon

There is no direct way to use Apple Pay at Amazon, as Amazon does not support Apple Pay as a payment method.

As a work around, you can use the following ways to use Apple Pay with Amazon:

  • Add your Apple Card as a payment method at Amazon
  • Buy an Amazon Gift Card at a Retail Store using Apple Pay and use it at Amazon

Use your Apple Card to make payment on Amazon

You can use your Apple Card at any place where Master Card is accepted and so you can use it for your Amazon Purchases. The Apple Card can be used even independently of Apple Pay wallet.

All you need to do is add your Apple Card in Amazon Pay as a payment method, using the details of card number, expiration date etc. You can find these Apple Card details inside Apple Pay wallet by following the short videos on Apple website.

The good thing here with Apple Card is that it is integrated with Apple Wallet. So any purchase you do with your Apple Card is reflected in your Apple Pay Wallet so that you can keep track of your Amazon Purchases this way.

So any purchases you make on Amazon are visible to you inside Apple Wallet to keep track of.

You also get 1% cash back for such purchases, if you pay with Apple Card, which will be made available in your Apple Cash Card.

Buy an Amazon Gift Card at a Retail Store using Apple Pay and use it at Amazon

Another hack which you can use is buy a Amazon gift card at retail stores like Target, Walgreens etc. And then add the gift card to Amazon to make a purchase. This way you are indirectly using Apple Pay to fund your Amazon Purchase by buying a gift card of the required value.

Although this method may not be convenient for many, one advantage here is that you may be able to get 3% cash back if you buy the gift card using Apple Pay at stores like Walgreens etc.

If you don’t want to jump over so many hoops. it is best to go for an alternate card like Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card which gives you 5% cash back on your Amazon shopping.

Apply for Apple Card on your iPhone

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on the add button  on top right
  3. Select Apple Card, then tap Continue.
  4. Complete your application.
  5. Check and agree to the Apple Card Terms & Conditions, if acceptable
  6. Accept your offered credit limit and APR.

Wrap Up

It is not clear if Amazon will accept Apple Pay as a direct payment method in future. The payments space is very competitive. This comes with its pros and cons for all consumers. While you get offers and variety of payment methods to choose from, compatibility becomes difficult especially when the players are size of Amazon and Apple.

One recent update has been that Amazon has announced that will be enabling Venmo wallet as a direct payment method in Amazon. And here again, you would know that Venmo does not accept Apple Pay. So it seems Amazon and Apple Pay are on opposite sides for now.

How to Check Screen Time on Samsung S8 | S9 | S10 [Super Easy Guide]

How to Check Screen Time on Samsung S10

Got a Samsung mobile and looking to know how much is your daily screen time. Well, you are on the right post to find the easy ways to check your screen time on Samsung S8, S9, or S10 or any other Samsung Galaxy device.

Screen time is an important metric that shows the amount of time you spend on your mobile screen. It is a good indicator of how heavy or light is your daily mobile usage. As a Samsung premium phone user, you have a few options to check your screen time.

It’s a good way of keeping a tab on how much time you spend on your mobile phone and making sure that you are not overdoing it. According to research from RescueTime, people generally spend a daily average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their mobiles. This kind of usage can be a great time loss as it is almost 20% of the waking hours for most people.

So how to check screen time on your Samsung device? You can check screen time on Samsung S9 or S10 either by going to Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control option under Settings (below advanced features). You can also check screen time on Samsung by going to Battery Options.

The preferred way is by using the Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control Option which gives you a bird’s-eye view of digital habits on mobile- how much time you spend on your mobile and break up of the time spent on different apps. It further allows you to put a budget or a cap (called as Goal) on how much screen time you want to spend on mobile overall or on a particular app. A good way of self-control.

Google introduced this Digital Wellbeing feature on all android devices from Android 9 Pie or Android 10. It was with the intention to give you more control over your mobile usage and maintain the right balance.

Way 1: Check Screen Time using Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control on Samsung S8, S9 or S10

Let’s see the detailed steps on how to check screen time using the Digital Wellbeing

  • Go to Settings App by tapping on gear icon
  • Next scroll down and tap on “Digital Well Being & Parental” Controls
  • You will be shown dashboard of screen time on Samsung mobile for the day
  • It will also show a break up of screen time with list of apps consuming maximum time

You can further set goals or limits on your daily screen time by setting your Screen Time Goal. Another option available below is the App-Timer to set a time limit for a particular app. This can be of great help as mostly the Pareto rule would be applicable on your screen time as well i.e. 20% of the apps will be eating 80% of your time. Once you exhaust this limit, it automatically blocks the app and displays a notification that your time limit is exhausted for the day. You can use one of the default time limits or create your own custom time limit.

Another great option available under Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control is the Focus Mode. By turning on the Focus mode, you can limit your access to only a few selected apps for a set time period. This way you don’t get interrupted by every other app which gets greyed out during this focus period. You also have the option to customize the list of apps that are available to you during the Focus Mode.

Way 2: Check Screen time using the Battery Usage Option

Another Option to check your screen time is by going to the Battery Usage section. This again gives a breakup app-wise of active time on the app as well as the backend time consumed.

To access screen time using this option, follow the path below:

  • Go to Settings by tapping the gear icon
  • Scroll down to “Device Care” option
  • Next you will be showed battery health score. Tap on the battery icon -which is first option below the score
  • This will show the battery time available along with a list of apps along with battery percentage they consumed as well as the time spent on these apps.

By default, it shows the app usage time per week which you can change to the day. This is a good way of getting insight into which apps are draining your mobile battery along with the time you are spending on them.

Wrap Up

You have 2 easy ways of checking your screen time on your Samsung S8, S9, or S10. I personally prefer the Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control feature to not only know how much is my daily screen time but also set goals and restrict my mobile usage within my own defined limits.

Best Work From Home Gear | Tips [Super Helpful Stuff]

Work From Home Tips

These are unprecedented times where working from the home is the norm, rather than exception. And while this situation has its own benefits -not facing traffic jams, no travelling fatigue, more time with family, can work with preferred comfort clothing (if you don’t have video calls).

But for many of us it can be a struggle to have the right environment which is conducive for work. In this post, we attempt to share a few tips and some useful gear that can help you be a pro in working at home.

First things, it goes without saying that having the right mindset is the key in being effective in your work from home. And you also need a productive environment to help you with that like a dedicated place to do your work and a way of getting in and shutting out of work mode.

It’s also a fact that many of us have space constraints and privacy issues while working from home. At the same time, there are factors like not having the right kind of equipment which we usually have at office.

So how do we manage? Let’s talk about some ideas and some gear that can be really helpful in this scenario. Here, I try to share some useful stuff that helps you not only be more productive but also helps your posture and health. And ofcourse, but most of this stuff is reasonably priced.

Laptop Table

This is a worthy investment allowing you to operate your laptop from the comfort of your bed. Especially useful if you don’t have a lot of space at home and want to set up your workspace even on bed. It gives you just the right height to place your laptop at your eye level.

You also have enough space to place your legs comfortably underneath the table. Another big plus is the laptop being fold-able and can be stored conveniently without occupying space at home. I recommend using this laptop desk(check on amazon).

You can also use it as breakfast or study table. So it it multi-purpose gear. And even with a laptop, it has just enough space to keep other stuff like mobile or water bottle.

Keeping laptop on sturdy wooden table is much better than some creative alternatives like a pillow which some people use .

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Another really great device for WFH situation. Why do I need a wireless keyboard- when my laptop has a keypad.

Well, one really important benefit is a wireless keyboard helps you maintain some distance with your screen- which is good for your eyes. Also, having the keyboard held close to your body helps your posture. This helps to avoid back pain which you will can get from bending over when typing on the laptop keypad.

And if you are someone who has not got advanced keyboard skills and always reaching for your touchpad- speed of doing work will suffer.

Some creative jobs as well some systems require you to do a lot of clicks and drags. A wireless mouse in such kind of jobs is a much handy option that gives you much better control.

And wired is definitely not a preferred option and doesn’t give you the right flexibility.

You will get a lot of wireless keyboard and mouse combo with a single usb receiver that connects both devices. I would suggest going for the Logitech Keyboard and Mouse (Check details on Amazon), this is of very compact size which makes it very portable and you can keep it just about anywhere. I have been using this for 2 years without any problem. Another good option which is more cheaper is the iBall wireless keyboard and mouse (check on Amazon).

Wire Bin

This is for those who prefer to keep the work desk clean. An ugly clutter of cables on your work space is always a turn off. This bin (available on amazon) organizes your cables and conceals the cables in a compact way- giving a clean and sleek look to your working space. You can conceal power adapters, chargers, USB hubs, excess wires and cables, spike guard (up to maximum 4 sockets) with this bin.

The bin has outlets at each side for connecting the cables to power. Its a good gear for home improvement as well as improving your workspace feel.

Office Chair

If you have a work table for your laptop, the fact is you will be sitting on the chair for most of your time. Having a good office chair also helps to get you to get into work mode. So do not underestimate the importance of a good and comfortable chair for your health.

Important factors to consider are height adjustment options, cushion quality, arm rest. Some would also like to have head-rest. You may also want options to adjust arm rest/head rest height.

Unfortunately, this is an area where I don’t recommend online purchase unless you have no other option- because it’s really difficult to select and get a good deal online. However, if you are looking purchase online, here is a chair (on Amazon) you can explore with decent reviews and reasonable pricing.

Sitting on chair the majority of your work day work can be a difficult for the body especially your back. While you should take some time every hour to get up and walk a bit, do some small exercises. Also, try taking calls from your phone where possible (when you don’t need to be in front of screen) so that you can also walk


Another good to have gear is backrest (available on Amazon) to improve your sitting posture and gives you more comfort on seat. Also, known as Lumbar Support Cushion-This is a must have for those who have back pain. If you are sitting for long hours, you are bound to get into the wrong posture and such a support can definitely help.

Foot Rest

Foot-rest is another useful gear that helps you stay in the right posture. While there is a perception that this is more for shorter people, a foot rest actually helps even otherwise to reduce the pressure on your legs, improves circulation and blood flow. It can even help to prevent blood clots related to vein, can decrease swelling and varicose veins also relieves pressure on the lower back. Here is one of the wooden foot-rests (on Amazon) that I would recommend.

You also have adjustable and more ergonomic foot rest options (on Amazon).

Alternatively, you can also use a hack like a stool to get the same benefit. This is a much pocket friendly option for the creative people.

Whatever option you choose , don’t ignore using one when you need it.

Laptop Stand

This is another really helpful gear from an ergonomic perspective. I personally can’t do without this thing. With a laptop stand, you not only are able to lift the laptop screen at the right level, but also have the laptop keyboard in the right angle.

This can be a of great ergonomic benefit and helps your back, neck and eyes. As per ergonomic rules, the top of the monitor screen must be at your eye level, which can be easily get using a laptop stand like this with a cooling pad (Available on Amazon). You can also search for laptop wooden stands on Amazon, if you don’t want a cooling pad.

I personally like to use a wireless keyboard and the stand is used just to have the laptop screen in the right level. With the screen at the right level, it helps to improve focus and get a better read on laptop screen,

Some people also keep a stack of fat books under the laptop to get the screen at the right height. But this can effect laptop cooling and a stand that allows air or has a cooling pad is much better option for equipment.

Never the less, most people just have their head stooped down which leads to avoidable pain.

Ergonomic Tips

All the gear I recommend above is going to help you have the required set up aligned with basic ergonomic principles. I have seen most people either do not understand or don’t follow these principles which then creates problems of back and neck pain.

Remember the following important tips from ergonomic perspective:

  1. Adjust your chair height so that your elbows are bent at 90 degrees and forearms are parallel to the floor when you are using the keyboard.
  2. Also, your knees should be bent at 90% so that the thighs are parallel to the floor. Use a foot rest in case required .
  3. Use a laptop stand to raise the laptop height – till the top of laptop screen is at eye level. In other words, the top of monitor screen should be parallel to the eyes. At this position, you should not be required to bend your neck or back.
  4. In terms of distance, the laptop screen should be at arm’s length. Again you should not be stooping to reach for your keyboard. So here is where we need a wireless keyboard and mouse to keep things within reach and have complete set up in order.

Here is a really helpful video which explains the ergonomic rules in very simple way-

Even if you are using hacks like stack of books to raise your laptop screen. Or a stool for foot rest, it all works but please don’t be lazy to avoid having a right set up which will take a toll on health.

On working from home and about being effective in your work in general, I recommend reading the book “Deep Work” (check on Amazon)– which talks about ways you can focus and has plenty of tips.

Also, do inculcate some light exercises and yoga like Pranayam in your daily routine so as to give body some work out. Make sure you are not sitting for more than 30 -40 minutes at a stretch. Get up and take breaks.

Also, remember to give your eyes a break. Usually suggested every 15-20 min, look way from laptop screen preferably at far way object for 20 seconds to avoid eye fatigue.

I hope this post helps you be more effective in working from home. If you find it useful, please share with your friends and family.

How to Recharge Jio Dongle [Super Easy Guide]

How to recharge Jio Dongle

In this post, we will look at the complete guide on how to recharge Jio Dongle. This guide will give you details of all the ways on how to recharge Jio dongle using My Jio App, Paytm, Google Pay etc.

Jio Dongle also called as JioFi is a popular device for wireless access to internet from home or any other place. Especially in these times, when many people are working from Home.

Recharging your JioFi is very similar to doing Jio SIM recharge. After all, the JioFi device works using a SIM number only.

Let’s look on the ways to recharge your Jio Dongle in detail.

How to recharge Jio Dongle

You can recharge Jio Dongle by using My Jio App on your mobile or logging in at website. You can also recharge Jio Dongle using Google Pay or Paytm. Keep your JioFi sim number handy and decide the recharge plan for this purpose.

Let’s now see the detailed steps n how to do recharge Jio Dongle using all these ways.

Way 1: How to recharge Jio Dongle using My Jio App on Mobile- Steps

If you are using My Jio App for the first time and have not logged in My Jio App before, follow the steps below-

  • Step 1: Download and Install My Jio App on your mobile
  • Step 2: On the Jio App Home Screen, tap on JioFi tab to access JioFi options
  • Step 3: Enter JioFi Sim Number
  • Step 4: On next screen, confirm or enter any alternate mobile number on which you will receive OTP to login
  • Step 5: Once you are logged in, you will get the option to recharge JioFi on home screen

Steps for User already using My Jio App for mobile SIM

If you are already using My Jio App for your mobile SIM, then follow the steps below. With these steps you be able to link your JioFi device to My Jio App to do the recharge and avail all other services in future.

  • Step 1: Open My Jio App and click on the three dotted lines
  • Step 2: Go to the option on Profile & other settings
  • Step 3: On next screen, you will see an option to link account. If JioFi is in same as your mobile sim, the JioFi sim number will be shown as an account available to link. Click on Link new account if it is not showing in the available list.
  • Step 4: On next screen, select the account type as JioFi and enter or confirm the alternate number to receive OTP
  • Step 5: Once you have the linked the JioFi device to your My Jio Account, you can do the recharge and also avail other services

In case you just want to recharge without linking JioFi account, here’s what you can do:

  • Simply go to the three dotted lines above and select recharge for a friend
  • Enter your JioFi sim number and check the options

However, we suggest that linking the JioFi account to My Jio App is more better way since once the linking is done, you can have the permanent profile of JioFi on your app which also gives you the details of data consumed and store your recharge history.

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Way 2: How to recharge Jio Dongle using Google Pay / Paytm

To recharge Jio SIM using Google Pay or Paytm follow the steps below-

  • Go to My Jio App and switch to JioFi account profile if you have linked it (following steps above). If you have not linked it yet, just select “Recharge for a friend” option on clicking the three dashes (refer guide above)
  • Select the recharge plan of your choice
  • On the next screen, payment mode- select UPI and respective payment service like Google Pay or Paytm

You may have noticed that recharging JioFi is same as doing a normal Jio number recharge. As even the plans are the same.

Steps to recharge Jio Dongle at Jio.Com

You can also recharge Jio Dongle by going to Jio.Com. Follow the steps below

  • Go to and click on the recharge tab on the Home Page
  • On next screen, click “Mobile & JioFi” option
  • Enter the Mobile Number for the JioFi device SIM
  • Select the recharge plan of your choice and continue

JioFi Recharge Plans

Here is a look some of the Jio Dongle Recharge plans available

Price Validity Data
1.5 GB Plan
₹199 28 Days 42 GB
₹399 56 Days 102 GB
₹555 84 Days 126 GB
₹2121 365 Days 504 GB
2 GB Plans
₹249 28 Days 56 GB
₹444 56 Days 112 GB
₹599 84 Days 168 GB
₹2399 365 Days 730 GB

Wrap Up

It’s easy to do the recharge from the convenience of mobile or laptop. My Jio App is a good option if you want to do it from mobile. It will be good to research and decide on the recharge plan as Jio keeps coming with the new plans, before jumping into recharging. The recharge plans and various offers available for JioFi are usually same as applicable for any Jio Sim.

How to Check Jio Balance [5 Easy Ways]

How to Check Jio Balance

Got a Jio connection and looking to know your Jio Balance. In this article, we will cover all the different ways including USSD code in which you can check your Jio balance including the validity, data balance, SMS balance etc.

Jio continues to be the popular choice for mobile network in India having more than 370 million subscribers . Jio is specially known for its popular data plans and making mobile internet cheap and accessible to the common public.

As a Jio subscriber, you have a number of ways to be check your Jio balance whether you are online or offline.

How to Check Jio Balance?

You can check the Jio Balance by any of the following ways

  • Way 1- Give a missed call to 1299 to get the balance details instantly via SMS
  • Way 2- Send SMS with text “BAL” to 199
  • Way 3- Dial USSD code to check balance
  • Way 4- Check balance using My Jio App
  • Way 5- Check the balance on Jio Website

Let’s get into the detailed steps on how to check Jio Balance using any of the above ways.

Way 1- Give a missed call on Jio Number

One of the most easy ways to check the Jio Balance is by giving a missed call to the Jio Phone Number #1299.

Just dial 1299 and you will get an instant SMS which gives you all the details of your Jio data balance, SMS Balance, Voice Calls Balance, Plan Details and Expiry date.

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Way 2- Send SMS to 199

Another convenient way to know your Jio Balance is by send a SMS with the text “BAL” (without the quotes) to the number -199

This is almost as quick and convenient as Way 1. And you can get a similar SMS with the complete balance details.

Way 3- USSD Code for Balance Check

You can also check Jio balance by dialling USSD code *333#.

However, this method doesn’t seem to be working now for all numbers.

Way 4- Check balance using My Jio App

You can also check Jio balance on My Jio App. You need to be online to use this method. For this method, you need to have the “My Jio App” installed on the phone which has your Jio Sim

  • Open My Jio App
  • Click on ‘3 dotted lines’ icon on the left which will open list of options
  • Select the option “My Plans” which will show all the details of your current plan

One more advantage of using Jio App is that you can see a lot more details. For e.g. there is also an option to “Check Usage” of data which gives session-wise details of data consumed on daily basis. This option is available on the home screen of the app.


How to get balance on Jio Phone Number

Those who are using Jio Phone can directly press the Jio Key from the Mobile touch keys to access the My Jio App

Way 5- Check the balance on Jio Website

Now this is a method which you can use to check Jio Balance even on laptop/PC. But still you need to have someone access your Jio Phone as you need an OTP to login to Jio website.

  • Just go to
  • Click on Sign-in and choose mobile option to login
  • Enter your Jio Mobile Number
  • You will receive an OTP by SMS on your Jio number

Once you login, you will be able to find an option to check your Jio balance including voice and data balance on the home screen.

Previously, there was a way access your Jio account by email which would be helpful if you can’t get OTP. For this method, you would first need to link your email id to Jio App by going to your Jio App- Change Profile- Update Email id option and . However, this method again doesnt seem to be working now

Wrap Up

So as you can see, there are bunch of easy ways to keep track of your Jio Balance. You can use Way 1,2 i.e. missed call or SMS option if you want to get a quick summary of your available balance on the go. This method works even if you are offline.

To get a more detailed record of your Jio balance including data usage, you can check the Jio App which gives you a lot of information.

How to Recall a Mail in Gmail

How to recall mail in gmail

You just sent a mail through your Gmail account and realized your mistake. And now you want to recall it. The answer to this query is you can’t recall a mail in Gmail but you can only “Undo” the send that too almost immediately after sending the mail.

How to recall a mail in Gmail? While Gmail does not have an option to recall, you can cancel the send mail request by clicking on “Undo” option (visible on Message Sent Notification received on sending a mail) within the time limit which is just 5 seconds by default. This time limit can be increased up to 30 seconds for your future emails.

If the allowed time limit has already gone by since you sent the mail, the option to Undo disappears. Sorry.

Now if you want to understand how the whole “Undo” send process works in Gmail and also some tips to avoid erroneous send-outs in future, read on.

What actually happens with clicking “Undo” when you send an email in Gmail and what is the time limit that you have to Undo. Let’s see this in detail.

Undoing a Send Mail Request in Gmail

As soon as you send a mail in Gmail, you get a pop-up notification i.e. Message Sent which also gives you options to “Undo” or “View Message” after you click on send. To recall the mail, you need to click “Undo” with the required time limit (which is 5 seconds by default and can be increased to a maximum of 30 seconds). Once you click on undo, the message is not sent and you are taken to the ‘Draft Mail’ Stage

Gmail Undo Mail Option

Once the time limit gets over, the ‘Undo’ option disappears and you can’t recall or undo the sending now.

For your future mails, you can edit this time-limit to “Undo” send. This time limit is called the Send Cancellation Period in Gmail.

How to Change the Send Cancellation Period in Gmail (Please open Gmail in Desktop for this)

  • Clicking on the Gear Icon on your Gmail Account
  • Scroll down and click on Settings
  • In the General tab, scroll down to find the “Undo Send” option and select the Send Cancellation Period as per your choice. But here too- you only have 4 options – 5 seconds (default), 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds which is the maximum.

But what if you have already exceeded the time limit ?

Sorry, as explained above, there is actually no option to recall a mail here. You can consider just sending another mail informing the receiver to ignore/delete the previous mail or any other message that you want to actually say to avoid the damage done.

The reason for this is –

The “Undo” option is just a way of giving you a window period to delay the actual sending of mail to the recipient. So if you realize an error immediately after sending, you can cancel or undo send within this time limit.

There is no way to actually recall a mail here, like the option that you see in Outlook.

Tip to avoid errors- Have Google Ask for “Send” confirmation after clicking on Send (works only on Gmail App)

Another thing which you can consider to avoid erroneous send-outs in future is by changing the Gmail settings to prompt you for a confirmation before sending a mail. Now, note that for some reason, this option is available only on the Gmail App on mobiles.

So that is all about the undo process in Gmails. Hope the tips help you avoid a situation where you need to recall the mail.

How to Download Uber Receipts [2022 Guide]

How to Download Uber Receipt

Uber is one of the most popular cab services across the world. If you are looking for a convenient way to download and print the receipts for your Uber rides, here is an easy guide to help you achieve this.

The Uber Receipt contains details like the break up of Uber Fare, date of trip, starting and ending point (time and location), trip distance, driver name, vehicle number.

Unfortunately, Uber does not give you a direct option to download your trip receipt on its mobile app.

However, you can easily download your Uber receipt by following the steps below.

How to Download Uber Receipts

  • Step 1- Go to and login with your registered email id/mobile no. and password
  • Step 2- Once you log in, click on your Profile (person icon) on the top right to open the menu
  • Step 3- Click on the option “My Trips” from the drop-down. It will show you a report of all your trips.
  • Step 4- Select any trip whose Uber Receipt you want to download by clicking plus icon next to trip
  • Step 5- Click on the option “Details” for the selected trip
  • Step 6- On the next screen, click on “View Receipt”
  • Step 7- A pop-up opens giving you an option to “Print” or “Download PDF” for the receipt

Note that an Invoice is different from the Receipt. The Uber receipt carries more details about the trip such as the travel time, vehicle number etc.

If you only want to save the Invoice without many details, you can use the option “Save Invoice”. This option downloads a PDF copy of your Uber Tax Invoice as per the statutory invoice format in your country.

The good thing about logging in at is that it gives you a complete history report of all your trips. You can filter the report on the Current month, Last month and even “All Trips”.

Especially, many times, you don’t remember the days you took an Uber. So this report is immensely helpful.

However, I would love to have more options like a filter on “To “and “From” location. Even some basic options like filtering for the year or last year or quarter are not available.

For a person who is frequently travelling on official purpose and using Uber on an almost daily basis, this can be very handy. This happens so many times when you are in service-oriented job.

Another convenient way to download your Uber Receipt is from your emails. After every trip you take, Uber sends a trip receipt to your registered email id.

The email is sent from “Uber Receipts” and received from the Email Id “uber. your [email protected]. The subject line is user-friendly like “Your Sunday Afternoon trip with Uber”.

You can then simply print a copy of the email with the trip details. If you are using Windows 10 you get a default printer like Microsoft Print to PDF. You can simply print this email as a PDF using this printer option.

Printing mail is very easy if you are using Gmail on desktop. It shows the “Print icon” on the left hand top of mail body. You can directly print only the mail body if you are using this option.

Now if you are accessing your email on an Android device, that too gives you an option. Follow the steps below:

Steps to download Uber Receipt from Gmail

  • Open the Gmail App on your Phone
  • Find the Uber mail by searching your inbox with the words “Uber Receipts”
  • Click on the mail and tap on the More option (3 dots)
  • Select the “Print” option from the drop-down
  • By clicking on print, you get an option to save the mail as PDF
  • Click on the more icon (3 dots) on the mail and select the print option. It should give you an option to save the mail as pdf.

If you don’t see Uber Mail in your inbox, it may be possible that your message has landed up in your spam or junk folder. If you find the receipts in spam, be sure to mark the email as “not spam”. Also, make sure to add Uber Id to your address book to ensure that Uber Receipts gets delivered to your inbox.

If you are using iphone or ipad, you can print the Uber Receipts mail by the steps below:

Steps to download Uber Receipts on iPhone mail

  • Open the iPhone Mail App
  • Find the Uber mail by searching your inbox with the words “Uber Receipts”
  • Click on the mail and tap on the reply icon (left-pointing arrow)and select “Print” option
  • It opens the mail as document
  • Pinch the document sideways like you are scrolling out
  • This enables the “Share icon” on the document. Click on it
  • You now get an option to “Save the File”as pdf

Note: In case you are not able to find the email receipt for a particular trip in your mailbox, you can log in at Go to “My Trips” section by clicking on your profile name. Open the trip from the report and click on the Resend button.


While above steps are easy to execute, there is no time saving option to directly bulk download or print a list of Uber receipts. It would be really handy for frequent cab riders.

There is even a destop app called “Ride Receipts” that was launched to help you download all your Uber Receipts for the year. This can be especially useful to track your business expenses for taxes and expense reports. I am yet to give it a try though.

This app desciption mentions it can download the Uber or Lyft receipts from Gmail/Google, Outlook/Microsoft, or any other email with IMAP support. The files will automatically organize themselves in your Documents folder.

In this way, you can easily download your uber receipts by the methods above.

Where are my contacts in Gmail?

Where are my Gmail Contacts?

If you are looking to find your Gmail contacts, this guide will help you achieve this. The way to find your google contacts differs based on the device you are using i.e. laptop, android mobile or iPhone.

Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers with more than 1.2 billion users. Beyond email, we also use Gmail for saving our contacts,

Many times it is difficult to know where these contacts are located. Especially when Gmail makes changes to their layout. In this post, you will get an easy guide to where your Gmail contacts are located, whether you are on laptop or mobile.

Where are my contacts in Gmail?

The Gmail contacts can be accessed in the following way:

  • When using Gmail on Laptop – You can find contacts by clicking on dotted circle icon on the right-hand side and selecting “Contacts” from drop-down
  • When using Android Mobile- You can find Gmail Contacts on the “Google Contacts” App
  • When using iPhone- To get your Google Contacts on iphone, you need to add Google Mail Account to iPhone which will sync the Gmail contacts with Iphone

The detailed for all the above ways are presented below.

1. Finding Gmail Contacts on Laptop

On a laptop, you can access your contacts on Gmail by clicking on Google Apps Icon (Square with small circles next to the username on right-hand side) and select the “Contacts” App from the list by scrolling down.

2. Finding Gmail Contacts on Android Mobile

Google has made it easier to find and manage your Gmail contacts on Android mobile with a stand-alone “Google Contacts” App, rather than having it as just one of the many options on Gmail.

The Google Contacts App comes with a host of features to give you better control over your contacts.

Note that Google Contacts App is the central storage for all your contacts stored in Gmail whether Phone numbers or Email Accounts.

The Google “Contacts” App is synced with Gmail and can be used to access the contacts for all your gmail ids or anyone gmail id.

It also gives you a search bar to easily find a particular contact. You can also find and merge duplicate contacts, that got saved or imported twice. This can be especially useful if you have a long list of contacts.

What’s more this app also gives you the functionality to export the contacts into Google CSV file or Outlook CSV or even in Vcard format (for iOS contacts).

You also get an option to import contacts into your Google contacts from any CSV or vCard file.

You can even print the complete list of contacts with this App.

The Google Contacts App also gives you options to create a group of contacts like friends, family, office colleagues etc. To create a group of contacts, you need to use the “Label” option. Create a new label (which acts as a Group). Select and drag the required contacts to this Label and you will have a group of contacts.

You can even share a Gmail contact or a Group of contacts which will be shared as a vcf file using Whatsapp or Gmail.

3. Finding Gmail Contacts on Iphone

If you are using an iPhone, the way to get to your Gmail contacts is a bit difficult. Google contacts App is not yet available on Apple App store.

So the way to access your Gmail Contacts on Iphone requires you to first set up your Google account in iPhone. This process will sync your Google Contacts with your iPhone contact list

Just follow the process below to access your Google Contacts on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to find the option“Passwords & Account”
  3. Tap on “Add Accounts” and select “Google” from the list of options
  4. Enter your Gmail ID and password
  5. In next screen, you will see the list of google services linked to account (usually Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes). Make sure the “Contacts option” is active.
  6. Click on save. Your Google Account is now added to the iPhone,
  7. You can check your iPhone contacts list which should now show your Gmail Contacts as well.

How to Reset Bank of Baroda mPin [3 Easy Ways]

Bank of Baroda Mpin Reset

If you have forgotten or lost your Bank of Baroda mPin, here is an easy guide to help you reset it. There are three convenient ways to reset or generate new mPin in mobile banking, which we will cover in this post.

mPin is a four-digit secret password which you can set to authenticate yourself for doing transactions on Bank of Baroda mobile banking using Mconnect Plus App app (just like we have Debit Card pin for ATM transactions). When you start using the BoB mobile app for the first time, you are asked to generate a new mPin. This mPin is used to perform any mobile banking transaction like Fund transfer, Payment etc.

But many times you may forgot your mPin and would want to generate a new one. Let’s look at the ways on how to reset Bank of Baroda mPin on such occasions.

How to reset mPin Bank of Baroda

You can change or reset Bank of Baroda mPin using the “reset mPin” option available in Bank of Baroda website or app . Log in at Bank of Baroda website using Net banking, then go to Service Request Tab, next select M-Connect Plus Registration (under My Account) and then “reset mPin” option.

The above is a faster option- you can check the step by step details below.

Some other ways to reset mPin :

  • Way 2: Use “Forgot mPin “option at Bank of Baroda ATM to generate new mPin with your debit card
  • Way 3: Submit the application form to generate new mPin at any of Bank of Baroda branches

Let’s now look at the steps involved for each of these ways in detail.

Way 1: Reset MPIN using Bank of Baroda Netbanking

A convenient way to reset your mPin online is simply by using netbanking. For this, login at the Bank of Baroda website using your desktop.

To reset your mPin using Netbanking, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to Netbanking at Bank of Baroda website using Retail Banking. Enter your normal User ID and password to login

Step 2: Once you login, click on the “Services”Tab on Home screen

(Important Note: If you are doing this on mobile browser, follow this path to reset mpin – Click on “Services” Tab on Left -> Then Click on “Service Requests”-> Then click “New Request”-> Next Click “Other Services”-> Next Click “Mobile Banking Registration” -> Then Click on third tab “Reset MPIN”. Now go directly to Step 5 below)

Step 3: Select the option M-ConnectPlus registration in “My Accounts” Section from the list of options under this tab

Step 4: In the next screen, click on option to reset mPin on the left side (3rd bullet). Select Continue to go ahead with the process to reset mPin.

Step 5: At this stage, you will be asked to enter your net banking User ID and Transaction Password. Enter these details and click submit.

Step 6: You will get a confirmation message saying the mPin for mobile banking has been reset successfully. An auto-generated mPin will be sent by SMS to your registered mobile number.

Step 7: You can now login in Mconnectplus App with your registered mobile number and mPin (received on SMS). After logging in, you will be asked to set a New mPin of your choice to login in the future.

In this way, you can see that the option of changing Mpin via netbanking is very similar to the process of registering Mpin for the first time.

Way 2: Reset mPin at Bank of Baroda ATM

You can even reset your mPin at any of the Bank of Baroda ATMs. This is another convenient method if you have a Bank of Baroda ATM near your home or office. However, please note that this option may not available in old Bank of Baroda ATMs.

Just follow the steps below to reset mPin at ATM:

  • Step 1: Insert your debit card at ATM, select language and enter PIN in normal manner
  • Step 2: Once you authenticate yourself with PIN, you will see the Home Screen . It shows an option for M-Connect (Mobile Banking). Click on it. (Please note this option may not be available in all Bank of Baroda ATMs especially the old ones)
  • Step 3: In the next screen, you will find the option : Forgot Login Password / mPin
  • Step 4: Tap on it, you will be asked to enter your Registered Mobile Number. You will be asked to re-enter it again to confirm
  • Step 5: In the next screen, you will be asked to select your “Type of Account” i.e. Savings or Current. Select the appropriate option.
  • Step 6: Once you complete the selection, you will get a confirmation message “Your Transaction Completed Successfully”. New Password/mPin will be sent on your registered mobile number.
  • Step 7: Login with the mPin and registered mobile number in mConnect Plus App. Once you login, you will be required to change the mPin to a new one of your choice.

Way 3: Submit the application form to generate new mPin at Bank Branch

You can also reset your MPIN at any of the Bank of Baroda Branches. Fill in the relevant application form with the required details and submit to the Bank authorised person.

Details to be entered in the form are:

  • Name of Account Holder
  • Mobile Number
  • Customer ID
  • Primary Account Number
  • Communication Address

You can find the PDF of the Form here.

Note that the mPin is different from the Application Password. Application Password is used only for opening Mconnectplus App and not for any transaction.

Related Questions

How to generate/set new Application password?
You can set any 4 digit number of your choice as the Application password. Application password is usually required to be set during the first time activation process.

If you want to change it subsequently, you can follow these steps:
In the Pre-Login screen > click on ‘Unlock / Forgot application password’ > Enter your Mobile number and mPIN > Set a new application password of your choice.

What if user gets blocked due to entry of wrong mpin?
Generate new mpin through Branch/Internet Banking/ATM. Go to “Unlock/Forgot Application Password” and reset your password by entering mobile number and mpin.

Q. What are the services you can access by using Mobile Banking Application?

Mobile Banking application M-Connect Plus helps you with a host of options to manager your account and do banking transactions.

Financial Services-
 Fund Transfer within Bank and outside Bank (IMPS/NEFT)
 Recharge (Mobile/Datacard/DTH)
 Bill payment
 Cash on Mobile
 FD RD opening
 Scan to Pay
 ToneTag

Non-Financial Services-
 360 degree view of all accounts linked to your customer ID
 Balance inquiry
 Mini-statement
 Account statement of up to 3 months at a time can be sent to the registered email ID
 Cheque book request
 Cheque status and stop cheque
 Seeding of Aadhaar number
 Interest Certificate of Loan accounts for last 3 financial years
 TDS certificate for last 3 financial years
 Debit Card Blocking
 Offers
 View 26AS
 Filing 15G/H forms

Mobile banking service is free and helps you to do banking transactions 24×7 at your convenience from any place just by the use of a mobile phone.

Closing Thoughts

You can reset your mPin using any of the three ways explained above. My preferred option will be changing it through net banking as you can do it from the comfort of your home. Also, change takes place almost immediately.

How to Start Yulu Miracle Bike? (Basics-Unlock, Start, Pause, End Ride)

Yulu Miracle Bike Riding

Yulu Miracle Bike is a light-weight electric scooter launched by Yulu. It can be fun to ride and you don’t even need a license or helmet for the ride. If you are looking to ride the Yulu Miracle, here is an easy guide on how to start and use the Yulu Miracle Bike.

You can book the Yulu Miracle bike in any of the Miracle Zones near you. You can locate them in the Yulu App using GPRS.

Once you find Yulu Miracle Bike, before going ahead to unlock a bike check it’s condition especially the tyre, seat and the brakes

Once you are satisfied, go-ahead to start the Yulu Bike as below.

How to unlock and start Yulu Miracle?

  • Switch on your mobile’s Bluetooth and click the UNLOCK button on Yulu App.
  • Scan the QR code displayed on the Miracle Bike (below the handle or at the back). The App will now display the battery and estimated the distance the bike can travel. Make sure it is enough for your ride.
  • Click the CONTINUE button and the bike will get Unlocked.
  • Un-mount the bike from the stand and once you are ready, click the START Button on the bike (right-hand side). Now the motor is ON. You can control the bike speed with the accelerator.

Pausing the Ride

If you stop the bike at any time during the ride, you can press the pause button on the App. During the pause time, the fare is half i.e. Rs. 5 /- per 10 minutes.

You are required to mention the estimated time up to which it will be on “Pause Mode”. If you don’t start within this time, the ride may be automatically canceled and you are charged a penalty.

How to end Yulu Miracle ride

You can only end the ride at a Miracle Yulu Zone. Please note that not all Yulu Zones are Miracle Yulu Zones.

So make sure there is a Yulu Miracle Zone near your destination.

To end the ride, stop the Miracle Bike with brakes and then click the END RIDE button on Yulu App. Upon doing so, the motor gets switched OFF, the vehicle gets locked and the ride is ended. 

The ride time and the charges are displayed.

Important DOs and DON’T’s while riding:


  • DO check the bike condition before starting a ride, especially the brakes, the battery level and available Km on the bike. It might be a problem for you if the battery gets low in the middle of the ride.
  • Do check if a Yulu zone is located close to your destination to end the ride. You can only end the ride at a Yulu Miracle Zone.
  • DO put the Bike on “Pause Mode” when parking. The charges are 50% while Bike is on “Pause Mode”.
  • DO wear a helmet for your own safety (though it is not mandatory)
  • DO note that you need to start and end the ride only at designated Yulu Miracle zones


  • Don’t leave the bike unlocked
  • Don’t park the vehicle in a basement or any unsafe place
  • Don’t leave the vehicle unattended during the night
  • Don’t ride the vehicle if you are less than 16 years, as you will be charged a penalty and your parents can be held responsible.

Understanding Yulu Miracle Bike Body

Yulu Miracle has the following parts:

1. Heavy duty 100% Solid Rubber Tyre
2. LED Headlight
3. Wrist operated bell (Left of Bike Handle)
4. Mobile Holder (Middle of Handle)
5. Battery charge indicator (Right of Bike Handle)
6. Weatherproof QR Code
7. Wide Footboard
8. Custom Built Unisex Frame
9. Ergonomically designed seat
10. Self-Locking Main Stand