Facebook Avatar 2020- The Complete Guide

Facebook recently released a cool new feature called Avatars which gives you the ability to create your own personalized avatar. Facebook Avatar is nothing but a animated cartoon image of yourself. In this guide, we are going to cover all the details on how you can make your own Facebook Avatar using Facebook App on Android or Apple .

You can even use the Facebook avatar in your profile picture or to send it as a stickers to your comments. It adds a personal digital feel to your messages and profile.

At the same time, you don’t need to worry on the privacy part. Most people would be comfortable sharing an avatar image than your actual image.

In fact, once you create your avatar, Facebook automatically creates a collection of stickers using your avatar which you can use for a variety of occasions. You can use these stickers to send personalized comment to your family and friends.

Facebook Avatar Not Working Issue

Before you start making Facebook Avatar, make sure you have the latest version of Facebook App on your mobile. Many times, the option of creating avatar is not available or not working if you are using older version of the app.

Also, make sure you are NOT using the Facebook Lite App as it does not show this option . It is also not showing on Facebook website (Desktop). Not even on the m.facebook.com. It is available only on FB main app.

How to Access Facebook Avatar Option

  • Step 1: Go to Facbook App-Home Screen and click on three lines (Settings)
  • Step 2: Go on option “See More” under Settings
  • Step 3: In See More Options, Click on Avatars


  • Go to Facebook Comments
  • When you make a comment, tap on smiley icon and select “Stickers”
  • Under Stickers, you will find an option “Avatar”

How to make your own Facebook avatar

Unfortunately, you can’t use your existing image or photo to make your Facebook Avatar. But you have to make one from scrap. The only thing FB detects is your Gender from Facebook Profile to give you the appropriate avatar customization options

But don’t worry. The process is actually quite simple, as Facebook allows you to customize almost all the features of your face and body type.

Another thing is while creating your avatar, one useful feature available is also a mirror icon. When tapped, it gives you an option to put on your front camera and check if avatar is actually working for your features. That way your are not way off the mark.

You can even add gear like hats, specs, ornaments and select from a range of outfits to make your avatar look great. Guys can sport a beard. Girls can add make up and ornaments like nose ring, earrings etc.

Let’s see all the various kinds of customization you can do while making an avatar.

Avatar Features


Choose your Skin Tone

CHoose your Hair Style

Choose your Face Shape

Choose your Complexion
You can even add moles to face

You can even add lines to face 

Choose your Eye Shape

Choose Make Up

Choose Eye Brows

Choose Eye Wear

Choose Nose
Choose Nose Ring

Choose Mouth

Choose Facial Hair

Choose Body Shape

Choose Outfit

Choose Headwear

Choose Earrings

Starting from your skin tone, you can change your hair style, face shape, complexion , eye shape, eye color, eyebrows, nose, mouth, add facial hair. You can even add details like lines, mole, wrinkles and freckles to face using complexion and lines tab.

And then, there is all the gear and outfits.

But the idea is not to overdo it. Try to keep your avatar an authentic version of yourself that makes you look good.

You can use different versions of your avatar to convey different types of emotions

How to Use Facebook Avatar

Once you have your Facebook Avatar ready, FB will now give you a ready made collection of stickers with your avatar. The stickers show your avatar in all kinds of different expressions and can used on a variety of occasions.

You can use Facebook Avatar Stickers in

  • Comments
  • Messenger
  • Facebook Story
  • News Feed
  • And even share it on Whatsapp (being a Facebook app)

What’s more you can even use your Avatar as Facebook Profile Picture (you get a separate set of Avatar pics for this). Scroll down below to know more about on how to use FB Avatar as Facebook Profile picture.

Stickers available for some common messages

  • Hi
  • Bye
  • Happy Birthday
  • Thank You
  • Good Morning
  • Good Night
  • OMG
  • Good Luck
  • Yes!
  • Cool

Use Facebook Avatar Stickers in your Comments

You can insert these stickers in your comments or messages by following the below steps

  1. When writing a comment, tap on the smiley button
  2. Below you will find an avatar icon.
  3. Tap on it to open up the collection of stickers. Select the one you want to use by tapping on it.

How to share Facebook Avatar Stickers in Whatsapp

What’s more, you can even use your Avatar stickers on FB Messenger, News Feed, Facebook Story and even on your Whatsapp chat .

Just follow the steps below to share Facebook Avatar Stickers on Whatsapp:

  1. Go to settings and then go to “Avatars”
  2. You will be taken to Avatar main image page, which gives you 3 icons. First is Share, 2nd is Stickers and 3rd icon is used to edit your Avatar.

First option which is Share Icon (arrow icon) gives you options to send “avatar image to Feed” or “Set it as a Profile Picture“. You need to select the second option, which is Stickers which takes you to the collection of stickers with your Avatar. And you get two more options – to send a selected sticker in Messenger or click on “More Options”. Tap on the More options to get option to share in Whatsapp

How to use your Avatar Photo in your Facebook Profile

You can even use your Avatar Photo as your Facebook Profile Photo. For this, you need to go to your main avatar image (same path as above) and click on first icon “Share” symbol which gives the option to “Set it as Facebook Profile Picture”

Alternatively, you can just right click on the existing profile picture and you will see an option to “Make Avatar as your profile picture”. Once you tap on this option, it again takes you to the Main Avatar image and you need to click on “Share” symbol and select the option “Set it as Facebook Profile Picture”.

This will give you a set of cool pics with your Avatar in different poses. It also gives your a collection of nice background colors to chose from.

We also have a FB avatar pose with a mask for these times 🙂

Just select the pose and background color of your choice to flash your Avatar as FB profile pic.

Wrap Up

So you can see the Facebook Avatar is actually a great feature from Facebook. It’s really interesting to create and use your personal digital avatar in your interactions on platform. You can also add spice to your conversations with Facebook Avatar Stickers. Do make sure you have the latest version of Facebook to avoid issues of Facebook Avatar not working.

Hope you have found this guide useful. Do share it with your friends to help get their Facebook Avatar up and ready.

Dark vs Money Heist [Complete Comparison]

Dark vs Money Heist

Netflix has arguably one of the best collection of web series, whose popularity grows by the day. Among the titans in the Netflix web series which have gained immense popularity are Money Heist and Dark. And here we are going to talk about the two series in detail with a complete comparison of Dark vs Money Heist-which one is better, which one will appeal to your mood and liking, with plot, theme and characters in depth.

First of all let’s talk about the similarities

  • Both series are from Europe and dubbed in English, with Money Heist (originally in Spanish) and Dark (originally in German)
  • Both these series command a 95% plus rating on Rotten Tomatoes and have got ton of likes.
  • Have a bunch of characters with time jumps being an integral part of story
  • Both the shows debuted on Netflix in the year 2017

Surprisingly, both of them give a good idea of what to expect in the title itself. While Money Heist centers around a master idea of theft – “heist”, the Dark web series is a complex story of time travel (PS: this is not Back to the Future) that is never meant to put you in a sunshine mood and you may always be in the dark on what’s going to actually happen.

But obviously it’s not as simple as that.

There is much more to this.

What really makes the shows more interesting are the characters and the way they play out the roles in the plot. In-fact many characters are such that you will either love or hate them (giving very little chance of middle ground)

So let’s get back to the main question

Dark or Money Heist- Which one is better? While this can vary on your individual choice, Dark is great pick if you are looking for a complex mind bending thriller with a unique deep story that has many layers to unravel (a dream like fiction). On the other hand, Money Heist is a pick which will appeal to those who are looking for exciting suspense drama dealing with a tale of imperfect underdog characters trying to pull through a master heist plan-crafted by a whiz Professor.

PointsDarkMoney Heist
CreatorBaran bo Odar,
Jantje Friese
Álex Pina
No. of seasons34 (5th is expected)
Original LanguageGermanSpanish
IMDb rating8.8/108.4/10
Shooting LocationsBerlin (Germany)Spain, Italy, Thailand, Panama
ThemeScience Fiction, Mystery, ThrillerCrime drama, Thriller

Let’s talk about these two series in detail. I am reversing the order here starting with Money Heist first.

Money Heist

This Spanish TV series originally called “La casa de papel” meaning a House of Papers. It was released in on Spanish network Antena 3 as limited TV series in 2017.

Netflix acquired the global rights for the show in 2017 and re-branded the original series as Money Heist with 22 shorter episodes (across Seasons 1 and 2). It later added Seasons 3 and 4 with a much bigger budget, riding on its success wave.

The story is focused on a theme of 2 big heists that take place in a sequence at prominent places – Royal Mint of Spain and Bank of Spain

Central to the story, is the character of Professor who is the master mind of the heists. No, he is not an academic whiz but has the face and some characteristics with a good dose of vulnerability and shyness. He has the plan to pull through one of the biggest heists and builds a unique team of eight members (who have very little to lose) to carry out the plan.

Professor is seen to be a very detail oriented guy planning everything down to the last detail. Team members are prohibited from knowing each other’s real names and called instead by different city names like Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Oslo etc.

However, the team is a volatile group (sometimes downright idiotic) that often lose track of plan and execution is anything but smooth. There are many times where it will seem its all over for the group but they are able to keep going sometimes helped by pure luck and professor’s will. And of-course they even manage to get some help from few hostages and cops (yes, spoilers)

This is story that has many holes but tries to cover it up with a lot of drama with twists and turns to keep you hooked. And there is a good mix of characters with a lot of emotional baggage that will evoke different kinds of emotion, That along with Netflix branding has actually given a lot of kick to the show.

But there are just too many lose ends to take the show seriously – the police force is really dumbed down, the team seems to be a real poor choice (by a professor) to pull out a heist of this kind. What’s surprising even more is some of the hostages (held captive) and common public are showing sympathy for the robbers, for no good reason. In a real world scenario, you would have probably expect this heist to be over before it made any tangible progress.


Unlike Money Heist which was originally a Spanish TV show bought out by Netflix, Dark got released in December 2017 as Netflix’s first original series in German. The series has 3 Seasons running from 2017 to 2020. With the release of Season 3, Netlix has confirmed it to be the final season to the disappointment of many hard core fans.

Probably- the most unique story line for any TV show you have ever seen. This in fact can compete well with the best of the movies.

The plot is deep-REAL deep and you will have a hard time figuring the puzzle that only gets complicated with each episode.

Enter Winden, a town in Germany that seems doomed for good.

Nuclear Plant -> Cave -> Disappearing Kids-> Messed up Relationships ->Time Travel-> World Travel-> Manipulations

And a hundred things more

If you have a hard time figuring out your family tree and relationships. this one takes the challenge to another level. Infact, Netflix has created a separate site just so that you can keep track of the characters.

Central to the plot are four families who are connected in a a unique way. It’s not that easy to know from the surface. And all kinds of strange things are happening to make it more messier:

  • the question is not WHERE, the question is WHEN
  • Do you have any free will in life or is it all destined?
  • Can your future influence your past?

And of course, what year is it ? (Spoiler)

These are just some of the questions the story asks

The series has a ton of characters and most of them play the role very well. And you will see even the same character being played out by different actors. The casting will leave you in awe.

Dark vs Money HeistComparing the experience of watching

Comparing Money heist and Dark is like comparing apples to oranges. Apart from having a lot of characters and a thriller element, there is little in common. Ultimately, it all depends on your tastes and mood as to which one will appeal you more.

I personally found Money Heist to be a bit of drag after watching non-stop for some time. It initially does a good job of keeping you hooked. You do feel for the characters and charmed by Professor’s personality.

But if you are looking for logic, you will be finding a lot of holes. And there are bunch of scenes that seem to be more of just time fillers. If you are watching for pure entertainment and develop a liking for the characters, you will keep on going – ignoring their occasional stupidity and craziness. But for me, I could not go beyond season 3.

On the other hand, Dark is a much intense story. Although a fiction, the plot is held together in a very logical way which only makes you wonder on how well it’s thought out. Not to mention, the concept of time travel is always intriguing (and this one is much more complex). But be warned, this is not for the meek- there are some scenes that will make you uncomfortable.

There are so many elements that are thrown into this story (actually you could make 3 different shows just using this one). But you need to be in focused mode to absorb, appreciate the depth of the plot and keep track of multitude characters.

There are plenty of memes that give this out- If you are watching Dark- be prepared to take notes and have almonds instead of popcorn.

Some scenes look like a repeat-but there’s a reason for this. And, it’s all happening in a small town of Winden.

Overall, I would recommend Dark if you want to experience something you have never seen before.

Which one do you like the best, let me know in the comments.

Work From Home- Are you Equipped? Must Know Tips, Gear

Work From Home Tips

These are unprecedented times where working from the home is the norm, rather than exception. And while this situation has its own benefits -not facing traffic jams, no travelling fatigue, more time with family, can work with preferred comfort clothing (if you don’t have video calls).

But for many of us it can be a struggle to have the right environment which is conducive for work. In this post, we attempt to share a few tips and some useful gear that can help you be a pro in working at home.

First things, it goes without saying that having the right mindset is the key in being effective in your work from home. And you also need a productive environment to help you with that like a dedicated place to do your work and a way of getting in and shutting out of work mode.

It’s also a fact that many of us have space constraints and privacy issues while working from home. At the same time, there are factors like not having the right kind of equipment which we usually have at office.

So how do we manage? Let’s talk about some ideas and some gear that can be really helpful in this scenario. Here, I try to share some useful stuff that helps you not only be more productive but also helps your posture and health. And ofcourse, but most of this stuff is reasonably priced.

Laptop Table

This is a worthy investment allowing you to operate your laptop from the comfort of your bed. Especially useful if you don’t have a lot of space at home and want to set up your workspace even on bed. It gives you just the right height to place your laptop at your eye level.

You also have enough space to place your legs comfortably underneath the table. Another big plus is the laptop being fold-able and can be stored conveniently without occupying space at home. I recommend using this laptop desk(check on amazon).

You can also use it as breakfast or study table. So it it multi-purpose gear. And even with a laptop, it has just enough space to keep other stuff like mobile or water bottle.

Keeping laptop on sturdy wooden table is much better than some creative alternatives like a pillow which some people use .

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Another really great device for WFH situation. Why do I need a wireless keyboard- when my laptop has a keypad.

Well, one really important benefit is a wireless keyboard helps you maintain some distance with your screen- which is good for your eyes. Also, having the keyboard held close to your body helps your posture. This helps to avoid back pain which you will can get from bending over when typing on the laptop keypad.

And if you are someone who has not got advanced keyboard skills and always reaching for your touchpad- speed of doing work will suffer.

Some creative jobs as well some systems require you to do a lot of clicks and drags. A wireless mouse in such kind of jobs is a much handy option that gives you much better control.

And wired is definitely not a preferred option and doesn’t give you the right flexibility.

You will get a lot of wireless keyboard and mouse combo with a single usb receiver that connects both devices. I would suggest going for the Logitech Keyboard and Mouse (Check details on Amazon), this is of very compact size which makes it very portable and you can keep it just about anywhere. I have been using this for 2 years without any problem. Another good option which is more cheaper is the iBall wireless keyboard and mouse (check on Amazon).

Wire Bin

This is for those who prefer to keep the work desk clean. An ugly clutter of cables on your work space is always a turn off. This bin (available on amazon) organizes your cables and conceals the cables in a compact way- giving a clean and sleek look to your working space. You can conceal power adapters, chargers, USB hubs, excess wires and cables, spike guard (up to maximum 4 sockets) with this bin.

The bin has outlets at each side for connecting the cables to power. Its a good gear for home improvement as well as improving your workspace feel.

Office Chair

If you have a work table for your laptop, the fact is you will be sitting on the chair for most of your time. Having a good office chair also helps to get you to get into work mode. So do not underestimate the importance of a good and comfortable chair for your health.

Important factors to consider are height adjustment options, cushion quality, arm rest. Some would also like to have head-rest. You may also want options to adjust arm rest/head rest height.

Unfortunately, this is an area where I don’t recommend online purchase unless you have no other option- because it’s really difficult to select and get a good deal online. However, if you are looking purchase online, here is a chair (on Amazon) you can explore with decent reviews and reasonable pricing.

Sitting on chair the majority of your work day work can be a difficult for the body especially your back. While you should take some time every hour to get up and walk a bit, do some small exercises. Also, try taking calls from your phone where possible (when you don’t need to be in front of screen) so that you can also walk


Another good to have gear is backrest (available on Amazon) to improve your sitting posture and gives you more comfort on seat. Also, known as Lumbar Support Cushion-This is a must have for those who have back pain. If you are sitting for long hours, you are bound to get into the wrong posture and such a support can definitely help.

Foot Rest

Foot-rest is another useful gear that helps you stay in the right posture. While there is a perception that this is more for shorter people, a foot rest actually helps even otherwise to reduce the pressure on your legs, improves circulation and blood flow. It can even help to prevent blood clots related to vein, can decrease swelling and varicose veins also relieves pressure on the lower back. Here is one of the wooden foot-rests (on Amazon) that I would recommend.

You also have adjustable and more ergonomic foot rest options (on Amazon).

Alternatively, you can also use a hack like a stool to get the same benefit. This is a much pocket friendly option for the creative people.

Whatever option you choose , don’t ignore using one when you need it.

Laptop Stand

This is another really helpful gear from an ergonomic perspective. I personally can’t do without this thing. With a laptop stand, you not only are able to lift the laptop screen at the right level, but also have the laptop keyboard in the right angle.

This can be a of great ergonomic benefit and helps your back, neck and eyes. As per ergonomic rules, the top of the monitor screen must be at your eye level, which can be easily get using a laptop stand like this with a cooling pad (Available on Amazon). You can also search for laptop wooden stands on Amazon, if you don’t want a cooling pad.

I personally like to use a wireless keyboard and the stand is used just to have the laptop screen in the right level. With the screen at the right level, it helps to improve focus and get a better read on laptop screen,

Some people also keep a stack of fat books under the laptop to get the screen at the right height. But this can effect laptop cooling and a stand that allows air or has a cooling pad is much better option for equipment.

Never the less, most people just have their head stooped down which leads to avoidable pain.

Ergonomic Tips

All the gear I recommend above is going to help you have the required set up aligned with basic ergonomic principles. I have seen most people either do not understand or don’t follow these principles which then creates problems of back and neck pain.

Remember the following important tips from ergonomic perspective:

  1. Adjust your chair height so that your elbows are bent at 90 degrees and forearms are parallel to the floor when you are using the keyboard.
  2. Also, your knees should be bent at 90% so that the thighs are parallel to the floor. Use a foot rest in case required .
  3. Use a laptop stand to raise the laptop height – till the top of laptop screen is at eye level. In other words, the top of monitor screen should be parallel to the eyes. At this position, you should not be required to bend your neck or back.
  4. In terms of distance, the laptop screen should be at arm’s length. Again you should not be stooping to reach for your keyboard. So here is where we need a wireless keyboard and mouse to keep things within reach and have complete set up in order.

Here is a really helpful video which explains the ergonomic rules in very simple way-

Even if you are using hacks like stack of books to raise your laptop screen. Or a stool for foot rest, it all works but please don’t be lazy to avoid having a right set up which will take a toll on health.

On working from home and about being effective in your work in general, I recommend reading the book “Deep Work” (check on Amazon)– which talks about ways you can focus and has plenty of tips.

Also, do inculcate some light exercises and yoga like Pranayam in your daily routine so as to give body some work out. Make sure you are not sitting for more than 30 -40 minutes at a stretch. Get up and take breaks.

Also, remember to give your eyes a break. Usually suggested every 15-20 min, look way from laptop screen preferably at far way object for 20 seconds to avoid eye fatigue.

I hope this post helps you be more effective in working from home. If you find it useful, please share with your friends and family.

How to Download Invoice PDF from Amazon [Step by Step]

If you are looking on a way to download the invoice for your Amazon Orders, you have the found the right post. We will give you an easy step by step guide to download invoice in PDF for any order you placed on Amazon,

Invoice is the most important document for your purchase. And downloading an invoice is especially handy if you have purchased some electronic equipment which comes with a warranty period. In such cases, you often need the invoice to claim warranty. It also helps you understand the seller details and taxes borne by you on the product.

Amazon provides you a convenient way to download the invoice for any order you have raised. However, the process is much easier to do on laptop. Or even if you are using mobile, it is a much better to go to Amazon website to download invoice using your browser. This is because its really a longer and much cumbersome process if you try to download invoice using Amazon App. But we will cover all the ways.

How to download invoice for an Amazon Order? You can download the invoice from Amazon by going to Amazon Website – Click on “Returns & Orders” tab. Find the order for the relevant item and click on the invoice drop-down to download the invoice or warrant slip. Alternatively, you can also download the invoice from your email received from Amazon in your email.

Let’s see the detailed steps to download the invoice

How to Download Invoice on Laptop

  • Go to the Amazon Website and click on the tab “Returns & Orders” on Home Page
  • Scroll through your order list to find the order for the item. Else, search for the item name in order search bar to find the order fast especially if its an old order.
  • Each order has information like when the order was placed, total amount, Order ID and an Invoice tab drop-down- which you need to click.
  • Once you click on the invoice dropdown, it will give you the list of options to download the Invoice, Warranty Packing Slip and any other relevant doc. Once you click on the Invoice, it will open the invoice document in PDF.

How to Download invoice from Amazon on mobile

Here there are 3 ways to do this –

  • Way 1) Going to Amazon Website using your Browser (Easiest way)
  • Way 2) From the email received from Amazon for order dispatch
  • Way 3) Using Amazon App (Most difficult)

Using the first way is the best, if you want things much simpler and faster. Downloading Amazon Invoice with their App is very difficult.

Way-1 Download Invoice using by visiting Amazon Website using your Browser

  • Open your Google Browser and go to Amazon Website
  • Click on the three lines (on the left ) to open main menu
  • Click on Orders from the list of options
  • Search for the order for the item whose invoice to be downloaded
  • After locating the order, click on the option “Order Details”
  • On next screen, tap on the option to “Download Invoice”

Way-2 Download Invoice using by using email received from Amazon order dispatch in your inbox

  • Open Gmail App or your email app which is linked to Amazon Account
  • Search your inbox by using the words Amazon Order Dispatch. It will show the list of mails from Amazon.
  • Find the email for the item you are looking for either from the date. Note that the mail we are searching for must have the word “Dispatched” in Subject line followed by the item name.
  • Once you open the email, you will find a button labelled “View or Print Invoice”. This will again take you to your Amazon Account- Sign in and you will be able to download and open your invoice in pdf.

Note: Sometimes the Amazon Email does not give this option to view invoice in some scenarios where there are multiple items dispatch or some cases where invoice is not generated at time of dispatch

Way-3 Download Invoice using by visiting Amazon App

As said earlier, this is a super difficult way because the App does not provide a direct way to download Invoice. But there is an alternative super long and cumbersome way as below

  1. Go to Amazon App and click on 3 lines on the left
  2. Tap on Your Account from the list of options
  3. In the next screen, scroll down and Tap on “Your Messages” under section “Message Center”
  4. On next screen, tap on “All Messages”
  5. Here you need to scroll down and find the message by the approx. date on order. You need to find the message which was sent by Amazon on dispatch (the one that you can find in your email inbox as well by Way 2 above)

So unless you know the date of the order, it is very difficult to navigate and manually search through all the messages in Amazon App. That’s why I don’t suggest using the method. Hope Amazon makes this more easier in the future,


So you see there are number of ways to download Amazon invoice on Laptop or Mobile. The most easy method is by using laptop or computer. If you are on mobile, the best method is by going to Amazon website through your browser. Avoid the App method since it is really very difficult.

How to Recharge Jio Dongle [Super Easy Guide]

How to recharge Jio Dongle

Jio Dongle also called as JioFi is a popular device for wireless access to internet from home or any other place. Especially in these times, when many people are working from Home. In this post, we will look at the complete guide on how to recharge Jio Dongle with details of all the ways like how to recharge Jio dongle using Paytm, Google Pay.

Recharging your JioFi is very similar to doing Jio SIM recharge. After all, JioFi device works using a SIM number only.

How to recharge Jio Dongle

You can recharge Jio Dongle by using My Jio App on your mobile or logging in at Jio.com website. You can also recharge Jio Dongle using Google Pay or Paytm. Keep your JioFi sim number handy and decide the plan to do the recharge.

Let’s now see the detailed steps n how to do recharge Jio Dongle using all these ways.

Way 1: How to recharge Jio Dongle using My Jio App on Mobile- Steps

If you are using My Jio App for the first time and have not logged in My Jio App before, follow the steps below-

  • Step 1: Download and Install My Jio App on mobile
  • Step 2: On Home Screen, tap on JioFi tab to access JioFi options
  • Step 3: Enter JioFi Sim Number
  • Step 4: On next screen, confirm or enter any alternate mobile number on which you will receive OTP to login
  • Step 5: Once you are logged in, you will get the option to recharge JioFi on home screen

Steps for User already using My Jio App for mobile SIM

If you are already using My Jio App for your mobile SIM, then follow the steps below. With these steps you be able to link your JioFi device to My Jio App to do the recharge and avail all other services in future.

  • Step 1: Open My Jio App and click on the three dotted lines
  • Step 2: Go to the option on Profile & other settings
  • Step 3: On next screen, you will see an option to link account. If JioFi is in same as your mobile sim, the JioFi sim number will be shown as an account available to link. Click on Link new account if it is not showing in the available list.
  • Step 4: On next screen, select the account type as JioFi and enter or confirm the alternate number to receive OTP
  • Step 5: Once you have the linked the JioFi device to your My Jio Account, you can do the recharge and also avail other services

In case you just want to recharge without linking JioFi account, here’s what you can do:

  • Simply go to the three dotted lines above and select recharge for a friend
  • Enter your JioFi sim number and check the options

However, we suggest that linking the JioFi account to My Jio App is more better way since once the linking is done, you can have the permanent profile of JioFi on your app which also gives you the details of data consumed and store your recharge history.

Also Read: How to check Jio Balance [5 Easy Ways]

Way 2: How to recharge Jio Dongle using Google Pay / Paytm

To recharge Jio SIM using Google Pay or Paytm follow the steps below-

  • Go to My Jio App and switch to JioFi account profile if you have linked it (following steps above). If you have not linked it yet, just select “Recharge for a friend” option on clicking the three dashes (refer guide above)
  • Select the recharge plan of your choice
  • On the next screen, payment mode- select UPI and respective payment service like Google Pay or Paytm

You may have noticed that recharging JioFi is same as doing a normal Jio number recharge. As even the plans are the same.

Steps to recharge Jio Dongle at Jio.Com

You can also recharge Jio Dongle by going to Jio.Com. Follow the steps below

  • Go to Jio.com and click on the recharge tab on the Home Page
  • On next screen, click “Mobile & JioFi” option
  • Enter the Mobile Number for the JioFi device SIM
  • Select the recharge plan of your choice and continue

JioFi Recharge Plans

Here is a look some of the Jio Dongle Recharge plans available

1.5 GB Plan
₹19928 Days42 GB
₹39956 Days102 GB
₹55584 Days126 GB
₹2121365 Days504 GB
2 GB Plans
₹24928 Days56 GB
₹44456 Days112 GB
₹59984 Days168 GB
₹2399365 Days730 GB

Wrap Up

It’s easy to do the recharge from the convenience of mobile or laptop. My Jio App is a good option if you want to do it from mobile. It will be good to research and decide on the recharge plan as Jio keeps coming with the new plans, before jumping into recharging. The recharge plans and various offers available for JioFi are usually same as applicable for any Jio Sim.

Complete Facebook Profile Picture Guide 2020 | Size | Skip Cropping | |Change Pic Without Notification | Loosing Likes | Privacy Guard

Facebook Profile Picture Guide

If you are a Facebook User, changing or uploading a Facebook Profile Picture of your choice seems like an easy task. However, there are many questions that may come to your mind like how to get the right Facebook profile picture size, how to upload image without cropping it or changing profile picture without loosing likes . You may also have privacy concerns like option to change profile picture without notifying one or having a facebook profile picture guard.

In this detailed guide, we are going to cover the complete tips and tricks to answer all of these questions. This post will give you a ton of information to simplify your life on Facebook as far as profile picture is concerned.

The answer to some of the questions needs a bit of workaround. That’s just the way Facebook is at the moment, requiring some complicated steps to even do these simple tasks. Add to this, the fact that Facebook constantly makes changes and tweaks to its interface can make things a bit more confusing.

Nevertheless, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms with more than 2.6 billion active users. That’s more than population of most countries. Facebook statistics reveal that it has more than 350 billions photos posted in its platform i.e. more than 350 millions photos a day.

Facebook has 2 types of images that sit on your main profile- First is the Profile Picture which is displayed in circle shape and the Cover Photo which is the rectangular shaped banner like image. If you are using the Classic Facebook, the profile picture is displayed on the left side of cover photo (overlapping it). On the other hand, if you have switched to new Facebook interface, it is displayed on the center of the cover photo.

So let’s now jump to our main topic on Facebook Profile Picture,

First and the basic question regarding what size or dimensions to use for Facebook Profile Picture. Let’s answer this.

What’s the Facebook Profile Picture Size?

The Facebook Profile picture is displayed in the following dimensions:

180 by 180 pixels- For Desktop / Laptop view

128 by 128 pixels- For Mobiles

Note, that this is the size in which the profile picture is displayed and not necessarily what is uploaded or stored in Facebook. You can actually upload a picture of any size but the minimum width needs to be 180 pixels.

While these dimensions make it look simple, getting the right image size can be confusing. This is because when you upload the Facebook Profile picture in a normal fashion, it is cropped automatically in a square shape and uploaded (there are some easy hacks to upload without cropping discussed below) . And the way cropping is done is that it will crop the height or width whichever is more to make it equal to the size of smaller side to form a square. This is assuming you use the option to zoom out completely while uploading the pic.

If you don’t apply any zoom-in or out, the photo will be cropped 180 by 180 which is the default display size ignoring both dimensions of original pic. However, when it is displayed on your profile or in your posts, it takes the shape of a circle with diameter equal to 180 pixels.

So ideally, you should choose a square profile picture with yourself in the middle so that the image looks good even when its displayed in smaller format the mobile.

Let’s see the ways to change Facebook profile picture without cropping:

How to Change Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping

There are 3 easy ways to upload Facebook Profile Picture without cropping.

Way 1- Using Classic Facebook Interface (on Desktop)

For the first way, you need to use the Classic Facebook Interface on Desktop which gives you an option to “Skip Cropping” when uploading the Facebook Profile Picture. Surprisingly, this useful option is taken away from the New Facebook Interface.

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Way 2- Upload the image as a post in the timeline and use “Make it Profile Picture” option Using Facebook Lite App (Note that this option is not available on Normal Facebook App for some reason)

Step 1-Post the image you want to use as “Profile Picture” on your timeline. While posting, you can keep the privacy settings to “Only Me” (since this is a temporary posting which you can delete later)

Step 2– Open Facebook Lite App and click on the image posted in timeline. You will see an option to “Make Profile Picture” which is basically allowing you to use the image as your Profile Picture. Once you use this option, the image becomes your Profile Picture without any cropping

Way 3- Upload the image as a post in the timeline and use “Make it Profile Picture” option on m.facebook.com

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Another longer hack which works for Mobile involves the following steps-

  1. Post the image you want to use as “Profile Picture” on your timeline. While posting, you can keep the privacy settings to “Only Me” (since this is a temporary posting which you can delete later)
  2. Login to your m.facebook.com on your mobile (even works on laptop) using Google Chrome or any other browser.
  3. Click the image you posted on your timeline to expand it and you will see an option below the image to “Make it Profile Picture”. It will ask you if you want to Switch back to original profile picture after some time period. Just click on ‘Never’ meaning you don’t want to switch back
  4. You can now see the full image is posted without any cropping as the Profile Picture.
  5. You can delete the image post now that the profile picture is updated.

How to Change Facebook Profile Picture without Notifying Anyone / Change Profile Picture without Posting

When you change your Facebook Profile Picture, there is auto-post on your timeline which mentions your profile picture is updated. You can switch the privacy setting for this particular post immediately from “Public” to “Only Me” which means only you will be able to see this post .

Steps to change Facebook Profile Picture without notifying anyone

  • Add the photo as a post to your timeline. While adding you have an option change the post privacy settings to “Only me”
  • Click on the photo in this post and click on the option “Make Profile Picture”
  • Your Profile Pic will be updated with this photo and there will be an auto-post about the update. Now immediately go to this auto-post and change the privacy settings of this post to “Only me”

In fact when you delete a picture from Facebook Profile Pic Album, it also deletes the auto-post from your timeline.

How to Change Facebook Profile Picture without loosing Likes

Got a bunch of likes and comments on your Facebook Profile Picture which you don’t want to sacrifice by changing. Well, the thing is with Facebook, you don’t really lose the likes and comments. The likes and comments stay along with the original picture which is stored in your Facebook Profile Picture Album .

So in case you moved to your new Pic that doesn’t get the kind of likes and comments as your old one, you can always switch back to the old profile Pic by going to the Facebook Profile Pic Album and selecting it from there (Don’t do a fresh upload of old profile pic which will cause you to lose the likes and comments)

Other Important Points on Profile Pic

Facebook Profile Picture Guard

Facebook Profile Picture Guard is a great feature to protect your privacy. If you turn it on, Facebook does not give an option to download your Facebook Profile Pic for any other user. A random user will also not get any option to share, send in message or share your profile pic externally.

It also avoids the possibility for anyone to tag your profile pic, unless the person is your friend.

When you turn on the Facebook Profile Picture Guard, it adds a blue border to your profile pic and also shows a shield symbol.

Steps to add Profile Picture Guard

  1. Go to m.facbook.com
  2. Click on your profile picture to expand it
  3. Click on option to “Turn On Profile Picture Guard” below the image
  4. You will see that your profile pic is now wrapped in blue border and also has as shield symbol in the bottom center

Facebook Profile Picture Ideas

You can get creative with your Facebook Profile Picture using a number of ways. Many people mix the cover photo and profile pic to blend seamlessly. You can also add effects or design using the “Add Frames” option which is available when you click on update profile picture.

In case you want to keep it private, here are some ideas you can use for having Facebook Profile Picture without face-

  1. Cartoon image of yourself
  2. Facing your back image-Looking towards something scenic
  3. Hat pulled down look-covering your face
  4. Having a motivational- quotes with images picture
  5. You can even use the new feature Facebook Avatar– create your own animated Avatar and use it in Facebook Profile Picture.

Hope you find this article helpful. Do share it with your friends and family to help them get their Facebook Profile Picture right.

How to Search Facebook Posts by Date

How to Search Facebook Posts by Date

Looking to search a specific post on Facebook by date. In this guide, you will get the step-by-step guide on how to search Facebook posts by date i.e. day, month or year.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms having more than 2.6 billion active users. Recently, Facebook has done a lot of changes, giving you the option of a more modern looking interface apart from the classic look.

Facebook has also been changing the features to find information across Facebook including the ability to search for posts by date, or posts from a particular page or group, friend etc.

So let’s get to main question.

How do you search specific post on Facebook by date? You can search for Facebook posts by date by typing in the relevant keywords in Facebook search bar and use the filter of Posts and Date (Year) to show only the specific posts for a particular time period.

But it’s not as easy as it looks. There are some factors to consider.

Let’s look in to this in more detail-Step by Step

Before we start on the steps on how to search Facebook posts by date, there are some factors that impact your ability to search on Facebook.

The important consideration here is that your ability to search for a Facebook post by date varies depending upon where you are accessing Facebook from i.e. Desktop or Mobile.

If you are using Facebook desktop , switch to Facebook Classic Look by clicking on Down Icon on Home Page-Right Side . The reason for this is if you are using the New Facebook Look, you will be only allowed to filter results for a specific year while Classic look gives you more specific options to filter further up to month and year.

On the other hand, if you are using mobile, the new Facebook App again allows you only to filter date up to a year. But if you switch to Facebook Lite App, you can filter the post actually up to a specific day or custom time span say between 2 dates.

So the best practice is to use Facebook Lite App if you are looking to run a very specific search i.e. up to a specific day but if you want to filter only upto a month/year use Facebook Desktop with Classic Look Option.

Now with that information, let’s jump to specific steps involved.

How to Search Facebook Posts by Date

  1. Type in the Relevant Keywords in Search Bar and press enter to run a universal search on Facebook
  2. On next screen, apart from search results you get a bunch of Tabs to narrow down your search results to include only Posts, Photographs, People, Videos etc.
  3. Click on the Posts tab and you will be able to see a bunch of options to filter your search results further on the left pane. You get specific filters to narrow down the search results like Post From, Post Type, Posted in Group, Tagged Location and Date Posted. If you are using Facebook App on mobile, these options are displayed horizontally.
  4. Select Date Posted. Using this filter, you can filter on a particular year. If you want to filter further by the month, select “Choose Date” to select the month and the year. If you are using Facebook Lite App, it allows you even more specific options to select a particular date or custom time span between 2 dates

Here are some screenshots on how the filters actually look-

Facebook Classic Look Screen – Filtering Options on Desktop

Facebook Lite App Screenshots – Filtering Options on Mobile using Facebook Lite

Let’s talk about the other filters

Posts From -This gives you the ability to search the posts from specific person, page or group.
You can filter on posts from you, from your friends, from your groups or pages or other public Posts
If you want to narrow down the result to a specific page or a group, click on “Choose a Source”

Posts Type – This is pretty straight forward. You can filter all post or only those posts which you have seen earlier

Posted in Group- Filter results to include only results from a particular group or groups

Tagged Location- You can also filter on posts by location where the posts are tagged to a particular location.

Now, although the filter is for posts on a date, it is not specific to a month or specific date.

Wrap Up:

So you see while it is easy to run a search for finding posts by date, the important consideration is ability to filter down depends on whether you are using the Facebook Desktop or Mobile and also the app used. Here’s the summary:

  • Use Facebook Lite- to search for posts by date i.e. on a specific day or between 2 dates
  • Use Facebook Desktop (Classic Look)- to search for posts upto month and year
  • Use New Facebook Desktop or Facebook Normal App- to search posts if you only want to filter upto a year

Hope you liked this article and share it with your friends who may find the information useful.

How to Check Jio Balance [5 Easy Ways]

How to Check Jio Balance

Got a Jio connection and looking to know your Jio Balance. In this article, we will cover all the different ways including USSD code in which you can check your Jio balance including the validity, data balance, SMS balance etc.

Jio continues to be the popular choice for mobile network in India having more than 370 million subscribers . Jio is specially known for its popular data plans and making mobile internet cheap and accessible to the common public.

As a Jio subscriber, you have a number of ways to be check your Jio balance whether you are online or offline.

How to Check Jio Balance?

You can check the Jio Balance by any of the following ways

  • Way 1- Give a missed call to 1299 to get the balance details instantly via SMS
  • Way 2- Send SMS with text “BAL” to 199
  • Way 3- Dial USSD code to check balance
  • Way 4- Check balance using My Jio App
  • Way 5- Check the balance on Jio Website

Let’s get into the detailed steps on how to check Jio Balance using any of the above ways.

Way 1- Give a missed call on Jio Number

One of the most easy ways to check the Jio Balance is by giving a missed call to the Jio Phone Number #1299.

Just dial 1299 and you will get an instant SMS which gives you all the details of your Jio data balance, SMS Balance, Voice Calls Balance, Plan Details and Expiry date.

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Way 2- Send SMS to 199

Another convenient way to know your Jio Balance is by send a SMS with the text “BAL” (without the quotes) to the number -199

This is almost as quick and convenient as Way 1. And you can get a similar SMS with the complete balance details.

Way 3- USSD Code for Balance Check

You can also check Jio balance by dialling USSD code *333#.

However, this method doesn’t seem to be working now for all numbers.

Way 4- Check balance using My Jio App

You can also check Jio balance on My Jio App. You need to be online to use this method. For this method, you need to have the “My Jio App” installed on the phone which has your Jio Sim

  • Open My Jio App
  • Click on ‘3 dotted lines’ icon on the left which will open list of options
  • Select the option “My Plans” which will show all the details of your current plan

One more advantage of using Jio App is that you can see a lot more details. For e.g. there is also an option to “Check Usage” of data which gives session-wise details of data consumed on daily basis. This option is available on the home screen of the app.


How to get balance on Jio Phone Number

Those who are using Jio Phone can directly press the Jio Key from the Mobile touch keys to access the My Jio App

Way 5- Check the balance on Jio Website

Now this is a method which you can use to check Jio Balance even on laptop/PC. But still you need to have someone access your Jio Phone as you need an OTP to login to Jio website.

  • Just go to Jio.com
  • Click on Sign-in and choose mobile option to login
  • Enter your Jio Mobile Number
  • You will receive an OTP by SMS on your Jio number

Once you login, you will be able to find an option to check your Jio balance including voice and data balance on the home screen.

Previously, there was a way access your Jio account by email which would be helpful if you can’t get OTP. For this method, you would first need to link your email id to Jio App by going to your Jio App- Change Profile- Update Email id option and . However, this method again doesnt seem to be working now

Wrap Up

So as you can see, there are bunch of easy ways to keep track of your Jio Balance. You can use Way 1,2 i.e. missed call or SMS option if you want to get a quick summary of your available balance on the go. This method works even if you are offline.

To get a more detailed record of your Jio balance including data usage, you can check the Jio App which gives you a lot of information.

Disney+ Hotstar Vs Amazon Prime 2020 [Full Comparison-Which is Best]

Dinsey Hotstar vs Prime

Looking to choose between Hotstar and Amazon Prime? This post gives you the complete comparison between the Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime including the content, price, quality, benefits and other factors.

Which OTT makes more sense for you, this post will give you the in-depth information to make the decision. We are not just scratching the surface here.

First of all, a bit of an introduction of these 2 services.

  • Disney plus Hotstar is a product of Star TV Family which is wholly owned by Walt Disney while Amazon Prime is obviously a product owned by Amazon Inc.
  • As per reports, Hotstar has more than 350 million active users in India while Amazon Prime has more than 11 million users.
  • Hotstar was launched in India in February 2015, while Prime Video was started in December 2016, Hotstar also got recently re-branded as Disney+ Hotstar in 2020 with exclusive Disney Content added to the platform.
  • Both platforms offer a ton of content ranging from Movies, TV shows, Kids Content, Original series in English as well as local language.

Now let’s get down to the main point.

Which one is better – Disney+ Hotstar or Amazon Prime?

While both Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime offer a ton of content and comparable pricing, Hotstar is the preferred choice if you are looking for Live Sports, News, greater volume of content and more of kids preferred stuff. But if you are looking for amazing value for money, flexibility of watching simultaneously on multiple devices and decent mix of quality Indian and English content at cheaper prices, Amazon Prime has a clear edge.

Now before you jump to conclusions, your preferences of content can make or break the deal in your choice between Hotstar and Amazon Prime.

But we will try to evaluate all the parameters to help you in this decision.

Now one more thing to note before we proceed. In this article we will compare Disney+ Hotstar Premium Plan with Amazon Prime. We are not considering Hotstar VIP because it is a limited plan that doesn’t give you the complete access to all content on Hotstar. Unlike Hotstar, Amazon has only one plan which gives you complete access. So to have more of an apple to apple comparison, Hotstar Premium needs to be matched with Amazon Prime.

1. Price

Till March 2020, Hotstar Premium and Amazon Prime were both available at ₹999/- per year. Hence, it was a price neutral choice between the two.

However, from April 2020 Hotstar was re-launched as Disney + Hotstar Premium with a higher price of ₹1499 per year. This gives an advantage to Amazon Prime which continues to be offered at ₹999 per year (a good 34% cheaper than Hotstar Premium) and is therefore the winner between the two in terms of pricing.

But hold on.

The bigger question is what is the content you are getting at this price, right? Let’s move to that.

2. Content

This requires a much deeper level of analysis. It’s ultimately the content which will tilt the scale in favour of one over another.

So let’s first see content which is unique to these OTTs

A. Live Sports and News

Both these categories are unique and available only in Hotstar. This is where Hotstar is a clear winner.

Being a product of Star Family, Hotstar gives you plenty of options to watch live as well highlights for all kinds of sports including cricket IPL, Tennis, Football, Badminton, Kabbadi, Hockey etc.

Also, available are all types of news channels from Star Family and others as well like ABP News, India Today, Aaj Tak, Republic TV, Fox News, Fox Business as well as News channels in regional languages like Marathi, Tamil, Kannada,Telugu. This too is available as Live news option.

These 2 categories are non-existent on Amazon Prime. In fact, Hotstar was introduced as a primary sports content platform and took off with the IPL season.

B. TV Shows

This is where both Hotstar and Amazon Prime compete at a much larger level. Both the platforms offer their own unique collection of TV series, where it is becoming increasingly difficult to pick one over the other.

Some of the popular English TV series running on the platforms :

English TV Series- Available only on Hotstar

  • How I Met your Mother
  • Game of Thrones
  • Simpsons
  • Band of Brothers
  • Homeland
  • Big Little Lies

English TV Series- Available only on Prime

  • Suits
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Mrs. Maisel
  • Shark Tank
  • Seinfeld
  • The Good Wife
  • Dexter
  • The Office
  • Young Sheldon

Let’s now move to the Hindi Shows. Here Hotstar seems to be having a wider selection especially having all the newer TV shows coming from Star Channels. Amazon Prime tries to compete by bringing in some throwback classic TV shows to the picture. Also, both the platforms are adding to their list of original series called “Hotstar Specials” on Hotstar and “Amazon Originals” on Prime.

Let’s see some of the popular offering of Hindi Shows:

Hindi Shows on Hotstar

In case of Hindi TV Shows, Hotstar has a clear edge with fresher content. Hotstar offers a ton of live TV shows from channels like Star World, Star Plus, Life Ok.

  • All Star Plus Shows- Yeh Rishta kya kehlata, etc
  • Dance +
  • Mythological shows like Mahabharat, Mahadev
  • Sarabhai vs Sarabhai
  • Savdhan India

Also, there are also a decent mix of Hotstar Special Shows which are gaining popularity such as

  • Hostages
  • Special Ops
  • The Office

Hindi Shows on Amazon Prime

Amazon prime, on the other hand, has a good mix of older classic Hindi TV shows like

  • Fauji
  • Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi
  • Shaktimaan
  • Malgudi Days
  • Zabaan Sambhalke

Amazon Originals

Some of the amazon original content is also worth a watch

  • The Family Man
  • Panchayat
  • The Forgotten Army
  • Breathe
  • Laakhon mein Ek

C. Movies

This is where the competition gets fierce. Both the OTTs have a decent and growing collection of movies that only gets better by the day. While Hotstar has an edge on kids movies with a popular collection from Marvel, Avengers, Toy Story etc. Amazon Prime is has a much diverse collection across genres from both new and old times.

In fact, Amazon Prime has its own list of amazing movies both in English and Hindi, which compete quite well and are increasing at good rate.

We feel Amazon Prime has a much diverse collection while Disney plus seems to be concentrated more in its own studio movie collection.

One big recent update here for Hotstar is that it has lost a good amount of movies and TV shows which it had under partnership with Singapore based company, HOOQ. Through this tie-up, they were able to present a good amount of content including Warner Bros movies. Many movies like Dark Knight, Matrix, Ocean’s 11, Sherlock Holmes are now going out of Hotstar platform.

Amazon- Some of the popular English movies on Prime Video are

  • Parasite
  • The Report
  • Godfather
  • Jurassic Park
  • Harry Potter Series
  • Contagion
  • Mission Impossible Series

Hotstar- Some popular English titles

  • Avenger Series
  • Titanic
  • Toy Story Series
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • Pirates of the Carribean

Next, let’s see the Hindi Movies from them. The list is quite vast so we are covering a very few popular names here.

Amazon Prime

  • Good Newz
  • Section 375
  • Raazi
  • Hindi Medium
  • Sonu ke Tittu ki Sweety
  • Kesari
  • 3 Idiots
  • DDLJ
  • Dil Chahta Hai


  • Angrezi Medium
  • Houseful Series
  • Bala
  • Mission Mangal
  • Tanhaji
  • Ishq
  • Chennai Express

The Movies and English TV show collection from both the platforms are pretty well contested. It ‘s own choice of content that can make you choose one over the other. At the same time, the platforms are continuously adding to their collection. The pace is almost giving a run for the money to cable TV and other OTTs.

3. Multiple users support

If you want to share your account with multiple people within the family or outside, Amazon Prime is a clear winner in this area. Prime Video allows you to use the same Amazon Prime account to watch content (different video) simultaneously up to 3 devices. If you all are watching the same title, it can be on up to 2 devices. It also allows you to make a separate profile for up to 6 family members .

Hotstar Premium in India is currently allowing you to watch simultaneously on up to 2 devices. There is no option to create separate profiles for different members in the family. However, this option to is available in other countries being serviced by Disney plus. So there is a hope that they may bring in these options later. Although that has not been the case so far.

4. Ease of use and searching content

This is an area where Amazon Prime fares much better than Hotstar. The Amazon user experience and ability to search and access videos is superior. Hotstar seems to be still struggling in this area. However, it is improving with time.

Another thing is the flexibility to have multiple profiles on Amazon Prime which makes thing much more cleaner and controllable.

5. Value for Money

Another area which can be a bit subjective is the what you get for your money. Amazon Prime seems to be have an edge here since Prime membership not only gives you access to videos but also includes the same day delivery benefit on Amazon orders, access to Prime music and books.

But if you are more concerned only about video content, Hotstar as a pure video platform has more volume of content with live TV options. Especially with the live Sports and News, Star TV Channels available, it can even compete with cable TV.

6. Regional Content

Content in regional languages seems to big on both Amazon Prime and Hoststar’s radar as it realizes the importance of local content for Indian audience.

Amazon Prime seems to be having a decent growing collection of both original and dubbed content in Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, Malyalam etc.

Hotstar is also not far behind offering all disney titles dubbed content in Tamil and Telugu. It also has content in number of other Indian Languages like Marathi, Kannada, Malyalam, Bengali.

Also, the TV shows content in Hotstar also carries a good amount of content in regional languages.,

While it is a close fight, we see that Amazon Prime slightly better off in their mix of regional content.

7. Streaming quality, buffering

At times you may struggle with low data bandwidth, here again, Amazon Prime seems to stream well and buffering is not much to bother you at all.

Comparatively, Hotstar looks to be more data intensive.

Video quality wise both are pretty decent, but the data load seems to favour Amazon Prime.

Final Thoughts

Both Disney Hotstar and Amazon Prime have their own USPs which makes them special and unique.

While many of the factors compared above are very important, the choice of content is a critical factor in picking one over the other.

If you have kids, the Dinsney edge with Hostar makes a big difference. Then again is the Live Sports – Especially for fans of IPL, Football, Tennis and other sports. Also, is the ton of news and Star channels on offer.

But Amazon Prime with its super value for money package, sleeker interface, amazing mix of Indian and English content catering to all age groups makes a very strong case also. Add to that, the other benefits of Prime Membership make the price super attractive.

We feel both the OTTs have a unique and distinct advantage and will continue to have consumers opting for both services depending on their taste of content.

Note: Images, Logos are used only for representative purpose only and belong to respective owners

How to Recall a Mail in Gmail

How to recall mail in gmail

You just sent a mail through your Gmail account and realized your mistake. And now you want to recall it. The answer to this query is you can’t recall a mail in Gmail but you can only “Undo” the send that too almost immediately after sending the mail.

How to recall a mail in Gmail? While Gmail does not have an option to recall, you can cancel the send mail request by clicking on “Undo” option (visible on Message Sent Notification received on sending a mail) within the time limit which is just 5 seconds by default. This time limit can be increased up to 30 seconds for your future emails.

If the allowed time limit has already gone by since you sent the mail, the option to Undo disappears. Sorry.

Now if you want to understand how the whole “Undo” send process works in Gmail and also some tips to avoid erroneous send-outs in future, read on.

What actually happens with clicking “Undo” when you send an email in Gmail and what is the time limit that you have to Undo. Let’s see this in detail.

Undoing a Send Mail Request in Gmail

As soon as you send a mail in Gmail, you get a pop-up notification i.e. Message Sent which also gives you options to “Undo” or “View Message” after you click on send. To recall the mail, you need to click “Undo” with the required time limit (which is 5 seconds by default and can be increased to a maximum of 30 seconds). Once you click on undo, the message is not sent and you are taken to the ‘Draft Mail’ Stage

Gmail Undo Mail Option

Once the time limit gets over, the ‘Undo’ option disappears and you can’t recall or undo the sending now.

For your future mails, you can edit this time-limit to “Undo” send. This time limit is called the Send Cancellation Period in Gmail.

How to Change the Send Cancellation Period in Gmail (Please open Gmail in Desktop for this)

  • Clicking on the Gear Icon on your Gmail Account
  • Scroll down and click on Settings
  • In the General tab, scroll down to find the “Undo Send” option and select the Send Cancellation Period as per your choice. But here too- you only have 4 options – 5 seconds (default), 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds which is the maximum.

But what if you have already exceeded the time limit ?

Sorry, as explained above, there is actually no option to recall a mail here. You can consider just sending another mail informing the receiver to ignore/delete the previous mail or any other message that you want to actually say to avoid the damage done.

The reason for this is –

The “Undo” option is just a way of giving you a window period to delay the actual sending of mail to the recipient. So if you realize an error immediately after sending, you can cancel or undo send within this time limit.

There is no way to actually recall a mail here, like the option that you see in Outlook.

Tip to avoid errors- Have Google Ask for “Send” confirmation after clicking on Send (works only on Gmail App)

Another thing which you can consider to avoid erroneous send-outs in future is by changing the Gmail settings to prompt you for a confirmation before sending a mail. Now, note that for some reason, this option is available only on the Gmail App on mobiles.

So that is all about the undo process in Gmails. Hope the tips help you avoid a situation where you need to recall the mail.