How to Get HDFC Customer ID [Easy Guide]

If you are looking on the ways to get your HDFC Customer ID, you are on the right post.

HDFC Customer ID is a unique identification number issued by HDFC Bank to every customer who has a Saving or Current Account. The HDFC Customer ID serves as your user name for logging in Netbanking / Mobile Banking.

HDFC Customer ID is usually 8 or 9 digits in length. The Customer ID is usually mentioned on the Welcome Letter sent to you. It is also mentioned on the Cheque Book, Monthly Bank Account Statement and  your Passbook.

Important Note: If you have  opened a new HDFC account and have been issued a Pre-Printed welcome kit which is usually given out immediately on same day you submit the application. Then the HDFC customer id will be mentioned only on the opening page (first page) in the welcome kit envelope. Make sure to retain the first page for future. In such cases, Customer ID is usually NOT mentioned in the other documents like pre-printed cheque book / passbook. If you are not able to find the page, then try using option 1 below.

Now let’s look at all the ways using which you can get your HDFC Customer ID.

How to get HDFC Customer ID

You can get your HDFC customer ID using any of the 4 options below:

  • Option 1- Go to the HDFC website – net banking Login and click on “Forgot Customer id” option. You will need to authenticate yourself with your registered mobile number and PAN or Date of Birth.
  • Option 2- Check physical copy of Bank Account Statement which has the customer id mentioned on the right hand side
  • Option 3- Check the first page of your HDFC Cheque Book
  • Option 4- Check the first page of HDFC Pass Book

Let us check the details for each of these options below:

1. Use Option “Forgot Customer ID” in HDFC Netbanking to get OTP SMS 

Step 1-

  • Go to HDFC NetBanking Home Page and Click on “Forgot Customer ID” below the Login  (See images below)

HDFC Forgot Customer ID

Step 2- In new window, Enter your Registered Mobile Number and “PAN” OR “Date of Birth” details

HDFC Customer ID

  • Enter the OTP received via SMS
  • Your customer ID will be displayed

In case of any issues, you can get in touch with HDFC customer care on 022 (or your STD code)-6160 6161. Follow the IVR options below:

  • For details of Bank Account –Dial 1
  • For Bank Account – Dial 1
  • Enter Customer Id or last 4 digits of debit card followed by # key

If you don’t enter the number within reasonable time, the phone gets auto-connected to Customer Care Executive.

2. Check your Bank Statement to get Customer ID

You can also find the details of your Customer ID on your monthly bank statements.

It is generally displayed on the first page of the bank statement on the right hand side.

3. Check your HDFC Cheque Book to get Customer ID

You can find the customer id on the first page of the Cheque Book that you get from HDFC Bank.

Again note that if it is a pre-printed cheque book for a new HDFC bank account, it will NOT have these details. The welcome kit is all you have,

The opening page of the cheque book carries the key account details like

  • Name of the account holder
  • Address
  • Account no.
  • Customer ID

4. Check your Passbook

The customer id is also mentioned on the first page of the passbook (where it is NOT a pre-printed passbook for a new bank account).


HDFC Customer ID

How is the HDFC customer ID used:

Your customer id is the most important number for HDFC Bank to identify and fetch your account records. It is your unique identification to HDFC Bank.

The customer ID is used as the User Name for logging into your account for internet banking / mobile banking. It is also the password to open your e-statements received in pdf on your registered email id.

Even if you have more than one bank account with HDFC in your own name (say you have both saving account and current account), your customer id will remain common.

All the bank services availed by you can be tracked and linked to your customer ID.

Important tips about HDFC customer id:

  1. Keep your customer id confidential and do not disclose it to anybody
  2. Try to remember your customer id than writing it down for quick use over netbanking/mobile banking
  3. You can add more than one bank account to the same customer id
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