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Have a HDFC FASTAG and looking to recharge it, here is an easy guide to help you with this. In this post, we will cover all the ways using on how you can recharge your HDFC FASTag on the go.

HDFC Bank’s FASTag program is a part of the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) initiative rolled out by NPCI under the guidelines of NHAI and IHMCL.

How to recharge HDFC Fastag?

You can recharge your HDFC FASTag by

  • Way 1 – Log in at HDFC FASTag portal and recharge using registered mobile number
  • Way 2 – Recharge FASTag with UPI payment option
  • Way 3 – Recharge Using Paytm

Let’s look at the detailed steps on how to do this.

Way 1- How to recharge HDFC FASTag on HDFC FASTag Portal?

You can easily recharge your HDFC FASTag by following the steps below:

  • Step 1- Login into HDFC FASTag Portal with your Registered Mobile Number (or User ID) and Password
  • Step 2- In the new window, Select option- Payment And Topup -> Recharge
  • Step 3- Select the Wallet ID to recharge and enter the amount of recharge. Minimum recharge amount is Rs. 100 up to a maximum of Rs.1 lakh.
  • Step 4- Select mode of payment, enter the details & click on “Make Payment”. FASTag will be reloaded instantly.

You can make the payment on the website using any of the available methods like HDFC Bank Credit /Debit Card,  HDFC NetBanking, Other Bank Credit/Debit Card or Other Bank NetBanking.

Way 2- How to recharge HDFC FASTag using UPI?

You can also recharge your HDFC FASTag by UPI payment. Paying through UPI is convenient method even if you are using a mobile. Infact, using this way, you can  recharge HDFC FASTag on the go using any of the apps which support UPI payments –

To recharge HDFC FASTag using UPI, you need to make the payment to the following UPI ID –

[email protected]hdfcbank

where VRN is your vehicle registration number. So in place of VRN, enter your vehicle registration number e.g. MH90AB1234

Once the recharge is successful, you get an SMS confirming your FASTag has been recharged.

This method also works on Phone Pe / Google Pay / Paytm apps as they support UPI payments.

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Way 3- How to Recharge HDFC FASTag through Paytm?

You can also recharge HDFC FASTag on Paytm

On Paytm App

  1. Scroll the blue bar on the App Home Page to find the FASTag Icon. Tap on it
    HDFC Fastag Recharge Paytm1
  2. Next page select Recharge Other Banks FASTag from list of options
    HDFC Fastag Recharge Paytm2
  3. Select HDFC from the list of banks
  4. Then enter your Vehicle Number without any spaces e.g.MH90AB1234 and click on Proceed
  5. Input the amount of recharge and proceed with the payment.

On Desktop

1. Go to FASTag recharge page on Paytm
2. Then Select FASTag issuing bank as HDFC Bank
3. Then enter your Vehicle Number without any spaces e.g.MH90AB1234 and click on Proceed
4. Input the amount of recharge and proceed with the payment.

You can pay for recharge using Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Paytm Wallet and UPI (UPI is only available on Paytm App)

How to generate a password for HDFC FASTag first time login simple steps:-

  • In the Fastag login page, select option “First Time User”
  • You will be asked to enter any 2 details among Customer ID, RFID number, Wallet ID, Vehicle ID along with Phone Number and Captcha
  • Validate yourself with a One-time password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile/email ID**
  • Generate password and security question-answers to continue Netbanking

Benefits of HDFC FASTag

  • Saves time at Toll Plaza
  • Digital and Fast Way
  • Can Make Exact payment
  • Reduces air pollution by reducing the congestion around toll plaza.
  • Saves fuel
  • Cash free way- No need to carry cash or struggle find change for toll

HDFC FASTag Fees and Charges

The charges applicable on HDFC Bank Tag are as follows:

Tag Joining Fees (this is a one-time fee)₹100/- ( including all applicable taxes)
Re-issuance Fees₹100/- ( including all applicable taxes)

One-time Security Deposit Amount

Additionally, you are also required to pay one time security deposit depending on the vehicle class (For a car, it is Rs.200/-).

The security deposit is refundable to KYC Customers only at the time of FASTag account closure.

Further, there is a minimum amount of recharge that needs to be done at the time of tag activation which is called as Threshold Amount.

Also, a convenience fee of 1.10% of transaction value (if done on Credit Card) or  1% of transaction value (if done using Debit Card) will be applicable for online recharge. If recharge is done using netbanking, flat charges of ₹8/- are applicableGST is extra on the above charges.

Toll Amount will be deducted as per the vehicle class and the plaza used.

Plus taxes as per the prevailing applicable rates.

HDFC representative will provide you an application form, which you need fill and submit.

All required documents should be in the name of the vehicle owner. If the owner is not present at the time of application, the driver will need to submit his photo ID proof.

You can apply for HDFC FASTag online using this link.

Alternatively, you can call HDFC at their helpline number 1800 120 1243.

FASTag Technology

FASTag is a preferred solution to pay toll charges at Toll Plazas across Indian national highways.

It is available at more than 400 toll plazas at various national and state highways. With a FASTag, you can pass through tolls using dedicated FASTag lanes, pay toll charges digitally using a RFID tag on car.

FASTag is a simple, reloadable tag that facilitates auto-deduction of toll charges when your vehicle passes through the toll paza.

The FASTag is linked to a prepaid account from which balance the toll charges are deducted.

The tag uses Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology . It is affixed on your vehicle’s windscreen. More and more Toll plazas are now offering support for FASTag.

Government is also pushing to increase use of FASTag and even considering making it mandatory on tolls

Saving Your Fuel and Time 

Toll amount is deducted automatically, when the vehicle crosses the RFID reader at toll plaza. As a result, your vehicle does not need to stop and you don’t have to worry about finding cash. Many toll plazas provide dedicated lanes for vehicles with FASTag, which is also a big time saver.

Transaction Alert Facility

You can receive SMS & Email alerts on his registered mobile number / Email address when the transaction is done on your tag account

Ease of Online Recharge

You can easily recharge your tag account online using Credit Card/ UPI / Net Banking on the go

Transaction statements

You can access transaction statements by logging online onto FASTag customer portal

No need to Carry Cash

You don’t need to carry cash for your toll payments

Emergency road assistance

Emergency road side assistance is available for your fleet drivers

Accidental death cover of ₹1,00,000 

Accidental death facility is available upto ₹1,00,000 to on-duty drivers while driving the vehicles.

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