How to Watch Hotstar on TV [3 Super Easy Ways]

If you are looking to watch HOTSTAR on your TV, this is an article that you should read. You will find three simple ways in which you can cast Hotstar on your TV (even if you don’t have a smart TV). You can easily connect Hotstar to TV if your TV has an HDMI port using any of these ways.

Hotstar with its premium quality and few ads offers a great experience for watching not only Sports content but even all the other TV channels from the Star Family. 

Practically, if you have Hotstar (now called Disney + Hotstar) on your TV, you can easily save money on your cable connection. You can ask your cable provider to drop all the Star Channels and any other channels that are available on Hotstar. 

For those who are not updated, you can now get Smart TVs which offer the Hotstar App on Amazon as a default option. But even if you don’t have a Smart TV, don’t worry. In this article, you will get three ways in which you can enjoy Hotstar even on normal TV.

How to watch Hotstar on TV:

  • Way 1: Use Amazon Firestick Device to run Hotstar App directly on TV
  • Way 2: Connect Laptop to your TV using HDMI cable and cast Hotstar from Laptop to TV
  • Way 3: Use the Google Chromecast device to cast/mirror Hotstar from Mobile to TV

Now let us look into the details of each of these ways- what you need, steps involved, Advantages and Disadvantages.

Way 1: Use Amazon Firestick Device to run Hotstar on your TV

What you need: You need the following things to watch Hotstar on TV with this method:

  • TV which has an HDMI port
  • Wifi connection / Mobile Data Connection
  • Amazon Firestick Device

Follow the simple steps below to watch Hotstar-

Step 1- Use Amazon Firestick Device (available on Amazon) Firestick offers not only Hotstar App, but you can also watch Youtube, Prime Video, Netflix, Zee 5, Sony Liv, Jio TV Apps which you can download from the Amazon App store.


Advantages of getting Firestick

  • You can watch a variety of content-not only Hotstar but Amazon Prime, Youtube, Sony Liv, Jio TV, ZEE 5 etc. 
  • You can watch TV without disturbing anyone at home by using Bluetooth Headphones. As Firestick offers Bluetooth compatibility.
  • You can search any content just by speaking into the remote- as Firestick offers good quality remote which has a “Voice Search” option (using Amazon Alexa technology)
  • You can also browse the internet using this device
  • A sturdy and Well Built device as it is Amazon’s own product

You may find the device a bit expensive but it does offer a great value for money.

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Step 2- Connect the Firestick device to your TV. 

You can use either the HDMI cable extender in the Firestick box to connect to the HDMI Port on your TV or connect device directly to the TV HDMI port.

Also, you need to connect the Firestick Device Charger (which is like any Android Phone charger) to your Power socket and the middle charger port on the Firestick device.

You will be able to watch Firestick content by pressing the INPUT button on your TV remote and selecting “HDMI” from the options. If you have two HDMI ports, select “HDMI 1” or “HDMI 2”, as applicable.

You can connect both Firestick and your cable TV and easily switch between the two. Generally, if you use a cable connection with Set-Top Box, it connects to the AV2 ports of your TV. So you can run both your cable (on AV2 Port) and Firestick devices (on HDMI port) easily at the same time. Use the INPUT button on your TV remote to switch between Cable and Firestick.

Step 3- Set up the device on your TV by following the instructions. During this process, you need to connect it to your Home Wifi. Enter the Wifi password when prompted. Also, you may be asked to log in to your Amazon Account so that Amazon can sync content accross devices.

This video can help you with that:

Step 4- On the Home Screen, you will be able to access Hotstar App.

Step 5- Run Hotstar App on Amazon Interface and sign in to Your Hotstar Premium Account to watch Hotstar

This is probably the best way to connect Hotstar to TV as the Firestick device offers much more than just Hotstar App and is superior quality device. But make sure that you have good internet speed for un-interrupted Firestick streaming.

Way 2: Connect your Laptop to your TV using HDMI port

If you don’t even want to purchase a Firestick, there is still a way (PS: I highly recommend getting firestick device as it is definitely worth it)

This is a pocket friendly option, if you have a laptop.

What you need for this method:

  • TV with HDMI port
  • Laptop with HDMI port
  • HDMI Cable (available on Amazon)

HDMI Cable is easily available online at very cheap prices on Amazon website.

You can simply run Hotstar on your laptop and connect your Laptop to your TV.

For this, both your laptop and TV should have an HDMI port. All you need to buy is an HDMI cable from Amazon or any shop to connect the laptop to your TV.

In simple words, this is casting your laptop content on your TV. When you cast, you are sending some piece of content from your laptop or smartphone to another screen such as a TV.

This is a really simple and cost-effective method that you can use to watch not only for Hotstar but watching any laptop content on your TV. The only con here is that you need to have the laptop connected to the TV all the time.

Also, you cannot control your laptop content from a distance with your TV remote. But you can use a wireless keyboard for this purpose.

Way 3: Cast your mobile to TV using Google Chromecast

You can get Google Chromecast from Flipkart. Just follow the steps below to run hotstar on TV using this option.

What you need for this method:

  • Google Chrome Cast Device
  • TV with HDMI Port
  • Android Phone (Install Google Home App on it)
  • Wifi Connection at Home

Step 1: Purchase a Google ChromeCast device on Flipkart.

Step 2: Plug-in your Chromecast device to HDMI Port of your TV

Step 3: Download Google Home App on your Android / Apple phone

Step 4: Set-up Chromecast on your Mobile App. You will get a message once the set up is completed saying “Your TV is ready”

Step 5: Once the set up is complete, you can open hotstar app. Click on the cast icon on the top right corner on your hotstar app.

So this is one way in which you can cast your mobile content on your TV using Google Chromecast device.

So, use either of these 3 ways and start watching Hotstar on your TV (even if it is not a smart TV) . Let me know which way works out best for you.

Did You Know?

Hotstar offers not only Sports content, but also a huge collection of movies (in nine different languages), TV shows and news channels. Movies are offered in languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malyalam. 

While for watching the live sports content, you can go for the Hostar VIP plan. But in case you want to watch English movies, you can go for the Hotstar Premium Plan. You can find the detailed differences between Premium and VIP plan here.

There is a ton of variety in News Channels as well. In English, you have channels like Republic TV, ABP, India Today, Bloomberg etc. You also have the entire network of ABP channels in Hindi and Regional languages.

You can also watch US TV series, including award-winning titles, such as The Big Bang TheoryArrowThe FlashS.W.A.T and The Goldbergs. Also, in the Hotstar Collection, are Hollywood blockbusters and classics like Harry Potter, Spider-ManIron Man and Pulp Fiction.

So let me know what is your best way to start watching Hotstar on TV.



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  1. Hello. Thank you for the information.
    I have a question. Can we do the screen mirroring of Hotstar app from Mobile to Laptop with HDMI Cable?

    • It is difficult to do this. Technically possible if you have USB to HDMI adapter cable but there may be compatibility issues and its not a cheap option. Better to use any of the above ways.


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