How to Start Yulu Miracle Bike? (Basics-Unlock, Start, Pause, End Ride)

Yulu Miracle Bike is a light-weight electric scooter launched by Yulu. It can be fun to ride and you don’t even need a license or helmet for the ride. If you are looking to ride the Yulu Miracle, here is an easy guide on how to start and use the Yulu Miracle Bike.

You can book the Yulu Miracle bike in any of the Miracle Zones near you. You can locate them in the Yulu App using GPRS.

Once you find Yulu Miracle Bike, before going ahead to unlock a bike check it’s condition especially the tyre, seat and the brakes

Once you are satisfied, go-ahead to start the Yulu Bike as below.

How to unlock and start Yulu Miracle?

  • Switch on your mobile’s Bluetooth and click the UNLOCK button on Yulu App.
  • Scan the QR code displayed on the Miracle Bike (below the handle or at the back). The App will now display the battery and estimated the distance the bike can travel. Make sure it is enough for your ride.
  • Click the CONTINUE button and the bike will get Unlocked.
  • Un-mount the bike from the stand and once you are ready, click the START Button on the bike (right-hand side). Now the motor is ON. You can control the bike speed with the accelerator.

Pausing the Ride

If you stop the bike at any time during the ride, you can press the pause button on the App. During the pause time, the fare is half i.e. Rs. 5 /- per 10 minutes.

You are required to mention the estimated time up to which it will be on “Pause Mode”. If you don’t start within this time, the ride may be automatically canceled and you are charged a penalty.

How to end Yulu Miracle ride

You can only end the ride at a Miracle Yulu Zone. Please note that not all Yulu Zones are Miracle Yulu Zones.

So make sure there is a Yulu Miracle Zone near your destination.

To end the ride, stop the Miracle Bike with brakes and then click the END RIDE button on Yulu App. Upon doing so, the motor gets switched OFF, the vehicle gets locked and the ride is ended. 

The ride time and the charges are displayed.

Important DOs and DON’T’s while riding:


  • DO check the bike condition before starting a ride, especially the brakes, the battery level and available Km on the bike. It might be a problem for you if the battery gets low in the middle of the ride.
  • Do check if a Yulu zone is located close to your destination to end the ride. You can only end the ride at a Yulu Miracle Zone.
  • DO put the Bike on “Pause Mode” when parking. The charges are 50% while Bike is on “Pause Mode”.
  • DO wear a helmet for your own safety (though it is not mandatory)
  • DO note that you need to start and end the ride only at designated Yulu Miracle zones


  • Don’t leave the bike unlocked
  • Don’t park the vehicle in a basement or any unsafe place
  • Don’t leave the vehicle unattended during the night
  • Don’t ride the vehicle if you are less than 16 years, as you will be charged a penalty and your parents can be held responsible.

Understanding Yulu Miracle Bike Body

Yulu Miracle has the following parts:

1. Heavy duty 100% Solid Rubber Tyre
2. LED Headlight
3. Wrist operated bell (Left of Bike Handle)
4. Mobile Holder (Middle of Handle)
5. Battery charge indicator (Right of Bike Handle)
6. Weatherproof QR Code
7. Wide Footboard
8. Custom Built Unisex Frame
9. Ergonomically designed seat
10. Self-Locking Main Stand

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