Does Chime work with Cash App? [Helpful Guide]

Chime and Cash App are two really popular apps with millennials. But do you know there is a way to make these two great apps work together. It is indeed possible to link and move your funds between your Chime and Cash App accounts. In this post, we will see all the steps on how to link your Cash App account to Chime account and transfer funds and vice versa.

Understanding Chime and Cash App and their Compatibility

Chime offers online-only banking services without most fees through its mobile app (it is not actually a bank but a Fintech company in partnership with The Bancorp Bank and Strides Bank, N.A). It offers services like direct deposit, mobile check deposit, competitive interest rate on saving account etc.

Chime service is comparable to a bank without any physical branches that leverages technology to offer most banking services.

On the other hand, Cash App is a money management app with ever expanding array of financial services, including option to invest in crypto and popular Boost offers, makes it a preferred way to pay and manage your money.

Cash App offers some benefits akin to a bank, like a debit card and ability to send funds and make payments.

So actually they are not competitors and can be compatible.

That is why, you will see that Cash App offers a way to link or add your bank account or debit card. This way you can transfer funds to Cash App when needed or even cash out your existing Cash App funds to such linked bank account or card.

And among the many banks that you can add or link to Cash App account is also the Chime bank. So using this method, you can connect your Chime and Cash app accounts.

So let us answer the main question on how to link Chime to Cash App and send money between the two apps-

Yes, you can use Chime with Cash App, by adding your Chime Debit Card or Chime Bank Account in Cash App. Cash App allows you to link your bank account or debit card as a payment method through verification process. If you have a Chime Bank account or Chime debit card, you can add this account to your Cash App by verifying the details.

This way you can transfer funds in and out of Chime Account to Cash App.

If you want to immediately transfer funds from Chime to Cash app or vice versa- using the instant transfer option, it is better to link the Chime debit card. However, do note that you are required to pay a variable fees 0.5% to 1.75% of the transfer amount(this has been revised from a flat fee of 1.5% earlier) in Cash App for instant transfer.

Using the same way, you can also link your Chime account with Venmo.

But if you want to save money and transfer time is not an issue, you can also use the option to link Chime bank account (which uses Plaid authentication). This does take 1-3 business days to complete the transfer from Cash app to Chime, but is free.

An important point to note in Cash App is that it allows you to link only one bank account and one debit card at any point of time.

So if you have already linked an existing bank debit card to your Cash App, you still have the option to replace debit card with your Chime one.

Alternatively, if you have linked existing bank account using online credentials and not via your Bank debit card, you can just add your Chime Debit Card to Cash app.

Another question you may have – if Chime works with the money transfer Zelle. This is a bit more complicated. We have it covered in this guide on if it is possible to use Chime with Zelle.

Follow the steps below to link your Chime to Cash App:

  1. Step 1: Open the Cash App and Sign in
  2. Step 2: On home screen, tap on the Bank icon on the bottom left corner
  3. Step 3: Next click on Option “Link Bank” or “Add Bank” displayed below your Cash App Balance
    (If you have already added a bank or card, you will get the option “Linked Accounts” instead. Tap on this and select “Link Debit Card” on next screen. In case you already have an existing debit card linked, just tap on debit card no. to get an option on next screen to replace it with another bank debit card)
  4. Step 4: Next enter the full Chime Bank debit card no. on being prompted to “Add a Bank Account with your debit card”.
  5. Step 5: Next enter details of Chime debit card like the CVV no, expiry date and ZIP associated with the card.
  6. Step 6: Once you enter the details and continue, it should show you a confirmation that debit card has been linked

That’s it. You have now have your Chime Account linked to your Cash App, through your debit card.
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Follow the steps below to link Chime bank account to Cash App:

  1. From your Cash App home screen, tap on the Bank icon on the bottom left
  2. You will be shown your current Cash App Balance. Tap on the option “Link Bank” or “Add Bank” below this balance.
    (If you have already added a bank or card, you will get the option “Linked Accounts” instead. Tap on this and select “Link Bank” on next screen. In case you have an active bank account linked, tap on active bank name to get an option to replace it with another bank )
  3. It will give you the option to add bank account with debit card. Since you don’t want to use your Bank debit card, you can tap on “No Card” option displayed on bottom left.
  4. On Next Screen, you will now see option to link bank account using your username and password. Click on “Continue” here
  5. Next select Chime bank from list of banks displayed
  6. Next it will ask you to enter your Chime bank account online credentials like user name and password and click on “Submit”
  7. Next you need to verify Bank Account by entering using 2 factor credential i.e. code sent to your mobile number by message
  8. Once you enter code and select continue, it will show you the Chime bank has been successfully linked

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Benefits of Chime vs Cash App

The money that sits in your Chime App account is FDIC insured (through partnership with The Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank, who are FDIC members) and you also earn interest on these funds.

Cash App does not offer the same FDIC insurance, unless you have the Cash Card or an opportunity to earn any interest on the balance you hold in Cash App.

Another great benefit is the ability to deposit cash in your Chime Account by physically walking in at network of retail locations (more than 90,000) including 7-Eleven, Walmart, Speedway etc. subject to fees. (Chime offers this for free at Walgreens)

Or even withdraw funds at ATMs

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Wrap Up

So you can conveniently link your Chime Bank Account to Cash App. The way I prefer is to link Chime Debit Card to Cash App which can be used for both pulling funds and cash out. This way you can enjoy the benefits of moving funds between these apps.

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    • Cash app allows you to cash out funds to own bank account. Your friend can send money only to her own bank account and then transfer it from her bank to yours in this situation(Can use zelle for this)


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