How to Accept Pending Payment on Cash App [Complete Guide]

If you use Cash App and face the issue of pending payments, you are on the right post to tackle the query – how to accept a pending payment on Cash App. Usually, Cash App payments are executed instantly and do not require any action on your part to accept the payment.

So ideally, the payment should not be pending in the first place. But this is a known issue that many Cash App users face.

This can be extremely frustrating especially when you have an urgency to use the funds, but they are not in your account yet.

What does Cash App’s Pending Payment Mean?

A pending payment is when the transaction has been initiated but not yet completed. This can be either a case of a technical issue at Cash App or can also be put on hold due to security issues by Cash App or a case where it requires action on your part to accept (rare cases).

Now, depending upon what kind of transaction is being attempted and the amount involved, the issue of pending payments may arise because of different reasons. It is important to understand the reason for the pending payment before we can address how to accept it.

First, let’s see the general steps to accept a pending payment on Cash App and then see the peculiar situations where you may not get the accept option.

How to Accept Pending Payment on Cash App [Steps]

  • Open the Cash App on your phone
  • Tap on Activity Tab (clock icon)
  • Under the Pending tab, select the transaction for which payment is pending
  • Tap on a green Accept Button next to it

Now, if you don’t see the accept button, let’s see the potential reasons for the pending payment and how to deal with the issue.

Reasons for Pending Cash App Payment

Let’s first look at the most common reasons for pending cash app payment issue

  • Connectivity Issues with Cash App
  • Cash App version not updated
  • The amount exceeds your Cash App Limit
  • Payment put on hold by Cash App due to security flags
  • False transaction alert (read: scam)
  • Cash App Card Pending Payment

Connectivity Issues with Cash App

The most common reason for this payment pending issue is connectivity issues at Cash App’s end. In such cases, you don’t need to take any action to accept the pending payment and just wait for the transaction to clear on its own, after some time (usually a few hours or a business day)

This issue has been happening a lot lately and is perhaps related to the ever-increasing bandwidth for Cash App.

You can check if the issue is due to Cash App connectivity issues, by going to link, which lets you know the current status of Cash App services.

Many times you will get the message “this payment will deposit shortly” in such instances.

If the issue persists, the best recourse is to contact Cash App Support, informing them about the issue.

Cash App version not updated

Although not that common, an issue that cannot be ruled out is when your Cash App version is not updated, it can show the payment as pending.

In such cases, the pending payment issue can get resolved once you update your Cash App, reboot your device, and re-open Cash App.

Amount exceeds your Cash App Limit

Your Cash App Payment can also go into pending status. if it exceeds your receiving limit on Cash App. Typically, you face the issue in large value transactions.

If you have not verified your Cash App Account, your sending and receiving limit is set at a maximum of $1,000 per month. This limit increases to $7,500 once you have completed the verification.

If you send or receive more than the limit, Cash App will prompt your to verify your account using your full name, date of birth, the last 4 digits of your SSN, and your mailing address.

Payment put on hold by Cash App due to security flags

Cash App has its own AI-driven mechanism to flag suspicious transactions. And with this system, you may face issues where there are false positives and the system even cancels the payment initiated by the user, where it is flagged by the system triggers.

This can be especially a tricky issue to resolve and can happen especially with new accounts, where the verification is not completed by the user.

Again, the only way to deal with this situation is to contact the Cash App Support team.

False Transaction Alert

If you come across a situation where you receive a mail asking you to deposit or pay money to be able to accept the payment, ignore it without thinking much (no matter how legitimate the mail may appear), as this is very common scam.

Cash App will never require you to deposit or pay any money to receive any amount. This is a scam where they will ask you for a clearance fee to send you money.

Also, there are no fees charged by Cash App when receiving money ]on a personal account. It is only when you have a Cash App business account, that there will be fees involved which are automatically deducted by Cash App and you don’t have any role to play.

Pending Payment on Cash App Card

If you made a payment for a transaction at a merchant online or at the store, using your Cash App card, the money is deducted from your account and it still shows as a pending payment. This is another issue that commonly shows up as pending payment.

Here again, it may not be a call for any action, as the issue generally resolves on its own after some time.

Cash Card payments go through distinct phases when they’re processed by merchants, pending and completed. Transactions usually start in a pending state to allow for any adjustments, such as cancellations or restaurant tips to be applied. In most cases, the transaction will be completed with the same amount and there will be no impact on your balance. If a transaction is updated due to a cancellation, restaurant tip or another reason, you will be notified by Cash App

How to clear a Pending Payment on Cash App

You can clear a pending payment for only those transactions, where you get an option to accept the transaction by going to Activity Tab.

If there is no accept button displayed, you need to reach out to the Cash App Support Team to help them resolve the issue.

You can check through the reasons listed above to identify the probable causes of the issue and

Wrap Up

So as you can see, there can be a number of reasons that could trigger a pending payment issue on the Cash App. Hopefully, you got a solution to your problem. It is always best that you have a backup option to Cash App to avoid getting stuck (like Zelle set up with a traditional bank) as you may face such surprises from time to time.

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