Can you buy Gift Cards with Walmart Pay [2023 Easy Guide]

Walmart Pay is the payment wallet of choice when you are shopping at Walmart, as it neither accepts Apple Pay nor Google Pay. If you use Walmart App that has Walmart Pay inside it, you are probably curious if you can buy gift cards with Walmart Pay, In this post, we will discuss the answer to this common question.

Walmart Pay was launched in 2015 to give shoppers a convenient mobile payment option. With Walmart pay, the whole check out can be completed on your mobile by scanning the QR code at the PoS to make the payment and the receipt is also provided within the app.

So Walmart Pay is an acceptable payment method at Walmart Stores to buy any items. But there is always confusion about gift cards.

Can you buy gift cards with Walmart Pay?

The straight answer is: You can buy gift cards at Walmart with Walmart Pay. However, you cannot use an existing gift card inside Walmart App to buy another gift card, which is against Walmart’s policy.

So the caveat here is that while you can buy gift cards with Walmart Pay, use a debit card or credit card as the payment method inside the Walmart app when checking out. In other words, you cannot use an added gift card inside Walmart App to fund a purchase for a new gift card.

So you have to take note of this, as when you have gift cards added inside the Walmart App, they are usually auto-selected as the first payment option.

Another limitation of Walmart Pay is while it works seamlessly in all Walmart stores, it may not work at Walmart fuel pumps or Murphy USA gas stations.

Apart from that, you can buy just about any item in Walmart with Walmart App, as it is in fact an encouraged payment method inside the app.

How to use Walmart Pay to buy gift cards at checkout at Walmart Store?

  • Walk into a Walmart and shop as usual for gift cards as well as any other items
  • Go to any self-service checkout lane and scan your items.
  • Fire up your Walmart app & tap Walmart Pay
  • Use Touch ID or enter your passcode to authenticate
  • To pay, hold your phone over the QR code that’s displayed on the register.
  • At this stage, select your preferred payment method in Walmart App to a debit card or credit card of your choice (at the bottom of the screen). At this stage, note to deselect any gift cards you have added as they are automatically used for payment first unless you have that feature turned off.
  • You will hear the chime sound as a confirmation of payment going through
  • You also get a notification on your phone for the e-receipt

Other Points to note:

  • You can also club Walmart Pay with other payment methods. e.g. before using Walmart Pay, first use any Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) balances i.e. WIC & SNAP if you have them, for any eligible items. For this, on the POS screen tap on Other Payment Options (blue colored button) -> EBT. Then tap on “Pay Another Way” and select cash to make any part cash payments. The balance amount is reflected on the PoS screen, now you can go ahead to select Walmart Pay as the payment option for the balance payment.

    (Note: In such cases, you get a physical invoice receipt. When the entire payment is made with Walmart Pay, you only get the e-receipt inside Walmart App)

Other Payment Methods You can Use besides Walmart Pay at the Store

You can use any of the following to pay for your Walmart orders (work inside Walmart Pay as well)

  • EBT (Note: Alaska, Montana, and Louisiana do not support EBT online)
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Gift cards (Note: you cannot use a gift card to purchase another gift card)
  • Capital One Walmart Credit Cards

You will only see these payment methods when you checkout. You can’t add them to your Wallet.

  • PayPal
  • Affirm

Wrap Up

Hope this guide was useful to you to understand how to buy gift cards with Walmart Pay. Let us know your experience in the comments.

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