Does Brigit work with Cash App? [Easy Guide]

If you are a Cash App user looking to know if you can use payday advance service, Brigit, with Cash App, you are on the right post to get the complete answer.

I did a bit of research on if there is any way to use Brigit with Cash App.

Let’s first talk about a few basics: Brigit is a pay advance app that allows you to draw an advance of up to $250 against your future paycheck. You have to link your bank account to Brigit App as a payment method, which is used to determine your eligibility and for the repayments.

To qualify for Brigit Instant Cash, you must have:

  • At least 3 recurring deposits from the same employer or deposit source
  • A checking account with
    • At least 60 days of activity
    • Positive balance history (balances less than $0 can reduce your chances)
    • Maintain a cash cushion on paycheck days (Minimum average balance check to determine repayment ability)
  • Pay the membership fees ($9.99 per month)

Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment app that allows you to send and receive money, make your daily payments, and even invest money. It also offers a few banking services like a direct deposit account and a prepaid debit card through its banking partner “Sutton Bank“.

Does Brigit Work With Cash App?

No, Brigit does not work with Cash App. Brigit only allows you to link full-fledged checking accounts using the Plaid service and does not support prepaid card accounts like Cash App.

As per its site, Brigit allows you to work with more than 6000 banks and credit unions.

But it does NOT support some online banks like Chime, Varo, and NetSpend.

Even if you have a running direct deposit with Cash App, the account is essentially a prepaid account with limited features. It is NOT a full-fledged checking account with Sutton Bank, that can be linked via Plaid.

One notable exception is that Brigit does allow you to link  Walmart Moneycards by Green Dot Bank.

How to link Brigit to Cash App [Is there any other way]

Now, if you are looking to link Brigit to Cash App with the goal of moving funds between the two apps, there is still a way.

Here, you need to link both apps to a common hub bank account.

Say, if you use a traditional bank account like a hub e.g. say you opt for a Chase account, where you receive the direct deposit from your employer. You can add this bank account to both Brigit and Cash App.

Since both these apps allow you to link a bank account via Plaid. Alternatively, you can also add a debit card of such a bank to Cash App

  • You can use the Add Cash” option in Cash App to move funds from the hub bank account to Cash App instantly
  • You can also “Cash Out” your Cash App wallet balance to your hub bank account, when required [Do note that Cash App requires a debit card for instant transfer and charges a heavy fee in the range of 0.5% to 1.75% of the transfer amount]

Other Apps Like Brigit

If you are looking for other options like Brigit, that can be directly linked with Cash App, here are a few options

  • Dave
  • MoneyLion
  • Albert

Again, these apps don’t accept a direct deposit account with Cash App to advance the money. But they offer their own checking account and debit card.

So you can set up an account with these apps and link this debit card on Cash App to move funds to and fro.

Dave also comes with a more reasonable $1 membership fee and offers advances up to $500, for customers with higher direct deposit.

In terms of payday advance apps compatibility with Cash App, there are only a handful of options.

If you have the direct deposit set up on a Cash App account, the only option you can explore is Cash App’s own Borrow feature, if you have access. It does come with a heavy 5% flat fee that translates to an APY of 60% (amount to be repaid in four weeks)

Wrapping Up

While Brigit does not work with Cash App, you can use workarounds to transfer money between the two apps. You can also look at a few alternative apps discussed above, that offer better compatibility with Cash App. Hope this post was useful. Let us know your queries in the comments.


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