Does Cash App Show Your Name [Complete Answer]

If you are using Cash App and curious to know “Does Cash App show your name”, you are on the right post. You may have privacy concerns on whether your name will show up when you send money to anyone on Cash App or does Cash App show your name on the bank statement of the receiver.

When using Cash App, there are three distinct concepts- your legal name, your display name, and CashTag.

Legal Name– When you are setting up your Cash App account and on completing identity verification on Cash App, which is matched against your SSN, Driving License etc. and also when adding bank accounts to Cash App. This legal name is private to you and is maintained by Cash App for on its file records.

Cash App display name- This is the name that gets displayed when you send someone money or on bank statement. The Cash App display name is public and is also referred to as “user alias” or profile name or public handle.

The display name is the one that shows when you tap on the profile icon on Cash App (circle with person icon). You can edit the display name to one of your choice in case you want to avoid others to find you. You can even use any other alias name here.

As far as Cash App is concerned, you need to set up the account with your correct legal first name and last name. Once you have completed the identity verification on Cash App, you can change your profile name in case you want to remain private to other Cash App users.

However, Cash App will always have the legal name on its records for your Cash App account, for verification purpose and for any disclosure to IRS.

CashTag is a unique user id for your Cash App account. It is a unique identifier for individuals and businesses using Cash App. Once you create a $Cashtag, you get a auto-generated URL which you can share with your friends, family, and customers so that they can make payments to you privately and securely.

Your $Cashtag must have at least 1 letter and cannot be than 20 characters.

The Cash App display name and CashTag are the one’s which are in your control and can be changed at any time by the user (there may be restriction on number of times you can change this, but it is allowed t obe changed atleast once)

However, you need to update the correct legal name when you set up the account.

Does Cash App Show Your Name?

Cash App only shows your display name and CashTag. It does not show your legal name, unless you have kept your display name same as your legal name. So you have the option of keeping your legal name private in Cash App by using an alias display name.

You can edit your display name in Cash App to some other alias name to make it private. To change your display name, tap on profile icon on top right, scroll down and tap on “Personal“, then tap on “Edit Name” and edit the display name as required.

You can change the display name atleast once.

This does not change the legal name which you would have updated earlier, when you completed identity verification on Cash App

Does Cash App Show Your Name on Bank Statement

Cash App shows your Cash App display name and CashTag on the bank statement.

It does not show your real name, unless you have keep display name as your real name.

The entry on the bank statement will show either *SQC or *CASH and then your display name/Cashtag

Does Cash App Show Your Name When You Send Money

When you send money to someone on Cash App, your display name and CashTag is visible to other person.

If you have changed your display name and kept it different from your real name, then you may not have to worry about your real name showing up.

Also, your other details like phone no., email address etc. do not get shared on Cash App, when you send money.

Can Someone See Your Name on Cash app

You can find someone by going to$[cashtag] and it will show you the recipient details.

Add the contact info – $Cashtag which is their Cash App username, email address, and phone number of the recipient to search up and pay.

Wrap Up

So Cash App does give you the option to use an alias name in public. However, do make sure that you have legal name updated in Cash App for identity verification, as per Cash App terms.

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