Navy Federal Mobile Deposit Funds Availability [Easy Guide]

Navy Federal Credit Union offers a mobile check deposit service on its mobile app. Using this feature, you can conveniently deposit the checks remotely. If you have been or are thinking of using this feature and are interested in knowing the Navy Federal Credit Union Mobile Deposit Funds availability, this post will be helpful to understand the ins and outs of when you can expect to receive the funds in your account for a mobile check deposit.

Navy Federal Mobile Deposit Funds Availability

The availability of funds in your account post a mobile deposit in Navy Federal credit union essentially depends on the value of the check and the time and day on which the deposit is made.

Lower check values where the amount is up to $225 deposited and approved before the cut-off time of 6 PM on a business day are usually credited on the very next working day. for e.g. if you deposit a check of $200 on Monday at 4 PM, it will be credited on the next business day i.e. Tuesday (Assuming it is not a holiday)

The higher check amounts exceeding $225 in value will be credited in installments, with the first $225 on the next business day, the balance amount up to $2,000 on the next business day, and any amount exceeding this amount will go to the second business day.

Deposited Tuesday
     before 6PM
Credit on Wednesday Credit on Thursday
$250 Approved on
     same day
$225 $25

If a check value of $2,300 is deposited and approved on Tuesday before 6 PM, the first $225 will be credited on Wednesday, the balance up to $2000 i.e. $1775 will be credited on Thursday and the last $300 will be credited on Friday. This is assuming all the 3 days are working days when there is no Federal Holiday.

Deposited Tuesday
     before 6PM
Credit on Wednesday Credit on Thursday Credit on Friday
Approved on
     same day
$225 $1775 $300

Deposits made on Friday will obviously take longer to get the funds available as the next business day will be Monday

Deposited Friday
     before 6PM
Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
$450 Approved on
     same day
Holiday Holiday $225 $225

Deposits made on weekends or Federal Holidays are considered received on the next Business Day, but as a member service, you will receive the $225 credit upon approval of the earliest deposit.

Navy Federal has mixed reviews when it comes to the credit of funds using mobile deposits. However, in general, it is usually fast to get the funds credited to your bank account once the check is approved by them.

Navy Federal Standard Disclaimer on Funds Availability Terms

Any credit given for items deposited using the Service is provisional and
subject to verification and final approval of the item. Navy Federal, at its
sole discretion, may place an additional hold on any item for a reasonable
period until settlement of the item is deemed to be complete. We will notify
you if we delay your ability to withdraw funds for any reason, and we will tell
you when funds will be available. Funds will generally be available no later
than five (5) Business Days after the day of deposit. You agree to receive
all notifications regarding your use of this Service, including, but not limited
to, notices required by law or regulation, electronically. With respect to
each item you transmit to Navy Federal for deposit, you agree to indemnify
and reimburse Navy Federal for and hold Navy Federal harmless from and
against any and all losses, costs, and expenses.

Is Navy Federal Mobile Deposit instant

No, as seen above, Navy Federal Mobile Deposit becomes available only on the next business day following the day of approval and is not instant. Also, the amount and time, and day of deposit can further have an impact on how soon you can get the funds credited to your Navy Federal bank account.

How to Deposit Check with Navy Federal Credit Union

  1. Sign in to the Navy Federal mobile app.
  2. From the bottom navigation bar, Select Deposits 
  3. Select Enroll and Deposit.
  4. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, if agreeable
  5. Select Make Deposit, 
  6. Next, select the To account where you want to deposit money.
  7. Next, enter the check information and
  8. Follow the instructions for capturing images of the front and back of the check.
  9. Confirm the check has been signed by all recipients, and 
  10. Confirm the endorsement words “For Mobile Deposit Only at NFCU” is written on the back of the check
  11. Review the information and then select Make Deposit and Done.

Navy Federal Mobile Deposit Limits

The aggregate amount of mobile check deposits with Navy Federal Credit Union should not exceed the limit of $50,000 per Business Day. So you can submit multiple mobile deposits on a day but the total amount should not exceed $50,000.

Navy Federal Mobile deposit Cut Off Time

The cut-off time to submit a mobile deposit for Navy Federal is 6:00 pm, ET, Monday through Friday. You must also receive the deposit approval email on the same day for an item to be considered received that day.

Ineligible Checks for Navy Federal Credit Union

Following types of checks are not eligible for mobile deposit

  1. Checks or items containing an obvious alteration to any of the fields
    on the front of the check or item, which you know or suspect, or
    should know or suspect, to be fraudulent;
  2. Checks or items drawn or otherwise issued by you or any other party
    on any of your Navy Federal accounts;
  3. Checks or items not payable in United States currency;
  4. Checks or items drawn on financial institutions located outside the United States;
  5. Checks or items previously converted to a substitute check;
  6. Money orders and traveler’s checks;
  7. American Express® Gift Cheques;
  8. Savings bonds;
  9. Checks that require authorization (e.g., COMCHEKS, BranchPay, RapidDrafts);
  10. State-issued registered warrants;
  11. Checks from a closed account at another financial institution;
  12. Checks or items that are incomplete;
  13. eChecks – checks printed using a personal home printer; or
  14. Fiduciary checks – any checks where the designated

Wrap Up

So if you are looking to get a quick credit of mobile deposit, make sure the check amount is on the lower side and the day of the deposit is on a business day preferable Monday to Wednesday, and not on Friday OR weekend, OR federal holiday.

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