Restaurants & Food Delivery that accept Venmo [Helpful Guide]

If you are a Venmo user and looking for restaurants that work with Venmo, this post will help you with the list. Venmo makes it a breeze to make payments for your daily expenses. Do fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Chipotle, Subway, etc. and food delivery apps like Uber Eats accept Venmo? Read on to find out.

Venmo has been gaining popularity with the number of consumers adopting it for their daily payments. With its increasing penetration, the various popular food chains and restaurants have taken note and have started adding options for their customers to pay through Venmo.

You can make the payment directly from your Venmo wallet by scanning the Venmo QR code at the food outlet or swiping your Venmo debit card over the POS machine.

However, not all food chains take Venmo. It is still a work in progress. Here we cover the most popular food options and what is their support for accepting Venmo payments.

For context, it is also important to note that there are multiple ways to pay using Venmo.

Ways to Pay with Venmo for Food

There are multiple ways to pay at a restaurant and order food online using Venmo:

  1. Using the Venmo Debit Card (Most widely accepted option)You can pay in-store by swiping the card over the POS machine or add it as a payment method in the Food Outlet App when ordering online
  2. Using the Venmo Wallet -Scan QR Code (Available only at selected food outlets)
  3. Linking Venmo wallet as a payment method in the Food Delivery App or Food Chain App (which supports direct linking)

Most food chains accept Venmo Card as a way of payment. While some food chains even offer the option to pay with a scan using Venmo QR Code or allow linking the Venmo app as a payment method on their own apps.

If you’re using Venmo, you should consider getting a Venmo debit card (which is directly linked to your Venmo balance) if you have not done so yet. The Venmo card automatically pulls the funds from your Venmo wallet for any transaction seamlessly. There is no hassle of moving money from your Venmo wallet to your debit card as it is auto-linked.

It is free to get and with a Venmo card, you can pay at all food outlets and delivery apps that support the Mastercard network, which makes it almost as good as any other debit card offered by a bank.

Does Mcdonald’s accept Venmo

Mcdonald’s does not offer a direct option to pay with your Venmo wallet. You can use the Venmo debit card to make the payments at Mcdonald’s, which works just like any other bank-issued credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can add a Venmo debit card to McDonald’s App or Google Pay to make the payment directly at the outlet.

This is a pity as it would be great to just pay with a mobile scan using Venmo, especially at a drive-thru. But you can order before going in using Mcdonald’s app, which allows you to add a Venmo debit card as a payment method just like any other debit card.

Most Mcdonald’s also support Google Pay for in-restaurant purchases, drive-thrus.

If you have got a Venmo Credit Card, you can add your Venmo Credit Card to your Google Pay wallet to use that in Venmo (Apple Pay apparently does not even accept Venmo Credit Card). True, this is a troublesome option and may not be feasible for most Venmo users, unless they have a requirement for a Venmo credit card otherwise.

Does Burger King Accept Venmo

Yes, Burger King accepts Venmo as a direct payment method both at their outlet as well as on its app.

Thanks to Burger King’s wider partnership with Paypal (Venmo’s owner), Burger King has also had multiple promotions running with Venmo, in the past.

Does Subway Accept Venmo

You can use your Venmo debit card at Subway outlets as well as to order on the Subway app.

Does Uber Eats Accept Venmo

Yes, Uber Eats accepts direct Venmo wallet as a direct payment method. Venmo and Uber have built strong partnerships and the Uber app gives you the option to Pay using Venmo on both Uber Eats and Uber.

To use Venmo on Uber Eats, follow the steps below to first add Venmo as a payment method

  1. Log in to Uber Eats App on your mobile
  2. Next, go to the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the home page
  3. Next “Select Payment” from the list of options
  4. Next tap “Add Payment Method”
  5. Select “Venmo”
  6. Sign in to your Venmo account and tap Authorize.

Does Chipotle Accept Venmo

Yes, you can use pay for your Chipotle orders directly using Venmo as a payment method on their app as well at their outlets.

Chipotle also allows Venmo users to share or split payments.

Chipotle has a long association with Venmo and they have also run promotions together.

Does Doordash Accept Venmo

You can use your Venmo card to pay for your food deliveries on DoorDash. DoorDash does not offer a direct option to pay directly from your Venmo wallet.

Does GrubHub take Venmo

Yes, GrubHub accepts Venmo as a payment method. You can link the Venmo app to GrubHub to make payments directly from your Venmo wallet. You also split your GrubHub bill with friends using Venmo’s split payment feature.

To Link Venmo as a payment method on the GrubHub app, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the GrubHub app and log-in
  2. Next tap on the “My Grubhub” icon at the bottom
  3. Next tap on Settings (gear icon) in the upper right-hand corner
  4. Next select “Payment” from the list of options
  5. Next tap “Add a new payment”
  6. Follow the screen instructions to link a PayPal or Venmo account

Does Post Mates accept Venmo

You can use the Venmo debit card to make payments on the Post Mates app. It does not offer direct support to link Venmo wallet yet.

Does Dominos Pizza accept Venmo?

You can use your Venmo card to make payments for Dominos Pizza both at the outlet as well as on their app.

Does Starbucks accept Venmo?

You can use the Venmo card to make payments at the Starbucks outlet in-store by swiping the card at POS. You can also add the Venmo card as a payment method, in the Starbucks app to order online.

Wrap Up

Most Food outlets accept the Venmo card as it is on the Mastercard network. However, there has been a growing trend to accept direct payment from Venmo wallets using QR code scan or linking it as a payment method on your favorite food service app. Most notable the big players like Uber Eats and GrubHubs have led the way on this. The fact that Venmo is owned by Paypal, means we can expect the list to only grow both in-restaurant outlets and online.

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