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Varo is a fast growing digital-only bank. It uses technology to offer banking services with almost no fees. One of the convenient features of Varo is the mobile check deposit option. This guide will cover all the relevant queries relating to Varo Mobile Check deposit including Varo mobile check deposit problems, how to deposit a check on Varo and points you should be aware of.

Varo Mobile Check Deposit Problems | Varo Mobile Check Deposit Unavailable | Not Working

If you are not able to access or use Varo mobile check deposit, it is not an uncommon query.

Firstly, even though Varo offers mobile check deposit as one of its standard features, this feature may not be accessible to all users especially new accounts. If you are facing an issue that your mobile check deposit is not working or unavailable, this MAY be due to recently put in conditions to be eligible to use this feature (with growing number of customers).

Many users, even those who earlier had access to Varo Mobile Check Deposit option have got this message- You need to have at least one source of direct deposit in your Varo account to be eligible to use mobile check deposit feature.

So do check on the App if you are eligible or not in the first place to make a mobile check deposit on Varo.

Secondly, some users also face issues of check rejections or delays in check clearance. So make sure you understand the Varo check deposit guidelines and are not in a rush to get the credit of the funds.

Varo mobile check deposit feature comes with certain amount limits w.r.t amount of check deposit, which you can see on your app. It seems there is no blanket check deposit limit to all users, as Varo does not mention a specific limit on their website.

Varo terms state the mobile check deposit limits may be changed by Varo based on the length of time the Varo Bank Account is opened and Varo Bank Account activity. So different users may have different limits based on your Varo usage and history.

Varo has also clearly laid out what types of checks they accept and timelines for the review and getting the credit on their website. It can sometimes take a long time, depending on the individual case where the mobile check deposit is kept under review. If you go by the user reviews on their app and forums, you would see that many users complaint on check rejections and long review times etc.

While Varo has given very specific instructions on its app to reduce chances of user errors w.r.t mobile check deposit and improved the check deposit experience, it is still a work in progress and seems they also have strict conditions on Mobile deposit.

Extract of Varo banking agreement on mobile check deposit eligibility:

“We will determine whether you are eligible for the Mobile Deposit feature at our sole discretion.
We may suspend or terminate your use of Mobile Deposit at any time and without prior notice to you. If you violate the terms of Mobile Deposit, such actions may be used as a basis to terminate the Varo Bank Account.”

How to deposit a check with Varo

  1. Open the Varo App and Log-in
  2. Next go to “Move Money” Option
  3. Next tap on “Mobile Check Deposit”
  4. Next tap on “Check History”
  5. Select the deposit where you want to cash the check
  6. Endorse the check (see details below on the steps and conditions to check before you go ahead with this step)
  7. Next follow the instructions to snap photos of the front and back of the check.
  8. Next review the details and tap “Submit check” if all details are correct

Varo Mobile Deposit Check Endorsement process

Do keep in mind before you endorse the check: once you endorse the check, you have to submit to Varo only and you may find it difficult to cash the check at other outlets with such endorsement, in case the check deposit fails to get cleared by Varo later.

Varo website itself mentions you make sure that you have a clear idea of what checks are acceptable to deposit at Varo, make sure the check amount is within your limit for Varo mobile check deposit and you are comfortable with the timelines for Varo check deposit clearance. Many users face issues later, so you should be clear with all these things first before going ahead with the mobile check deposit

If you had doubts if the check is eligible, it will be better to use other options where you can physically deposit a check by walking in like Green Dot or Chime etc. You can even check with Varo customer care if required.

Varo has laid out specific endorsement procedure. You have to endorsement in 3 lines: sign on first line, write “For mobile deposit” on 2nd line and “at Varo Bank only” on

Line 1: Sign (all parties to sign if it is a government deposit to multiple payees)

Line 2: Write “For mobile deposit”

Line 3: Write “at Varo Bank only”. 

Things to keep in mind Post Check Submission

Once you submit a mobile check deposit on Varo, you should receive an email from Varo with the subject line We got your mobile deposit.

You should also get a confirmation mail, once the review is successfully completed, confirming that the check is approved.

Or you can self-check the status of check deposit in the app by tapping Move Money > Mobile Check Deposit > Check History. Then tap the deposit you’re checking on.

You are also required to hold on to the check for 60 days, according to the Varo Bank Account Agreement.

Varo Mobile Check Deposit Limits

Varo does not mention a blanket mobile check deposit limit on their website. Your check deposit limit is notified to you on the app and it depends on Varo account history and activity. So it may vary from one user to another. Before you endorse the check, make sure the amount is within your mobile check deposit limit

How much time the Varo Mobile Check Deposit takes

An interesting point to note about the Varo Mobile Check Deposit is the timelines. The time taken to get the credit of check depends on how long you have held the account with Varo, the amount of check, the parties involved (Government or Private) and can take 2 to 5 business days (or even longer in certain cases, not exceeding 9 business days from acceptance)

A Check deposit from the U.S. Treasury can be available the business day after the check is accepted. While if your account has been opened recently (within the last 30 calendar days), it can take 5 business days

A longer delay may come into play, on the following points

  • Varo believes a deposited check will not be paid.
  • You have a history of returned checks
  • Your Bank Account has had a negative balance any time in the last six (6) calendar months.
  • Varo Bank experiences an emergency, such as failure of communications or computer delays.

What types of checks does Varo Accept for mobile check deposit

As per Varo, you can deposit the following checks in US currency from US Bank account (not dated beyond 6 months). Also, checks cannot be to multiple persons unless it is a government check

You can deposit any of these checks:

  • U.S. Treasury Checks
  • Personal and Business Checks
  • State and Local Government Checks
  • Treasurer’s/Cashier’s Checks
  • Certified Checks
  • Federal Reserve Bank Checks
  • Federal Home Loan Bank Checks
  • U.S. Postal Service Money Orders

You can check Varo website on current detailed terms on which checks are acceptable and which can’t be deposited.

Varo Mobile deposit Cut Off time

The Varo Mobile deposit cut-off time is 6 pm in evening. Check deposited before 6 pm on week-days (Excluding holidays) are accepted or rejected on the same business day. The review and processing takes further time depending on the individual case.

Are there any fees on Varo Mobile Check Deposit?

Varo mobile check deposit feature continues to be with no fees.

Wrap Up

Varo mobile check deposit comes with its pros and cons. So make sure you make an informed decision before going ahead with the mobile check deposit. If you feel you are doubtful or want funds on same day, it may not be the best option. You can try other options like Ingo app or other banks, where you can physically deposit for same day funds with fees. You can go through the Varo website for more information.

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