Does Venmo work with Apple Pay [Explained]

Venmo and Apple Pay are two immensely popular payment methods. It is not uncommon to have the question-Does Venmo work with Apple Pay and get the best of both the worlds. In this post, we will talk about if this is possible.

The answer to this question is that Venmo does not have any direct integration with Apple Pay. However, there are some easy ways you can explore to indirectly use Venmo with Apple Pay and move funds between the two apps, which we will cover in detail.

First of all, a bit of context between the two services to understand the possible cause of this issue.

While Apple Pay is iPhone exclusive, Venmo is available on Apple iOS and Android devices. Apple Pay allows you add most bank debit and credit cards and also offers its own product “Apple Cash” which works similar to a debit card. Venmo which allows you to add multiple payment methods like your bank debit or credit card. It also acts as a wallet to store your money as well as offer a Venmo debit card linked to Venmo balance.

So they are inherently competitors offering similar services and that may be one of the main reasons why Venmo does not work with Apple Pay.

In fact, Venmo card can be added to both Google Pay and Samsung Pay. But Apple Pay does not support Venmo card at the moment, but allows you to link only bank debit cards and also cards like Cash App Card.

We hope that this gets resolved in the future. However, till that time you can read further on how to manage in time being.

Can I use Venmo with Apple Pay? No, Venmo does not allow direct integration with Apple Pay and it is also not possible to add the Venmo Debit Card in Apple Pay. Apple Pay also does not allow you to add Venmo credit card.

However, you can use some hacks to indirecly link your Venmo with Apple Pay.

One way to do this is by adding or linking common bank debit card to both the apps separately, which can then act a middleman to transfer funds between your Venmo and Apple Pay. e.g. if you have a Chase Debit Card, you can add this in both Venmo and Apple Pay.

You do have to jump through hoops to do this, but it achieves the goal. If you want to move your Venmo balance for Apple Pay, cash out your Venmo balance to such debit card (which can be done instantly with 1.5% fees, Max-15$) and then use Apple Pay in normal manner, pulling funds from your Chase debit card. (Detailed steps on how to go about doing this are covered below)

To summarize, the common queries that may come to mind on the computability between Venmo and Apple Pay.

Can I Use Venmo Card in Apple Pay?

No, you cannot use your Venmo debit card in Apple Pay. Apple Pay also does not allow you to add Venmo credit card at the moment,

Can you add Apple Card to Venmo?

No, Venmo does not support Apple Card as a payment method.

Ways to move funds between Venmo and Apple Pay

1. Link a common bank debit card in both the Apps as an intermediary

You can use link your bank debit card in both your Venmo and Apple Pay accounts. This way you whenever you want to move funds from Venmo to Apple Pay or Vice versa, you can simply transfer the money from Venmo (or Apple Pay) to the debit card first, which is an instant transfer (but with 1.5% fees, Maximum 15$). These funds then automatically become available in the other app, as both the apps allow you to pay directly from a linked debit card.

If you don’t have an urgency to move the funds, you can simply link the bank account directly in both the apps. Then, you can do a standard transfer from Venmo to bank account (which is free but takes 1-3 business days) and pay with Apple Pay using the bank account funds, or Vice versa.

Venmo and Apple Pay both support instant cash out to a linked debit card at a 1.5% fee (Minimum 0.25$, Max $15).

How to add a debit card to Venmo and cash out

  1. Log in to Venmo App
  2. Next tap on the “You” tab (single person icon blobid0.png)
  3. Next tap on Settings (gear icon) and select “Payment Methods”
  4. Next tap on “Add bank or card…” and then select “Card”
  5. Enter your bank debit card details manually or with your phone’s camera

How to Cash Out Venmo funds to a linked debit card

  • Log in to Venmo App
  • Next go to the “You” tab (single person icon blobid0.png)
  • Next tap the “Add or Transfer” button below your profile picture
  • On next screen, enter the amount you would like to transfer to your bank
  • Select “Instant” (for a small fee) or “1-3 Biz Days” (for no fee), as required
  • Select your preferred bank account or debit card
  • Review and Confirm if transfer details are corerect
  • Next tap on the “Transfer” button

Apple Pay also supports you to move funds from your Wallet i.e. Apple Cash Card to your Bank Debit Card

How to add debit card and cash out funds from Apple Pay

  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone
  • Next tap on your Apple Cash card (which is one on the top with the apple icon)
  • Tap the More icon (three dots)
  • Tap Transfer to Bank (on the right, below the card picture)
  • Next type in the amount you want to transfer, then tap Next.
  • Select Instant Transfer, for which you must add a debit card when prompted(again the fees here is 1.5%, Minimum 0.25$, Max-1.5$ same as Venmo), or 1–3 Business Days, which is free for which you can add a bank account.

2. Alternative way- if you don’t want to use a bank debit card

Another alternate way you may explore if you use Cash App, is to add your Cash App Card in Apple Pay. Next link your Venmo card in Cash App This way you can add funds from Venmo to Cash App, using the linked card (again this is subject to 1.5% instant transfer fees). You can refer to this video on youtube which explains the steps.

And then use Apple Pay for making payments from linked Cash App Card. However, this is not a fool-proof way and it is not generally advisable to link two fintechs as long term compatibility is always an issue with the growing competition betwen them.

Wrap Up

We understand it’s not a convenient experience and yo do have to jump through hoops, if you want to move money between Apple Pay and Venmo. Hopefully this will be resolved with time. For the time being, you can manage the transfer indirectly by using both Apple Pay and Venmo with a common debit card or bank account as a bridge between the two apps.

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