What Bank is Venmo on Plaid [Explained]

Venmo is a popular peer-to-peer payment wallet from PayPal that enables you to send, receive money, and make your daily payments. If you use Venmo and are looking to know what bank is Venmo on Plaid, you are on the right post. This is not a straightforward answer as you may have assumed.

Venmo is actually an online payment wallet and not a bank. But Venmo has a banking partner through which you get the Venmo Debit Card which is The Bancorp Bank, N.A. Venmo also has partnerships with both- The Bancorp Bank and Wells Fargo Bank, through which it offers a direct deposit account feature.

You can find the account number and routing number for your Venmo direct deposit account on Venmo mobile app. For this, go to the “You” tab by tapping on the single-person icon. Then tap Direct Deposit to view your account number and routing number. Once you have these details, you can google the routing number to find the bank name associated with the Venmo account (will be most probably The Bancorp Bank)

But is the Venmo Bank on Plaid?

Not really. Plaid is a service that enables you to connect financial apps with banks, using online banking credentials associated with a user’s bank account.

However, can you link your Venmo account using Plaid on another service?

No, in the case of Venmo, even though you will be using The Bancorp Bank for direct deposit, there are no online banking credentials associated with the account. Even in cases where you have set up a direct deposit account with Venmo, it is not a full-fledged bank account that can be linked via Plaid with another service.

Plaid does not usually support linking two financial apps.

So when you are attempting to link Venmo with another service say a cash advance app, you are actually linking two financial apps which may not work.

What Bank is Venmo on Plaid?

Venmo has a partnership with The Bancorp Bank, through which you get the Venmo debit card and direct deposit facility.

But you cannot link this bank account with Plaid, as Venmo does not provide any online bank account credentials which are required by Plaid to verify you as the bank account owner.

You can instead link your Venmo account to another service manually without using Plaid [see alternatives below]

How to Find Venmo Bank on Plaid

You will not be able to find Venmo in Plaid, since Venmo is a fintech (online wallet) and not a bank. Venmo offers a direct deposit and a debit card through its banking partner “The Bancorp Bank” but does not provide an online bank account username and password.

Note: The scenario is evolving, you can first try running a search with the words “Venmo” in the Plaid search bar. If it shows you the option, you may be in luck.

But if you cannot find Venmo on Plaid, you can still try a few alternative options to link your Venmo account.

To connect Venmo with another service, you can explore if there is an option to manually link a bank account using the account number and routing number.

Or you can see if gives you the option to add a prepaid debit card and try linking your Venmo card. The details are covered in the section below.

You may reach out to the support team of the financial app where you want to add Venmo to confirm if this is possible. Since many services do not support adding a prepaid or fintech account like Venmo.

Alternative options- Link your Venmo Account Manually or with Debit Card [without Plaid]

  1. Many services give you the option to link a bank account manually using the account number/routing number as an alternative to linking bank accounts with Plaid. This is considering scenarios where you are not able to find your bank or your bank does not support Plaid.

    So you can check if there is any such option to add your Venmo account manually.

    In case you don’t find this option, you can connect with the customer support team of the service or google on how to add the bank account manually for such a service.
  2. If you find the option to add a bank account manually, you will be asked to enter the details of your Venmo account number and routing number.

    To find your Venmo direct deposit account and routing number:
  • Open Venmo App and log in
  • Next tap on the You tab (Single Person Icon) on the bottom menu
  • Next tap on the Direct Deposit option from the list
  • Here you will find the routing and account number

3. If the service supports adding an account manually, you may be asked to do a test transfer to verify you as the owner of the Venmo Direct Deposit Account. The process varies from app to app, depending upon which service you want to link the bank account to. Make sure you have the balance in the Cash App for the test transfers to go through.

Do note that linking your Venmo account manually (with the routing number) can take a few days depending on which app you are using.

Try linking your Venmo Card

Some services allow you to add your bank’s debit card to pull funds. Linking a card does not require Plaid.

So you can try linking your Venmo prepaid debit card to see if it works.

Do keep in mind many services do not support prepaid cards.

Wrap Up

So you may not be able to link your Venmo account to another app using Plaid, as it is not a full-fledged bank account. But if such a service allows you to link your bank account manually, you can use the Venmo account number and routing number to connect. Or try adding a Venmo debit card, if possible. If you can’t connect to Venmo even after all attempts, you may consider alternate online bank apps such as Chime, Varo, etc., or any other traditional bank to use with such a service.

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