Cash App Instant Deposit: The Ultimate Guide to Fees, Limits, and Why Your Money Isn’t Showing Up

If you are looking to get the details on Cash App Instant Deposit, you are on the right post to get the answer to all your queries on Cash App Instant Deposit including the fees, limits, time taken to get the credit, and supported cards. We have also included guidance on the Instant deposit not showing up and other information on how to solve the issue of Cash App instant deposit not working.

With Cash App Instant Deposit, you can instantly withdraw or cash out the funds in your Cash App balance to a linked bank account.

But you need to have the bank debit card linked to being able to do an instant deposit.

If you have only linked a bank account with Cash App (using Plaid or manually) it will only allow you to do a standard deposit which takes 1-3 business days.

The instant deposit feature is offered by most online wallets including Venmo and Apple Pay.

How Long Does it take for Cash App Instant Deposit? Cash App instant deposit time

Cash App Instant Deposit gets completed within minutes. So you should be able to see the credit for your instant deposit in your bank account almost immediately.

However, there are cases where an instant deposit fails to go through either because the bank does not support it or for other reasons.

In such cases, the deposit will likely be processed by Cash App as a standard deposit, taking 1-3 business days and the instant deposit fees get refunded back to you.

Cash App Instant Deposit Fees

Cash App charges a fee equal to 0.5% to 1.75% of the transfer amount (Minimum $0.25) for every instant deposit transaction. The exact fee is shown on the Cash App when you initiate the transfer along with the actual amount that will get transferred net of the instant deposit fees.

The Cash App fees for instant deposit has been recently increased in March 2022. Earlier, the Cash App instant deposit fees were capped at a maximum of $15 and at a flat rate of 1.5% of the transfer amount.

This was at par with what was being charged by Apple Pay. But it seems, it is the trend with Venmo also increasing their instant transfer fee to 1.75%.

But now Cash App seems to be making more money via Instant deposit fees with no maximum amount of fees and a variable rate.

Be sure to check the amount on Cash App before proceeding with the instant deposit as the fees can be on the higher side, especially when the transfer amount is large.

While the instant deposit is always a good option to have, you can opt for the Standard Deposit option, if you can wait for the funds as it is free.

Make sure you have linked your bank account (not just a debit card) in Cash App as sometimes the standard deposit option is not available unless you have the bank account linked either using Plaid verification or manual verification.

Cash App Instant Deposit Limits

Cash App has an instant cash-out limit of $25,000 per week for verified accounts.

However, Cash App may restrict individual transactions for security reasons based on AI-based screening. Your bank may also have its own limit for receiving.

Follow the steps below to see your Cash App limits in the app with the specific timelines- daily limit, weekly limit, etc.:

  1. Open Cash App
  2. Tap your profile (person icon) on the top right corner
  3. Select Limits from the list to see your current Sending, Receiving, Add Cash, and Cash Out limits.

Cash App Instant Deposit not showing up

Cash App instant deposit reflects in your bank account instantly or within a few minutes. However, there may be specific cases where the instant deposit does not go through either due to issues at your bank’s end (debit card not supported) or Cash App.

If your Cash App instant deposit is not showing up, the deposit will likely be processed as a standard deposit with a timeline of 1-3 business days. Any fees charged on your instant deposit get credited back to your Cash App account.

Cash App does NOT give you an option to cancel such a deposit after initiation and you have to reach out to Cash App support in individual cases.

This can be a big problem in cases where you want to get immediate access to the funds in your bank account, but you are locked in till the deposit goes through, where it is neither available in your Cash App balance nor in the bank account. So use the instant deposit feature with care, as it is irreversible even if it is not processed instantly.

How to Turn Off Cash App Instant Deposit

There is no direct option in Cash App to turn off the instant deposit feature. If you don’t intend to use the instant deposit, you can only link the bank account with Cash App (which only allows standard transfer) and not the debit card.

Otherwise, be careful to select standard transfer while initiating the transfer to avoid getting hit with instant deposit fees.

Cash App Instant Deposit Not Working? Why can’t I instant deposit on Cash App

You may face the issue of Cash App instant deposit not working, which happens when your bank debit card does not support instant deposits.

Unfortunately, there is no ready list of bank debit cards supported by Cash App which works for instant deposits. You can check with the bank issuing your debit card.

In such cases, the only option is to try an alternate debit card and hope that it works.

In case, you use Apple Pay with Cash App, you can also try alternatives in cases where you can move the money from Cash App to Apple Pay and see if the instant transfer works from Apple Pay. This also gives you the advantage of lower instant transfer fees for the moment.

Wrap Up

While Cash App Instant deposit is a great feature to have, don’t rely it on as the sole option. In fact, with the increasing instant transfer rates without a maximum cap, make sure you use it only in those urgent situations.

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