Cash App Paper Money Not Showing Up [Reasons]

If you use Cash App and struggling to find the “Paper Money” Option on Cash App, you are on the right post to understand the reasons for this issue. You are not alone and this issue of Cash App Paper Money Option not showing up has confused many Cash App users,

There are one set of users who have never got access to Cash App Paper Money option, while others it suddenly disappears after some time. For a few fortunate users, this option seems to be up all the time.

The Cash App Paper Money feature allows you to add physical cash to Cash App account at popular retail stores like Walmart, Walgreens et. You just need to pull up your phone and flash a barcode inside Cash App, which will be scanned by the Cashier to complete the cash deposit.

It entails a reasonable fee of $1 per deposit and the money is added to your Cash App account instantly.

When this feature was released in 2021, it was a game changer when compared to to the earlier swipe reload option that came with a heavier fees of $3 to $5, which was charged by the retail store. Now, all you needed is a mobile with Cash App {no need to carry card) and a pocket friendly fees of $1.

You would expect this feature to be accessible to any one that has the need for it i.e. anyone that has recurring cash receipts and wants to deposit it conveniently.

But this seems to be a common pattern in Cash App being selective in the release of its features to Cash App users.

The same is true for other features like mobile check deposit and Cash App borrow, that are not accessible by many users.

Cash App Paper Money Deposit Not Showing Up

In a nutshell: The Cash App Paper Money option is not rolled out to all Cash App users and regions. So if the Paper Money option does NOT show up on your Cash App, it may simply imply that it not been released to you or your region yet.

The official answer from Cash App Support has always been on the lines that the feature is still under roll out and being released in stages to all users. So if you don’t see it now, you may just have to wait to get access.

While it may be that Cash App is still testing the waters by only giving a selected group access to this feature. But the feature has been introduced for some time now since 2021.

It seems more like access to the feature is restricted, looking into your individual Cash App account risk factors, your usage and it may not just be limited to your region.

If you read the fine print of Cash App terms of service, you will find a clause that seems to imply this:

Certain funding features (including, but not limited to, cash loads and Direct Deposit) may be unavailable or delayed from time to time due to risk-based restrictions, scheduled maintenance, changes to our Services, unforeseen circumstances, or outages.

Cash App terms

Also, note that the Paper money deposit option is not available to Cash App users under the age of 18.

I personally don’t see this feature as a standard Cash App offering meant to be available to all users.

It may be restricted taking into account your transaction history, deposit history and other factors in addition to your location etc.

Even those Cash App users who have had access to this feature complain of not being able to access it at times, where the option just disappears.

So things are not clear and it definitely does not look like a stable option to be relied on.

Why does my Cash App not have the Paper Money Option

Cash App has not rolled out the Paper Money feature to all Cash App users and only kept it available to selected users. The feature is still in the testing phase, as per Cash App (despite being introduced in 2021).

Cash App has not given any guidance on what factors can influence the accessibility to this feature or if you can do anything to get access.

If you don’t see the Paper Money option on Cash App, you may have to wait further to get access.

While this can be due to the fact that the feature is not yet rolled out to your particular region as a whole, it may be due to other factors . This may have to do with your individual Cash App account and usage.

If you have friends in your region, who have access to Paper Money feature, you can confirm this.

It seems Cash App is selective in enabling access to certain features and it may not even be planned as a universal offering.

Factors like your location and your Cash App usage can influence the availability of the Paper Money deposit option.

Although there is no guidance from Cash App, I won’t be surprised to see that factors like have you got a bank account linked to Cash App, have you completed id verification with SSN etc. can have a bearing on you be getting for access.

Other examples of this include the Mobile Check Capture and Cash App Borrow that are only available to few users.

Cash App Paper Money disappeared? Did Cash App remove Paper Money

No, Cash App did not remove Paper Money as a feature. If you had the feature previously but don’t see it anymore, it could more probably be a case where you have lost access to the feature.

This is an issue plaguing many Cash App users who were previously able to use the Paper Money feature and saw it randomly disappear.

The access to this feature seems to be algorithm driven and your account and usage may influence its availability.

In such instances, you can connect with the Cash App Support Team to look into it and understand what may have caused this issue.

  • To contact support using Cash App- Tap the profile icon in Cash App -> Select Support – > Select Start a Chat and send a message
  • Send a message on Cash App Support Twitter handle

If you go by Cash App Support’s responses, it seems the issue has to do with terms of service violations. It may also be a false positive, that can happen with such algorithms. So it is best you reach out to the support team to confirm.

Alternative Paper Money Deposit Options

If you are looking for alternatives to deposit paper cash, Chime can be one great option.

With Chime, you can deposit cash for free at all Walgreens Locations. It also offers more comfortable limits – you can deposit a maximum of $1,000 every 24 hours and up to $10,000 every month. Cashier will do a swipe reload using the Chime debit card for this deposit.

Do keep in mind that apart from Walgreens, the service entails fees in the range of $3 t o$5 per deposit, charged by the retail store.

Or you can consider other brick and mortar banks or credit unions that offer free cash deposit at branches.

Wrapping Up

The Cash App Paper Money feature seems to be elusive for now. We hope that the “roll-out” is complete soon and the feature is made universally accessible. However, it is best to have a back up plan for your cash deposits.



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  1. Yes cash app from the beginning I signed up 2021 has given me the paper money deposit option. Now it’s gone ! I’ve reached out and no one can tell me why. ??? I’m furious as I deposit cash daily. Not large amounts either. Then next day my sponsored acct of my daughter whose 17 with her 1st job and 2nd direct deposit routed to cash app closed her account with her money in the account. How sad as a mother to see her so lost as there’s nothing we can do . We were told she violated cash apps terms ??? She had the card acct for over a year and never ever ever has she done any misuse or off character transactions. Cash out to your bank acct they suggested . If she had a bank acct why would she need cash app. This is a shady act of theft for no reason at all. Take my advice and get chime it’s a actual bank acct and they treat your as a valued customer . I’m appalled and she’s a minor . There’s a law suit her if enough people have the same fraud done to them regardless of thier terms if you did not violate then they’re stealing and keeping your money til you can cash it out and it all adds up as I’m sure thousands of accts had this happen to them. They draw interest on your monies . Shameful


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