How to Link Cash App to Earnin [Is it possible]

If you use Cash App and looking to know if you can use the payday advance app Earnin with Cash App, you are on the right post. In this guide, we will go into the details of the compatibility between these two services and look at the answers on how to link Cash App to Earnin.

For a quick context: Earnin is a paycheck advance app that allows you to get paid as you earn. To access an advance, you need to link a checking account in the app. This should be an account where you get a direct deposit from your employer.

This helps Earnin verify your earnings, determine your eligibility and automatically deduct repayments. A thumbs up to Earnin is that it does not have any monthly fees, but works on tips which are purely optional.

Cash App, from Block Inc. is essentially a payment wallet app but packs an umbrella of features like ability to send and receive money, make your daily payments and also boasts of investment options.

It also offers a direct deposit account and prepaid debit card, courtesy of its banking partner “Sutton Bank”.

Now, let’s get to the meat and potatoes

Does Earnin Work with Cash App?

The straight answer is no. Earnin only allows you to link a bank account where they can verify and process the transfers succesfully.

It does not work with prepaid cards including Cash App, citing that they cannot guarantee a successful transfer to such prepaid accounts.

In fact, Earnin seems to mainly support traditional banks and does not work with many online banks like Current, Varo etc. and limited support to Chime users.

This is true despite the fact that you have a running direct deposit account on Cash App, it is essentially a prepaid account with limited features. It is not a full fledged bank account with Sutton.

So if you have an existing direct deposit account on Cash App and looking to get the advance from Earnin, it probably won’t work.

But what if you just want to move money between the two apps and get the best of both worlds. There is workaround for this.

How to Link Cash App to Earnin

While there is no direct way to link Cash App to Earnin and move funds between them, you can use a bank account as a hub to create a link between the apps.

Both Earnin and Cash App allow you to link a bank account or credit union.

So you can use a common bank account as a vehicle to move funds between them i.e. say you have a bank account with Bank of America where you receive your direct deposit , you can link the bank account separately in both the apps.

With Cash App, you can link a bank account as a payment method, using either the bank debit card or link the bank account directly using Plaid or manually with the routing number and accounting number.

So any advance funds you receive from Earnin in such a bank account, becomes available for a use inside Cash App.

You can use this added bank account and directly make payments with Cash App. You can also instantly transfer money to your Cash App wallet balance by using the “Add Cash” which is a free option.

Similarly, you can use the cash out the funds in your Cash App wallet to such a bank account.

When deciding to link a debit card or bank account to Cash App, do keep in mind a important distinction which only applies to cashing out.

Cash App only allows instant cash-outs to a debit card [not bank account] and this involves a fees of 0.5% to 1.75% of transfer amount. So it is an expensive option.

On the other hand, you can use the “Standard transfer” option that takes 1-3 business days, but is free and works with both bank account and debit card.

Other Apps Like Earnin and their compatability with Cash App

There are few alternative payday advance apps that can be connected to Cash App as they offer their own checking account and debit card option.

If you open a spending account with these apps, you can directly link it to Cash App using the debit card or bank account

  • Dave
  • MoneyLion
  • Albert

However, fintech to fintech connections are not always stable due to their competitive interests. It is better to use a traditional bank account as a hub from a long term perspective.

Cash App has its own borrow feature in a way competes with these payday apps. While the access to Cash App borrow is not available to all, it comes with 5% flat fees on repayment period of four weeks. That is a 60% APY and definitely not cheap.

Wrapping Up

While Earnin does not work with prepaid cards like Cash App, you can use the workaround suggested above to move funds between the two apps. It is not a convenient option, but does the job.


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