Can you get Cash Back with Chime Spot Me | At Walmart & Other Locations

Chime Spot Me is a free overdraft service offered by Chime, which is growing in popularity by the day. And if the question pops in your mind- can you get cash back on Chime Spot Me, the answer is Yes. This guide will cover the complete details on how to get cash back with Chime Spot Me, where you can get this cash back including Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar General, other locations, and what are the technicalities involved. 

With Chime Spot Me, you can overdraw your account up to your Spot Me Limit. Your Spot Me Limit can range from $20 and go up to $200. Your Spot Me Limit is the maximum amount you can overdraw and is auto-determined by Chime and gets notified to you in the app.

You do need to have a direct deposit of at least $200 in your Chime Spending Account to qualify for Chime Spot Me.

Earlier Chime Spot Me was purely an overdraft facility that only covered purchases on your Chime Debit Card i.e. grocery purchases, gas, rentals, etc. 

But now the good thing is Chime Spot Me even allows you to spot yourself cash at an ATM as well as at supported retail stores like Walmart, Dollar General, CVS, 7 eleven, Walgreens, etc.

In fact, with Chime Spot Me, you can now withdraw cash without fees at their 60,000+ network ATMs and 40, 000+ retail locations by swiping your Chime Debit Card.

If you are looking to withdraw cash from ATMs using Chime Spot Me, you can also check this post on this topic: Chime Spot Me covers ATM withdrawals.

As Chime Spot Me works without any fees, it is comparable to cash advance apps and definitely a better option than banks that offer overdrafts at hefty fees going up to $35 per transaction. This makes it a great source to tap in urgent need of funds.

Many people call Chime the best thing since sliced bread, with this welcome decision taken in July 2021.

But there are still some technicalities to be aware of when using Chime Spot Me. So continue reading to boost your knowledge on Chime Spot Me Cashback.

Can You Get Cash Back with Chime Spot Me?

Yes, you can get cash back with Chime Spot Me at 40,000+ retail locations. If you make a purchase using your Chime Debit Card at a supported retail location and your Chime account goes into negative balance, you get an option to get cash back for an amount up to your Spot Me Limit.

Does Chime Spot Me offer Cash Back at Walmart?

Yes, Chime offers the cash-back option at Walmart for self-checkout purchase. You can also get cash-back at a number of other popular retail locations like Dollar General, Walgreens, CVS, 7-eleven, Target, etc.

How to get Cash back from Chime Spot me [Steps for Walmart and other stores]

Follow these steps –

  1. Visit any Walmart store or other supported retail store 
  2. Pick the item you want to buy (you can buy something very cheap if you are low on balance to get the maximum amount as cash back)
  3. Go to the Self Checkout register
  4. Scan the items 
  5. Click on the Pay button
  6. Insert your Chime debit card into POS Machine
  7. You will be given the option  “Would you like cash back?”
  8. Agree and choose your Cash Back amount (within Spot Me Limit)
  9. Enter your Chime card PIN
  10. Take your cash from the machine

Points to Note

  • Make sure you have the Chime Spot On Feature turned on in your Chime app before looking to get cash back at the store
  • Be aware of your current Spot Me Limit. This can be changed by Chime from time to time, depending on your Chime usage and activity. Sometimes there are also promotional offers that can increase your Spot Me Limit. 
  • Also, consider the impact of any amount if you have already dipped into your Spot Me balance. Your transaction may be declined if you purchase or request cash-back for an amount that is more than your Spot Me limit. Let’s say that you have a SpotMe limit of $50 and asked for $80 for cash back at Walmart, then the transaction fails.
  • Cash back option may not get triggered if your purchase is covered by your available balance and does not cause a negative balance on your account. Try to make a purchase for a small amount that results in your account going negative, in order to trigger the Cash Back option e.g. if you have $2 in your balance and attempt a transaction of $3, it may trigger the cash-back option.

Chime Spot Me Cash Back Not Working Reasons

  • You’ve exceeded your Chime Spot Me limit. It could also be a case where you are requesting cashback for an amount that exceeds your available Spot Me Balance 
  • Cash back option may not trigger if your Chime account balance is still in the positive
  • The transaction exceeds the retailer store cash back limit where you are requesting cash back
  • You may have accidentally disabled SpotMe on Chime App
  • Your Chime debit card is not enabled for transaction

Let’s understand the reasons in detail.

Chime SpotMe limit is exceeded

This can be one reason why your Cash back was not working. There could be many scenarios which could cause your Spot Me Limit to be passed.

  • Your Spot Me limit may have been decreased by Chime, causing it to be exceeded
  • You may have used part of Spot Me Limit in some other transaction, thereby reducing the balance available for allowing cash back

You can check this post which talks about a few ways you can explore which may help to increase your Chime Spot Me limit.

Cash Back Option Not triggered due to positive balance

In many cases, the Chime Cash back option does not show up because your Chime account balance is sufficient to cover the purchase transaction. It is only when the transaction amount causes your Chime balance to go into negative, it triggers the option to get cash back.

This is the reason why you will find some Chime members maintaining a close to zero balance in their account while attempting a cash back. This way you can get maximum cash back especially if you are buying a very cheap item.

Eg. if you have $10 in your Chime account balance and buy an item for say $8, it won’t trigger the cash back option as the existing balance is sufficient to cover it. However, if you have say only 50 cents in your account and buy some low-cost item for say 2 dollars, this could trigger Chime to provide cash back option.

Transaction exceeds the retailer store cash back limit where you are requesting cash back

This may be another issue that comes up, not directly relating to Chime. Some retailers have their own individual limits for cash-back which may turn out to be lower than your Spot Me Limit.

For E.g. Walmart’s cash-back limit is $100

You may have disabled the Chime Spot Me option in the app

This reason, though rare, can happen when you may have accidentally disabled the Chime Spot Me option in the app. Make sure you have it turned on in the Chime App-> Settings 

Your Chime debit card is not enabled for transaction

Another rare reason for not being able to use Chime Spot Me. If you have recently got your Chime card, it may be a possibility that you have not activated it in the app to be able to use it for purchases and cash-back


Chime Spot Me cash back feature is worth exploring when you are short on cash. And it may turn out to be a better option than withdrawing cash at ATMs which can subject you to fees (i.e. if the ATM is not a part of the Chime network).

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