How to Increase Chime Spot Me Limit [Ways in depth]

Chime Spot Me is a unique zero-fee overdraft service from Chime, that has been gaining rapid traction. With Chime SpotMe, you can overdraw your account up to your SpotMe Limit, which can range from $20 to $200. If you are looking for ways on how to increase your Chime Spotme limit, this post will be helpful.

How is the Chime Spot Me Limit Determined

Your Chime SpotMe Limit is auto-determined by Chime based on your account activity and history. This means that Chime considers data from Chime usage to fix the Spotme limit which may include number of factors for e.g. your Chime direct deposit history, your existing SpotMe usage, your average Chime account balance trend, Chime Card spend patterns etc.

Usually, your Spot Me limit will start at $20 and can go up to a maximum of $200.

You cannot manually increase your Chime Spot Me limit, as it is auto-determined by Chime. However, your Spot Me Limit essentially depends on your Chime usage and activity. So you can explore the following ways which may help in bumping up your SpotMe Limit.

How to Increase Chime Spot Me Limit

  • Increasing the amount of direct deposit
  • Increasing the frequency of direct deposits
  • Increase in ageing of your Chime account [Longer the better]
  • Manage the frequency and amount of Chime Spotme usage
  • Maintain a healthy record of paying back Chime SpotMe amount on time
  • Tipping
  • Increasing your overall Chime usage
  • Having your friend send you Chime SpotMe Boost

Again, these are not fool-proof ways. In fact, Chime uses an algorithm to automatically determine your SpotMe Limit. They may even change criteria from time to time. To quote below, Chime’s official response to the query on may forums :

“Your SpotMe limit is set automatically by a variety of factors related to how you use your Chime account. This may include how long you’ve been a member, your account history, and how much you direct deposit per month. We’ll notify you if and when you qualify for a higher limit.”

Let’s talk about these ways in detail that may help your SpotMe limit, based on experience of some Chime users.

Increasing the amount of Direct Deposit

This one is pretty simple to understand. To be even eligible for Chime Spot Me, you need to have minimum direct deposit of $200. The amount of direct deposit you have, works as an assurance to Chime of your repaying ability.

A steady consistent growth in direct deposits can help build a strong case. e.g. if your Chime direct deposit increases from $200 per month to $500 per month.

Chime obviously wants to spot you money without increasing their risk of losing it. So the more direct deposit you have on Chime, the more comfort and safety net that Chime has. In the end, the money Chime has spotted has to be recovered from your direct deposits.

So increasing the amount of direct deposit in your Chime account may help to increase your SpotMe Limit. But it is not the only reason.

Increasing the frequency of direct deposits

This is another factor that can increase your Chime SpotMe Limit. If you have a monthly or fortnightly direct deposit schedule, switching to a weekly direct deposit may help. This has helped increase the Chime SpotMe Limit for some users.

Again, the logic is not that difficult to understand. The more times a Direct Deposit hits your Chime account, the greater the predictability and faster the recovery of any amount that Chime Spotted you. So this lowers the risk factor for Chime in considering an increase in your Chime Spot Me limit.

Increase in ageing of your Chime Account [Longer the Better]

This is another no-brainer. However, it has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The longer you have held and done transactions on your Chime account- the more visibility Chime has on your deposit history and usage trend. In essence, Chime has more data to evaluate and assess your Spot Me Limit.

So your patience and long track record with Chime may be rewarded with a higher SpotMe limit.

Again, this is not a factor in itself. What matters more – if the historical data works in your favour e.g. if you have a long steady track record of direct deposits (Say over a year) it will help vs a a record of irregular direct deposits

Manage the frequency and amount of Chime Spotme Usage

If you find yourself dipping into your Chime SpotMe Limit and even exhausting it multiple times, it can be a warning signal to Chime.

This is more of a catch 22 situation. Chime does give you the SpotMe limit to use it. But you need to be wise with it.

If you are maxing out your SpotMe limit on multiple occasions, it may increase the risk factor associated with your account and reflect poorly on financial habits.

The Spot Me Limit is the maximum amount you can overdraw. It should not be your average overdraft amount.

So avoid overusing your Chime SpotMe limit.

Maintain a healthy record of paying back Chime SpotMe amount on time

This goes without saying. You must maintain a clean record of repaying any amount you have overdrawn with Spotme on time, without fail.

And the more number of times, you have spotted and repaid, the more comfort Chime can derive, based on your behavior.

In other words, you need to have a good track record of paying back any money you have spotted on time.


Tip is completely optional amount that you can pay Chime for using Spot Me. And Chime mentions that it does not have any impact on your SpotMe eligibility, if you tip or not.

But some Chime SpotMe users have the experience of seeing their Chime SpotMe Limit going up on occasional tipping. At the same time, many Chime users have had no luck with this method.

So this may not be a reliable way and doesn’t have any sound reason to work. You can give it a try to test it out with a small tip.

Increasing your overall usage of Chime

The more activity you have on Chime, the more data Chime has. If you use your Chime account sparingly, it may not give enough data to determine what should be your appropriate Spot Me limit.

If you are actively using Chime for deposits as well as spend and also using other Chime products, it may help provide a holistic picture and in-turn help your Spotme limit.

Having your friend send you Chime SpotMe Boost

Perhaps the only sure-fire method to increase your Chime Spotme limit is by having a friend send you a Chime Spotme boost.

With a boost, you can get a temporary increase in the overdraft limit of $5 per boost. And you can receive up to 4 boosts per month from other Chime Users i.e. upto $20 per month

You can check this post on how to use Chime Spot Me Boost.

Nevertheless, this is just a temporary increase in Spotme limit. But it still works in case you are looking only for a one time increase, to tide over temporary situation.

How long does it take for your Chime Spotme to increase

There is no fixed time to increase your Chime Spotme limit, as it depends more on your Chime activity and usage. It may take from 3-4 months up to a year, on average, based on the experience of some Chime users.

The more positive activity that Chime records on your account, the greater the probability of getting an increase in your Spotme limit. So the time can vary a lot depending on the individual case and is only one of many factors.

Wrap Up

Hope this post gave you some insights on how you can increase your Chime Spotme limit. We have tried to cover possible ways which have helped some users to increase their Chime Spotme limit, with the probable reasons.

Again, we don’t have any direct guidance from Chime on how to increase Spotme limit.

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  1. This was VERY helpful & thorough! Thanks so much for taking the time to properly explain the way Chime’s SpotMe functions & the various ways they analyze your eligibility for an increase!!! I did not realize that you should NOT use it often… I figured that by using it & repaying it that would show that you are able to continually repay your negative balance. So again, thank you for correcting my thought process!! However, you did neglect to mention that if you get at least one person to join through your referral link, your SpotMe automatically increases by $10 until the end of December. (At least that’s how mine went up.) I believe they boost you the $10 for 6 months. Mine was done in June so that’s what I’m assuming is the case! Apologies if I’m incorrect but I DO know that you get that $10 for each person you get to join by your referral link!


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