Does Amazon Accept Apple Pay [No, explore the workarounds]

If you are curious to know if Amazon accepts Apple Pay, you are on the right post. Apple Pay is one of the popular payment wallets and Amazon is biggest e-commerce player. You would expect these giants to offer easy integration. But does Amazon accept Apple Pay? The answer is no, but there are a few workarounds to use Amazon with Apple Pay, which we will cover in this post.

Does Amazon Accept Apple Pay [Straight Answer]

No, Amazon does not accept Apple Pay yet. You cannot use Apple Pay directly on Amazon. But you can use your Apple Card to make the payments conveniently at Amazon.

Here, we are talking about the Apple Credit Card (Called Apple Card). Not the Apple Cash Card, which is linked to your Apple Pay balance.

Are you confused? Let’s make the difference simple for you:

Apple Pay

  • Wallet on your iPhone
  • Can hold credit card or debit card to make payments

Apple Cash

  • Prepaid debit card linked to Apple Pay balance (Black colored)
  • Completely Digital card, sits inside Apple Wallet
  • Runs on Discover Network and issued by Green Dot Bank

Apple Card

  • Apple Branded Credit Card (White Colored)
  • Digital as well as Physical Card
  • Runs on MasterCard Network and issued by Goldman Sachs

So if you have applied for and received the white colored Apple Credit Card, you can use this card to add as a payment method in Amazon. I

Workarounds to use Apple Pay at Amazon

There is no direct way to use Apple Pay at Amazon, as Amazon does not support Apple Pay as a payment method.

As a workaround, you can use the following ways to use Apple Pay with Amazon:

  • Add your Apple Credit Card as a payment method inside Amazon
  • Buy an Amazon Gift Card at a Retail Store using Apple Pay and use it at Amazon

Use your Apple Card to make payment on Amazon

You can use your Apple Card at any place where Master Card is accepted and so you can use it for your Amazon Purchases. The Apple Card can be used even independently of Apple Pay wallet.

All you need to do is add your Apple Card in Amazon Pay as a payment method, using the details of card number, expiration date etc. You can find these Apple Card details inside Apple Pay wallet by following this short videos on Apple website.

The good thing here with Apple Card is that it is integrated with Apple Wallet. So any purchase you do with your Apple Card is reflected in your Apple Pay Wallet so that you can keep track of your Amazon Purchases this way.

So any purchases you make on Amazon are visible to you inside Apple Wallet to keep track of.

You also get 1% cash back for such purchases, if you pay with Apple Card, which will be made available in your Apple Cash Card.

Buy an Amazon Gift Card at a Retail Store using Apple Pay and use it at Amazon

Another hack which you can use is buy a Amazon gift card at retail stores like Target, Walgreens etc. And then add the gift card to Amazon to make a purchase. This way you are indirectly using Apple Pay to fund your Amazon Purchase by buying a gift card of the required value.

Although this method may not be convenient for many, one advantage here is that you may be able to get 3% cash back if you buy the gift card using Apple Pay at stores like Walgreens etc.

If you don’t want to jump over so many hoops. it is best to go for an alternate card like Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card which gives you 5% cash back on your Amazon shopping.

Apply for Apple Card on your iPhone

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on the add button  on top right
  3. Select Apple Card, then tap Continue.
  4. Complete your application.
  5. Check and agree to the Apple Card Terms & Conditions, if acceptable
  6. Accept your offered credit limit and APR.

Wrap Up

It is not clear if Amazon will accept Apple Pay as a direct payment method in future. The payments space is very competitive with big players. This comes with its pros and cons for all consumers. While you get offers and variety of payment methods to choose from, compatibility becomes difficult especially when the players are size of Amazon and Apple.

One recent update has been that Amazon has announced that will be enabling Venmo wallet as a direct payment method in Amazon. And here again, you would know that Venmo does not accept Apple Pay as they are in a way competitors. So it seems Amazon and Apple Pay are on opposite sides for now.

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