Does Chime Have Checks [Yes, how it works] Issue Paper Checks with Chime

Chime is one of the popular fintech that offers online banking services, without any physical branches. If you are looking for an answer to the question -Does Chime have checks? The answer is Yes and you are on the right post to get the complete details on how to get checks with Chime including answers to other queries like does Chime has paper checks, can you get blank checks, and if Chime offers free checks.

While checks are getting outdated as a payment method, you still run into situations where you are compelled to use them for e.g. to pay for your monthly rent to the landlord, down payments, student loan repayments, etc.

Thankfully, Chime acknowledges this and gives you the option to mail a check to the person whom you want to pay. And what makes it great is that the option is completely free and you can have the check mailed directly to the recipient’s address. And you can do this right from within the Chime app.

This does not work like the traditional banks, where you get a blank checkbook and you can sign physical checks when required. In a traditional model, the money gets debited from your account, only once the check is cashed by the recipient.

But when you use Chime, you have a digital Checkbook feature within the app, that gives you the ability to “write checks” as and when required, by entering the recipient details including name and address. The paper checks are then arranged to be sent by Chime directly to the recipient’s address, by mail using US postal service.

In such cases, the funds are blocked in your Chime account as soon as you submit the check via the app. But you do have a feature to cancel the check if it has not been presented yet by the recipient.

Also, if the check is returned for any reason, the funds are credited back to your Spending account, usually by the next business day.

Let’s look at all the details of all the steps involved inside the post.

Does Chime Have Checks? How Does Chime Checkbook Work

Yes, you can use the Chime Checkbook feature available on the Chime Mobile App or website, to send a physical paper check to make payments, free of cost.

There is no limit to the number of checks you can send per day using the Chime Checkbook feature.

However, the maximum amount of check you can authorize is $10,000.00 per payment and a maximum of $25,000.00 per calendar month

You can follow the steps below to use the Chime Checkbook feature to send paper checks:

  1. Open Chime Mobile App and Log in
  2. Navigate to the Move Money section. 
  3. Tap on the Pay Bills dropdown list and select Checkbook.
  4. Enter the details of the recipient to whom you are sending the check.
  5. Mail your check (or checks) within the 50 United States, which includes the District of Columbia.

Once the steps are completed, the check amount will be blocked or deducted from your Chime Bank Account immediately.

Checks made using the Checkbook feature are sent to the payee using standard U.S. Postal Service mail.

Do note that the check can take 3-9 business days to arrive at the recipient’s place.

You can see the status of the check processing on the Chime Mobile App. You get an email or notification from Chime, once the check is actually cashed by the recipient

If for any reason, the Checkbook payment is returned, the payment will be voided, and the full check amount gets credited to your Spending Account on the next business day.

You can cancel a check which is not presented by calling Chime on their customer support number. You will get the credit of funds for such canceled check in your Checking Account within 1-3 business days

Checks that are not cashed become void after 180 days. Funds from a voided check are credited to your Checking Account on the next business day.

Does Chime Offer Free checks?

Chime offers the Checkbook feature on its mobile app, which allows you to directly mail a check to the recipient’s postal address, free of cost.

Chime does not give you a personal checkbook to write physical checks from your Chime Account. The Chime Checkbook feature is the only way in which you can send paper checks and is a completely free service.

How Do I Get a Blank Check from Chime?

Chime does not give you the option of getting blank checks.

You can use the Chime CheckBook feature to “write checks”, by entering the specific details of the recipient and check amount inside the Chime Mobile App. The checks are arranged to be directly sent by post to the intended recipient, using the US Postal service by Chime.

Can I get Paper Checks from Chime?

Chime does not issue you a personal checkbook to write physical checks from your Chime Account. You can only send paper checks by using the Chime Checkbook feature in the mobile app.

Wrap Up

So being a new-age online bank, the way of issuing checks through Chime is also driven by its app using the digital Checkbook feature. Hope this post was helpful and do share it with friends and family who want to use the feature. You can also deposit a paper check with Chime using the mobile app, to encash the checks that you receive.

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