How to Make Facebook Avatar 2021 [Complete Guide]

Facebook recently released a cool new feature called Avatars which gives you the ability to create your own personalized avatar. Facebook Avatar is nothing but a animated cartoon image of yourself. In this guide, we are going to cover all the details on how you can make your own Facebook Avatar using Facebook App on Android or iPhone .

You can even use the Facebook avatar in your profile picture or to send it as a stickers to your comments. It adds a personal digital feel to your messages and profile.

At the same time, you don’t need to worry on the privacy part. Most people would be comfortable sharing an avatar image than your actual image.

In fact, once you create your avatar, Facebook automatically creates a collection of stickers using your avatar which you can use for a variety of occasions. You can use these stickers to send personalized comment to your family and friends.

Facebook Avatar Not Working Issue

Before you start making Facebook Avatar, make sure you have the latest version of Facebook App on your mobile. Many times, the option of creating avatar is not available or not working if you are using older version of the app.
Also, make sure you are NOT using the Facebook Lite App as it does not show this option . It is also not showing on Facebook website (Desktop). Not even on the It is available only on FB main app.

Some other settings to check in case you still not able to get Facebook Avatar option:.

  1. Make sure you are using latest version of app. Check in Playstore or Appstore to confirm if your Facebook App is updated
  2. If you still don’t find avatar option, go to the “Manage Apps” option in your mobile settings and “Clear Cache” on Facebook App
  3. If you have made an update to Facebook, try logging out and re-login to see if the Facebook avatar options shows up
  4. Try allowing “Location access” under Facebook Settings-> Settings & Privacy” -> Settings->Location and see if this works

How to Make Facebook Avatar

Step 1: Go to Facebook App-Home Screen and click on three horizontal lines (Settings)

Step 2: Go on option “See More” under Settings

Step 3: In See More Options, Click on Avatars

Step 4: Follow the avatar-making guide to customize the Avatar Face

1. Go to Facebook Comments
2. When you make a comment, tap on smiley icon and select “Stickers”
3. Under Stickers, you will find an option “Avatar”

Unfortunately, you can’t use your existing image or photo to make your Facebook Avatar. But you have to make one from scrap. The only thing FB detects is your Gender from Facebook Profile to give you the appropriate avatar customization options

But don’t worry. The process is actually quite simple, as Facebook allows you to customize almost all the features of your face and body type.

Another thing is while creating your avatar, one useful feature available is also a mirror icon. When tapped, it gives you an option to put on your front camera and check if avatar is actually working for your features. That way your are not way off the mark.

You can even add gear like hats, specs, ornaments and select from a range of outfits to make your avatar look great. Guys can sport a beard. Girls can add make up and ornaments like nose ring, earrings etc.

Let’s see all the various kinds of customization you can do while making an avatar.

Avatar Features


Choose your Skin Tone

CHoose your Hair Style

Choose your Face Shape

Choose your Complexion
You can even add moles to face

You can even add lines to face 

Choose your Eye Shape

Choose Make Up

Choose Eye Brows

Choose Eye Wear

Choose Nose
Choose Nose Ring

Choose Mouth

Choose Facial Hair

Choose Body Shape

Choose Outfit

Choose Headwear

Choose Earrings

Starting from your skin tone, you can change your hair style, face shape, complexion , eye shape, eye color, eyebrows, nose, mouth, add facial hair. You can even add details like lines, mole, wrinkles and freckles to face using complexion and lines tab.

And then, there is all the gear and outfits.

But the idea is not to overdo it. Try to keep your avatar an authentic version of yourself that makes you look good.

You can use different versions of your avatar to convey different types of emotions

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How to Use Facebook Avatar

Once you have your Facebook Avatar ready, FB will now give you a ready made collection of stickers with your avatar. The stickers show your avatar in all kinds of different expressions and can used on a variety of occasions.

You can use Facebook Avatar Stickers in

  • Comments
  • Messenger
  • Facebook Story
  • News Feed
  • And even share it on Whatsapp (being a Facebook app)

What’s more you can even use your Avatar as Facebook Profile Picture (you get a separate set of Avatar pics for this). Scroll down below to know more about on how to use FB Avatar as Facebook Profile picture.

Stickers available for some common messages

  • Hi
  • Bye
  • Happy Birthday
  • Thank You
  • Good Morning
  • Good Night
  • OMG
  • Good Luck
  • Yes!
  • Cool

Use Facebook Avatar Stickers in your Comments

You can insert these stickers in your comments or messages by following the below steps

  1. When writing a comment, tap on the smiley button
  2. Below you will find an avatar icon.
  3. Tap on it to open up the collection of stickers. Select the one you want to use by tapping on it.

How to share Facebook Avatar Stickers in Whatsapp

What’s more, you can even use your Avatar stickers on FB Messenger, News Feed, Facebook Story and even on your Whatsapp chat .

Just follow the steps below to share Facebook Avatar Stickers on Whatsapp:

  1. Go to settings and then go to “Avatars”
  2. You will be taken to Avatar main image page, which gives you 3 icons. First is Share, 2nd is Stickers and 3rd icon is used to edit your Avatar.

First option which is Share Icon (arrow icon) gives you options to send “avatar image to Feed” or “Set it as a Profile Picture“. You need to select the second option, which is Stickers which takes you to the collection of stickers with your Avatar. And you get two more options – to send a selected sticker in Messenger or click on “More Options”. Tap on the More options to get option to share in Whatsapp

How to use your Avatar Photo in your Facebook Profile

You can even use your Avatar Photo as your Facebook Profile Photo. For this, you need to go to your main avatar image (same path as above) and click on first icon “Share” symbol which gives the option to “Set it as Facebook Profile Picture”

Alternatively, you can just right click on the existing profile picture and you will see an option to “Make Avatar as your profile picture”. Once you tap on this option, it again takes you to the Main Avatar image and you need to click on “Share” symbol and select the option “Set it as Facebook Profile Picture”.

This will give you a set of cool pics with your Avatar in different poses. It also gives your a collection of nice background colors to chose from.

We also have a FB avatar pose with a mask for these times 🙂

Just select the pose and background color of your choice to flash your Avatar as FB profile pic.

Wrap Up

So you can see the Facebook Avatar is actually a great feature from Facebook. It’s really interesting to create and use your personal digital avatar in your interactions on platform. You can also add spice to your conversations with Facebook Avatar Stickers. Do make sure you have the latest version of Facebook to avoid issues of Facebook Avatar not working.

Hope you have found this guide useful. Do share it with your friends to help get their Facebook Avatar up and ready.

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  1. Why isn’t there a list to tell what each avatar means? How can I use them if I do not know what they represent?

  2. I am using the regular version of Facebook… it’s been kept up to date. FB Avatar is STILL unavailable to me. When I see someone’s avatar and I click on it to make my own it redirects me to update my app (which is already up to date). I’ve restarted my phone. Nothing. I’m unable to make my avatar on my Fb app or on FB messenger. Super frustrating.


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