How to Get Money Off NetSpend without Card [All Possible Ways]

If you have run into a situation, where you want to get money off your NetSpend account without having your card, you are on the right post. You can still use the money of your NetSpend account, even if you don’t have a card on you, and in this guide, we will cover some of the possible ways you can explore.

NetSpend is a prepaid debit card that makes it easy to pay for your daily purchases. You can also transfer money very easily from one NetSpend Card to another using NetSpend FlashPay.

However, we have all been there in situations where we forgot the NetSpend card or don’t have it handy, in a situation where you want to use NetSpend card funds, without a card. There are some ways you can explore in such situations.

How to Get Money off NetSpend without Card

  • Generate a NetSpend Virtual Account Number to use for specific purchases
  • Transfer NetSpend Money to your Venmo*
  • Transfer NetSpend Money to Cash App*
  • Link NetSpend Account with PayPal
  • Getting help from a friend who has a NetSpend account
  • Add NetSpend card to Apple Pay or Google Pay* and use it for your payments
  • Closing NetSpend account with check

*May not work for all NetSpend cards

Way 1- Generate NetSpend Virtual Account Number to use for specific purchases

NetSpend Virtual card is a facility offered by NetSpend to cover situations where you want to make a purchase, without having to share your card details.

Some daily life examples are one-time transactions like when you are buying a trial subscription (which you don’t plan to renew), allowing your kids to use the card funds to buy something, without having to hand them the card. Or, to simply avoid the risk of compromising your card details.

The great thing with the Virtual Account number is that you can simply cancel it anytime after use or where you think it can be compromised. While in the case of a physical card, it is always a tedious process to report the loss of a card, order a replacement and wait for it.

To get a NetSpend Virtual Account Number, sign in to your Online Account Center on NetSpend Website or mobile app to create your temporary number. Select your NetSpend prepaid card which you want to link to the virtual card number.

Way 2-Use NetSpend With Venmo

If you are able to add your card on Venmo, this too can help you pay for your transactions without needing to carry the card with you.

You can check this guide on how to use Venmo with NetSpend. You can either add the NetSpend card details to Venmo or link it with the NetSpend account number and routing number (yes, your NetSpend card comes with it). You can try using the account number and routing number, in case you are not able to add the card.

Although this is not a foolproof way, it may or may not work depending upon the particular NetSpend card that you have.

Way 3- Transfer NetSpend funds to Cash App

Another way you can explore is to transfer your NetSpend Funds to your Cash App account, if you have one.

Cash App allows you to add money to Cash App by adding prepaid card details like the card number, CVV (process is same as adding a debit card). So, you can definitely explore adding NetSpend card on Cash App and then move funds from NetSpend account to your Cash App account.

Way 4- Link your NetSpend Account to PayPal

If you have a PayPal account, you can link your NetSpend account with it and be able to use your NetSpend funds without having the card. You only need the details of NetSpend routing number and account number that you can get from NetSpend App.

Using this way, you first need to add your NetSpend account to PayPal and transfer funds from NetSpend to PayPal online. The initial setup for linking NetSpend to PayPal can take some time (up to 3 business days) as PayPal needs to verify your account by way of manual deposits.

You can actually add your NetSpend card as a bank account on PayPal. As the NetSpend card comes with the routing number and account number, you can use the steps below to connect the two accounts:

  • Login your PayPal account.
  • Next, click on the Wallet option
  • Next, choose “Link a Bank account” 
  • Next, enter the routing number and account number of your NetSpend account (check below para on how to access this)
  • Next, tap on the Continue button
  • Review the information. If it is correct, go ahead by clicking on “Add Bank Account”

Finding Your NetSpend Routing Number and Account Number

If you have the NetSpend Card, call Net Spend support # 1-866-387-7363 and select the option for “Other Services” to get your Direct Deposit information. Your Direct Deposit sign-up instructions, including how to get the routing and account numbers are also mailed along with NetSpend Card. Alternatively, log in to NetSpend account and go to the Direct Deposit tab to find the routing and account number of NetSpend account.

Next, your NetSpend account needs to be verified after linking it. PayPal deposits 2 minor deposits (less than $1 each) to your Netspend account to confirm the account. It sends the deposits in at most three business days. 

Way 5- Getting help from a friend with NetSpend account

A possible method you can explore is if you have a friend who has a running NetSpend account. You can transfer money from your NetSpend card to your friend’s account using NetSpend App, with their FlashPay Service and request him to pay you in cash, in case of urgency. You can check this guide on how to use NetSpend FlashPay.

NetSpend allows you to send funds from your card to another NetSpend Card if you have NetSpend FlashPay id of the user.

Way 6- Use NetSpend with Google Pay or Apple Pay

You can also try adding your NetSpend Card with Google Pay or Apple Pay wallet. With this method, you can simply use Google Pay or Apple Pay to complete the payment using funds from your NetSpend card.

You have to first link your NetSpend card to Google Pay or Apple Pay, as the case may be.

Again, this method may not work for all NetSpend Cards. Some users have had luck adding the NetSpend All Access Card to Google Pay/Apple Pay.

If this method does not work for you, you can try linking your NetSpend account to PayPal.

Way 7- Closing NetSpend Account by requesting funds to be sent by check

In case you don’t plan to use NetSpend card, you can also request the funds be sent to you via check. However, this is subject to a $5.95 fee and the check will be mailed to you, within 3 or 4 weeks. So it is not a feasible option if you are looking to access funds fast or looking for a cheap option.

In case you want to opt for closure, you can call NetSpend customer service at 1-866-387-7363, or log in to the Online Account Center, on NetSpend Website.

Wrap Up

So there you have a couple of ways to explore if you want to get money off NetSpend without your card. It is not a smooth experience and you may have to go through trials and errors, but you have

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