How to Use NetSpend FlashPay [Easy Guide]

NetSpend is a popular prepaid card service provider. If you hold NetSpend card and are curious to know about NetSpend FlashPay service and how to use it, this guide can help you get a better picture.

We live in a world where every major company – be it a bank or fintech etc. is building their own ecosystems and make it easy to transfer funds within their user base. One such example is NetSpend FlashPay which offers free money transfer service between NetSpend users.

There are many other services that offer this facility like Chime ($Chime ID), Cash App (e.g $CashTag), Venmo etc. where you can move money for free from one user to another.

But to be fair, NetSpend has been there for a long time.

What is NetSpend FlashPay

NetSpend Flash Pay is a money transfer service that allows you to send and receive money with other NetSpend cardholders, using your prepaid card account.

In addition to NetSpend Cardholders, you can also use FlashPay to send or receive funds with ACE Elite, Control, and Purpose cardholders

This service works using NetSpend FlashPay id number, which is the unique identifier of your NetSpend card account.

What is NetSpend FlashPay ID? Your NetSpend FlashPay ID # is a unique 10 digit numeric account number linked to your card. You can find this ID by logging in to NetSpend App or NetSpend website.

You can send money to your family and friends if you know their NetSpend FlashPay id. Likewise, you can share your FlashPay id with them to receive money from them.

How to Find NetSpend FlashPay Id

You can get your Flash Id from the Netspend App or Netspend website “Online Account Center” when you log into your account (once you have activated the NetSpend card and completed the identity verification)

It works similar to a banking account number and is linked to your card.

To find NetSpend FlashPay id on the app, log into to the app, go to 3 horizontal lines on top left, tap on “Move Money” and you will find option to Receive Money which shows your FlashPay id. You can also find the NetSpend FlashPay id on your profile.

In case, you are not able to find NetSpend FlashPay id, you can get in touch with NetSpend Support.

How to Get FlashPay with Netspend

FlashPay ID is automatically generated once you activate your NetSpend prepaid card using the NetSpend website or mobile app. It does not need additional steps and is available for use in NetSpend App.

If you have activated the card, you can login and find this information under “Move Money” tab.

FlashPay ID is a built-in feature available for each NetSpend cardholder account. Every Netspend account comes with its own unique FlashPay ID.

If you have activated NetSpend card and completed the identity verification, you should have access to NetSpend FlashPay.

How to Use NetSpend FlashPay

  • Log in to NetSpend App on your Mobile
  • Navigate to the “Move Money” option
  • You will get tabs with options to “Send Money” or “Receive Money”
  • If you want to send money, tap on “Send Money”, enter the recipient’s name, FlashPay id, and the amount you want to send (Be sure to confirm the FlashPay Id is correct, before sending)
  • If you want to request money from friend or family member who is a NetSpend cardholder, tap on “Receive Money” tab which will display your FlashPay id and give you an option to share this information with them by sending the information as a text on their mobile number. They can then use your FlashPay Id to make you the transfer.

How Long does NetSpend FlashPay take

Transfer using NetSpend FlashPay id usually takes place almost instantly and money is available in the recipient account.

Make sure you have entered the correct FlashPay id and note any communication of timeline, when initiating the transfer on NetSpend App or NetSpend Website (Online Account Center)

Are there any Fees on Using NetSpend FlashPay?

NetSpend FlashPay is supposed to be a free service to transfer money between NetSpend cardholders.

However, you are advised to always check at time of initiating the transfer, if there is any change.

How to Activate NetSpend Card

If you have got a new NetSpend Card and are looking on steps to activate it, you can follow the below details:

  1. Download and install NetSpend app on your mobile
  2. One you open the app, tap on “Activate” Button
  3. Next you can enter the details from your card like card number manually or by using your phone camera by snapping the picture of the card
  4. Next it will ask you to enter detail like email, username, set password and security questions
  5. Next, you may asked to set 4 digit PIN for transactions
  6. Next, you need to confirm your identity like Zip code, birth date, SSN
  7. Next, confirm your acceptance to terms of using the card if you have read and accept

Other ways of adding money to NetSpend Card

Apart from receiving money on NetSpend card from another friend or family cardholder using FlashPay, there are other ways to add to your NetSpend Balance

Wrap Up

So the NetSpend FlashPay is convenient way of transferring money from NetSpend to NetSpend. Make sure you have downloaded the NetSpend mobile app on mobile, in case you want to transfer using FlashPay on the go. NetSpend FlashPay does not involve fees and can be instant. Do take care to use the correct FlashPay id as it may not be possible to reverse the transfer.

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