How to Check the Balance in HDFC Food Card? [Easy Guide]

If you hold an HDFC Food Card and are looking to check the balance on the card, read on. HDFC Bank FoodPlus Card (also known as HDFC Food Card) is a convenient way for Corporates to provide meal allowance to employees. Many Indian Corporates like TCS, Cognizant, etc. offer HDFC Food Card to their employees. 

And HDFC provides you some convenient options on how to check your Food Card Balance – both online and offline. Let’s have a look at the ways:

How to Check the Balance in your HDFC Food Card

To check the balance on your HDFC Food Card, use any of the 3 options :

  1. Insert the Food Card at any of the HDFC ATMs. Enter card no. using the credit card option and select the option to check balance.
  2. Use HDFC  Netbanking and login using Prepaid Card option where the User Id is your Food Card Number and Password is the Activation Code/IPIN (provided in the welcome kit).
  3. Swipe the food card for any transaction of small value and you will get available balance by SMS on registered mobile number.

In case you face any issue, use Phone Banking to contact Customer Care for Food Plus Card related queries. See the IVR options below to quickly connect with HDFC Food Card Customer Care.

How to connect with HDFC Food Card Customer Care for any queries?

You can contact HDFC Customer Care Food Card by dialling HDFC Customer Care number. Use IVR options given below to quickly reach HDFC Food Card Customer Care (we know that it is a pain to hear all the options)

After dialling the HDFC customer care number, follow the steps :

First Step

  • For details of bank account, credit card or loans or any other services, Dial 1

Second Step

  • For Loans, Demat/Prepaid /Forex Cards, MFs- Dial 3

Third Step

  • For Prepaid/Forex Card- Dial 3

You will be asked to enter your HDFC FoodPlus card no. at this time.

In case you don’t enter your card no. within reasonable time, the call will directly get transferred to their customer care executive.

Other Important Information

You can also get details on how to connect with HDFC customer care for food card related queries, benefits of HDFC Food Card, how to reload card and procedure to reset the PIN of card.

How can I load/reload my HDFC Food Plus card?

Food Plus card is a corporate card. So any instruction to load / reload and transfer balance in the card can be done only when the Company issuing the food card gives instructions to HDFC Bank.  So you cannot add money to your Food Plus Card. Only your Corporate Employer can do it.

Is there a load amount limit?

Card balances cannot be more than Rs.1,00,000/- (Provided card holder KYC is in place) at any given point of time

Will I be able to Transfer money to Food plus card from my account or from any other account?

Only your employer can give instructions to transfer money to your HDFC Food Plus Card.

Individual Cardholder requests cannot be Processed

Benefits of HDFC Food Plus Card

  • HDFC Food card is a great alternative to Food Coupons or Food Vouchers. Earlier we used to have Sodexo Coupons which were paper based and difficult to handle and pay. With a plastic card, it is easier to track and maintain. It is a handy and durable option. 
  • It helps to reduce administrative burden for the corporate employer. The card can be loaded with monthly meal allowances directly by your employer. There is no need to waste time on distribution and control of food vouchers.
  • It is definitely more convenient for employees to carry and handle than a bunch of paper vouchers, which are fragile and can be easily misplaced or torn. 

Some other features and benefits you get on using HDFC Food Card are:

  • You can block (hotlist) HDFC Food cards in case it is lost or misplaced to avoid misuse. In such cases, the remaining balance on the lost card will be transferred to the re-issued Card.
  • You can check balance in the card at any of the HDFC Bank ATMs
  • You can conveniently check the transaction history and balance online and keep track of your purchases. by using NetBanking facility. For this, log in at HDFC website (under Prepaid/Forex Card Option)
  • You also get PhoneBanking facility for this card by using your registered mobile number

Where can you use HDFC Food Card?

HDFC Foodplus card can be usually used for food & beverage purchases. Usually, you can use to it purchase ready to eat meals at your office canteen and HDFC partner merchants.

The FoodPlus card is accepted at all Visa / RuPay ‘Food & Beverage’ outlets , across India and can be used online for ecom transaction (restricted to Food & Beverage MCC’s).

Swiggy and Zomato may also allow payments via HDFC Food Card.


Food Card or Vouchers provide a tax benefit as it is usually exempt from Tax upto Rs. 100/- per working day. That gives you an exemption of Rs. 2600/- per month (if you have 26 working days). This is managed by your Corporate Employer by adjusting the TDS accordingly.

Can I use HDFC Food Card to withdraw cash?

No, it cannot be used for cash withdrawls at ATM.

What happens if the PIN is forgotten?

The cardholder should call PhoneBanking and ask for a re-issuance. Remember that the PIN will be delivered to the purchaser’s address.

FoodPlus Card Charges

Charges that may apply on your HDFC Bank FoodPlus Card are given below:

Description of Charges FoodPlus Card
Issuance fee Rs. 100 (plus applicable GST)
Annual Maintenance Fee Rs 100/- (plus applicable GST)
ATM withdrawal charges(HDFC Bank) N/A
ATM withdrawal charges (Non HDFC Bank) N/A
Balance Enquiry(HDFC Bank) Nil
Balance Enquiry(Non HDFC Bank) Rs. 8/- ( plus applicable GST)

Did you know?

HDFC FoodCard can be used only at all “Food & Beverage” outlets that accept Visa Card.

You can use HDFC Food Card only in India.

How soon can I get a HDFC Food card after application?

HDFC mentions that TAT to get a personalized HDFC Food card is 7 working days.

How to update your mobile number and/or email id for HDFC Food card?

You can change your mobile number and email ID by logging in prepaid card net banking . Look for the options-” My requests >>>My Personal Setting ” option “

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