How to Login and Check HDFC Forex Card balance? [Step by Step Guide]

If you are looking to login and check the balance on your HDFC Forex Card, read on:

How to check HDFC Forex Card balance?

You can check the balance in your HDFC Forex card by either of the 3 methods:

  • Way 1 – Login using HDFC Prepaid /Forex Card Net Banking – Enter your Forex Card No. as User ID and IPIN / Activation Code  (provided in kit) as the Password 
  • Way 2- Call HDFC Forex Card Customer Care(Follow IVR options for -Prepaid Card below)
  • Way 3- Use HDFC Normal Netbanking if your Forex Card is linked to your saving bank count

For a Step by Step Guide for these options 

Check Below:

WAY 1– HDFC Forex Card Login using Prepaid/ Forex Card netbanking to check the balance

  • Step 1– Go to HDFC Bank Home Page
  • Step 2– In the Login Option, Select “Forex/Prepaid Card”
  • Step 3– In the new window, Login under Forex Plus Cards (All Variants)
  • Step 4– A new window opens, Login with User Id (which is your card no.) and Password (use Activation Code/IPIN provided in your kit). If you have forgotten the user id/password, you need to use the ‘Forgot User ID/Password option’. You will be asked to provide additional details to change/reset changes.
  • Step 5–  After Login, Click on “My Account” tab and go to “Card Summary”. From the list, select the Forex Card whose balance you want to check

Also, check the following video from HDFC which explains this in a simple way:


WAY 2- To check HDFC Forex Card Balance by Calling Customer Care

You can contact HDFC Bank Customer Care Forex Card at following number HDFC Customer Care: 022 (or your STD code)-61606161 and use their Interactive Voice Response options. (For HDFC International Numbers, check Global Assistance section below)

Select the below IVR options to get in touch with Forex Card India Customer Care:

First Step

  • For Loans, Demat/Prepaid /Forex Cards, MFs- Dial 4

Second Step

  • For Prepaid/Forex Card- Dial 3

Third Step

Enter your prepaid/forex card no. at this stage.

In case you don’t enter your card no. within reasonable time, the call will directly get transferred to their customer care executive.

HDFC Forex Cards Global assistance

  • If you lost your card or your card is not working, you can also get Emergency Cash delivery assistance service across the globe. HDFC Bank offers access to PhoneBanking services in foreign countries providing International Toll Free Numbers across 32 countries. You can check details such as restrictions, coverage etc. for your card.
Country Call Number
Australia 0011800800 77444
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom 00800800 77444
Canada 011800800 77444
Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand 001800800 77444
Japan 010800800 77444
Greece 80016122061284
Bahrain 80004980
Croatia 800222990
Czech Replublic 0080009 0155
Monaco 8009 3312
Poland 00800112 4694
Saudi Arabia 800814 2094
Singapore 001800101 3301
UAE 800018 5252
USA 1844579 6441
For all other Countries* 91226160 6161

WAY 3– Login at HDFC Normal Netbanking to check Forex Card Balance 

If your Forex Card is linked with your HDFC bank account, you can also login under netbanking for your normal bank account. You will be able to find an option to access your Forex Card details under the “Card” Tab -> “Prepaid Cards” on the left side of the screen.

Details about HDFC Forex Card:

HDFC Forex Card is a prepaid travel card that you can load with foreign currency of your choice. You can use a Forex Card just like any Credit or Debit Card to pay expenses in the local currency abroad.

You can make payments just by swiping or waving the card

You can also use your forex card to withdraw local foreign currency from an ATM.

You can get a range of Forex Cards from HDFC for your different needs.

It is a convenient way to pay for expenses during your overseas trips.

With a Forex Card in your wallet, you save the trouble of carrying a lot of cash on your overseas trips. While carrying cash, there is always a danger of theft or misplacement.

Forex Card is one of the safer ways to carry money on your international travels. 

You can conveniently pay expenses during your travel like entry tickets, rail and bus pass, taxis, restaurant bills, shopping, etc with just a swipe or a wave of your Forex Card.

What are the different types of Forex Card offered by HDFC Bank?

HDFC offers you several types of Forex Cards for your different needs.

Of these, Multicurrency ForexPlus Card and the Regalia ForexPlus Card (which is a single currency card) are the most popular.  

You can also get student ForexPlus Cards like the ISIC Student ForexPlus Card and specialized cards like the Hajj Umrah Card (that caters to the unique forex needs of Hajj pilgrims).

The MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card (MMT HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card) also allows provides a ton of benefits on your overseas trips (up to 22 currencies).

A single currency card has limited options and you will incur higher cross-currency charges if you use it in another currency.

A Multicurrency Forex Card, on the other hand, can travel with you wherever you go. You can load it with up multiple currencies and use it across the world without paying any currency conversion charges.

HDFC Bank Multicurrency ForexPlus Card come with up to 23 currency wallets, allowing you pay in multiple currencies without cross-currency charges. This card is really useful if you are travelling across different countries during your tip.

If you are travelling between countries, you can transfer funds from one currency to another and pay for your expenses without cross-currency charges. These cards are especially useful for multi-country trips across Europe.

You can do all of this from the comfort of your hotel room using Prepaid NetBanking.

HDFC Bank Contactless Multicurrency ForexPlus card charges
Issuance Fee: INR 500/- plus applicable GST
Reload Fee: INR 75/- plus applicable GST
Re-issuance of Card Fee: INR 100/- plus applicable GST

How does the Forex Card work? How long does it take to get active?

Your HDFC Bank Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip card will be activated with the required currencies within 6 to 7 hours from the bank getting the clear funds from you.

Once active, the card can be used at any international location for making payments at POS terminals or to withdraw cash at ATMs. (Usage of the card is not allowed in India, Nepal and Bhutan.)

This Forex card works just like any Debit / Credit Card for making payments at Merchant Establishments that have an electronic terminal. The transaction amount is deducted from the available balance on the Multicurrency card.

HDFC Bank Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip card is accepted at all Merchant Establishments displaying the VISA/MasterCard symbol. 

What is a contactless Forex Card?

A contactless card lets you make payments for your purchases at retail outlets simply by waving or tapping at the payment terminal.

It is a more convenient way to pay because your card does not need to leave your hand.

How to register/activate HDFC forex Card? How to generate new IPIN?

Refer to this simple explanation video from HDFC Bank which answers this question in a really helpful way:

First Time Users Please Note:
User ID – Use Card Number
Password – Use Activation Code / IPIN provided in the kit


What are the benefits of HDFC forex card?

Forex Card comes with many benefits. It’s one of the smarter, more convenient and economical ways of carrying and paying in foreign currency internationally. It is  safer than cash; easy to use just like credit or debit cards.

You can also use it for multiple trips, and get discounts and priveleges offered from time to time. 

How to reload your HDFC Forex Card?

To reload your HDFC forex card, you can visit your nearest HDFC bank branch. Fill the Forex Reload form or A2 form with a cheque or debit instruction for the amount to be reloaded. 

You can also use NetBanking to reload your card anywhere, anytime, even when you are abroad. The process is similar to when you first loaded the card with money

What Factors to consider before going for Forex Card?

  1. Rates for Foreign Currency
  2. Ease of Reloading the Card
  3. Bank Charges

Whom to contact if your HDFC Forex Card is lost or stolen?

In case your Forex card gets lost or stolen, call HDFC Bank PhoneBanking immediately to report the loss of your card with a request to block it. Alternatively, you can also login into Prepaid NetBanking and select the option to Hotlist your card which happens instantly. 

If you have been issued an additional back-up card, you can activate it by calling HDFC Bank Phone Banking or by logging into Prepaid NetBanking.

Once the back-up card is active, funds from primary card are transferred automatically to the back-up card.

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