How to get Money off Cash App at Walmart [Without Card ways discussed]

If you use Cash App and looking for ways to get money off Cash App at Walmart and other stores, you are on the right post. With a Cash App, you have an option to add cash as well as withdraw money by performing a cash back transaction at a retail store check out with your Cash App card. In this guide, we will cover the complete steps on how to get money off Cash App at Walmart including ways to do this without a card as well as with your Cash card.

If you use Cash App, you know that withdrawing cash at an ATM costs you a $2 fee. You do have the option to get the ATM fees reimbursed if you have set up a paycheck deposit of $300 or more with the Cash App. Not everyone would like to set up direct deposit with Cash App and is certainly not recommended just to save on ATM withdrawal fees.

But few people know there is an alternate way of getting cash off the Cash App. And that is by performing a cash back transaction at check out at any retail store like Walmart, Dollar General, etc.

The way to do this is fairly simple -you buy a small price item at Walmart, do a self-checkout by inserting your Cash card at the POS machine, select the Debit option on the screen and it automatically displays an option to get a cash-back giving you various amounts usually up to a 100 dollars (in increments of $20). You do have to enter your Cash Card PIN to do this.

But if you face an advanced question- how to get money off Cash App at Walmart without the card, we will even cover that hack later on.

Do remember that withdrawing cash either at ATM or by getting cash back at a retail store is subject to Cash App withdrawal limits that are $310 per transaction, $1,000 per 24-hour period, and $1,000 over a rolling 7-day period.

Let’s now cover the steps to perform a cash back transaction with Cash App at Walmart

How to get money off Cash App at Walmart [Steps]

  1. Walk into a Walmart store
  2. Pick up a small item to buy
  3. Next, go to the self-checkout counter
  4. Scan your item
  5. On the POS screen, choose a debit card as the payment method
  6. Now, insert your Cash Card
  7. You will be prompted for cash back – Select Yes
  8. Choose an amount to withdraw
  9. Enter your Cash Card PIN
  10. Complete the payment
  11. Collect the cash from the machine
  12. Take out your Cash Card

That’s it. You successfully performed a cash-back transaction.

The good thing about the cash-back is that generally there are no fees charged by Walmart or Cash App for such withdrawal. But do keep an eye on their website for any updates.

How to get money off Cash App at Walmart without Card

If you run into a situation where you want to get money off Cash App without having the card on you, there is still a way. It does require the use of a wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay, where you have added the Cash App Card. You can add your Cash Card to Apple Pay directly from within Cash App itself (Even if you have not received the physical Cash Card yet) and make the pay

Now, if you are looking to do this at Walmart, you may not be able to use wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay as Walmart does not allow that.

You do have the option to use Walmart Pay (inside the Walmart App) where you can add your Cash App card as a payment method. However, be informed that this is not a surefire way to trigger the cash back option at the POS. But it is worth an attempt, as it is probably the only option to do this without a card.

But if you can consider other stores like Dollar General etc. that accept Apple Pay as a payment option, you can use Apple Pay (With Cash Card added) to perform cash back at self-checkout.

Follow the step below to get money off Cash App without a card at Walmart

  • Download and install Walmart App on your mobile
  • Add your Cash Card as a payment method in the Walmart App wallet by entering the relevant details
  • Walk into a Walmart store
  • Pick up a small item to buy
  • Next, go to the self-checkout counter
  • Scan your item
  • It will prompt you to select a payment method, that includes the “Walmart Pay” code as one of the options which is what you want to use
  • Fire up the Walmart App on your mobile and tap on the “Scan Codes” option on the app home screen – by holding your phone to scan the code on the POS (Make sure you have the Cash Card selected as the default payment method on Walmart App)
  • Now, at this stage you may be prompted for cash back – Select Yes (if it does not show the cash back option, the method may not be usable)
  • Choose an amount to withdraw
  • Enter your Cash Card PIN when prompted
  • Complete the payment
  • Collect the cash from the machine
  • Take out your Cash Card

Are there any limits on Cash Back with Cash App at Walmart?

Getting cash back at Walmart counts against the withdrawal limit of the Cash App

  • $310 per transaction,
  • $1,000 per 24-hour period and
  • $1,000 over a rolling 7-day period.

In fact, an important intricacy here is that when you are performing a cash-back transaction, it will even consider the value of the item purchased (apart from the cashback amount) in the transaction value.

So do keep that in mind and make sure you buy a very small value item to avoid hitting your Cash App withdrawal limits.

Wrap Up

So you can use your Cash App card or a digital wallet without the card [with the Cash Card added as a payment method] to get money off Cash App at Walmart and other retail stores. Let us know in the comments if you have used this option and your feedback.

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