How to Verify Cash App Card on Apple Pay [Easy Guide]

If you have been attempting to add your Cash App Card in Apple Pay wallet, you may have run into a message “Verification Required, Your Card is waiting to be verified” and looking for help on how to resolve this. In this guide, you will get the easy steps on how to verify Cash App Card on Apple Pay.

You can actually add Cash App Card to Apple Pay from within Cash App itself without going through the message.

But when you add the Cash App Card on Apple Pay Wallet by going through the steps to add a debit card, you have to verify the card as a part of the standard process followed by Apple Pay.

When you tap on the button “Complete Verification”, you are given two options to verify the Cash App Card

  1. Open Cash App to complete the verification
  2. By calling Cash App Support team on their registered number as displayed

The easier and faster way is to use Option 1 by completing verification using Cash App on your mobile. That way you don’t need to call and go through all the IVR options.

So how do you verify Cash App Card on Apple Pay? When prompted to complete verification on Apple Pay, open the Cash App, go to the card tab from the home screen, next tap on the image of Cash App Card to open the menu and select “Add to Apple Pay” from the list.

Let’s look at the step-by-step details to do this, along with ways to troubleshoot any issues that crop up.

How to Verify Cash App Card on Apple Pay

  1. After adding Cash App Card in Apple Pay, tap on “Verification required->Complete Verification->select “Cash App” option (avoid using the option of dialing number which is longer)
  2. Tap on “Next” to open Cash App or directly open Cash App on your mobile
  3. Tap on card icon from the Cash App Home Screen
  4. Next tap on the image of the Cash App Card which will open up a menu
  5. Select “Add to Apple Pay” from options displayed
  6. On next screen, tap on “Next” to confirm adding Cash Card to Apple Pay if you accept the terms
  7. Confirm “Yes/No” as required when prompted to set Cash App Card as default card on Apple Pay
  8. You will get a message confirming “Your Cash App Card” has been added to Apple Pay

At the same time on Apple Pay, you will get the same message “Cash is ready on Apple Pay”

If even after completing the above steps, it still shows “verification required” on Apple Pay, then follow the steps below

  1. Remove the Cash App Card added in your Apple Pay wallet (simply tap on the card and select “Remove”)
  2. Now repeat the below steps using only your Cash App and not going through Apple Pay.
  3. Head over to Cash App, open the card section, tap on image of the card, select “Add to Apple Pay”

Now head over to the Apple Pay Wallet app and the “Verification Required” message should no longer show up when you select “Cash App Card”.

If you use Google Pay, you can also check the guide on how to verify Cash App Card for Google Pay.

Benefits of adding Cash App Card to Apple Pay

Once you have added your Cash App Card to Apple Pay, you can make payments from your Cash App Card digitally by using Apple Pay wherever accepted.

That way, you don’t need to carry the physical Cash Card for your daily purchases. In fact, you can add and use the Cash App Virtual Card with Apple Pay even before receiving the actual physical card.

But you do need to complete the verification process before being able to use the Card. So do complete it using the steps above.

You can also transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash App and vice versa from Cash App to Apple Pay.

Wrap Up

Verifying your Cash App Card on Apple Pay is not needed if the card is added from within Cash App. But the process can get complicated if you added it using Apple Pay. However, as you would have seen in the steps above, you can complete the verification using the Cash App option and if it still does not work, try removing the Cash App card from Apple Pay and re-add from within Cash App.

Once verification is completed, you are good to go and use your Cash App Card with Apple Pay.

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