How to Use Chime Spot Me Boost [Easy Guide]

Chime Spot Me is a popular facility that allows you to overdraw your balance without any fees. You can use Spot Me to overdraw an amount up to Spot Me Limit which is fixed by Chime, based on your account activity and history. This limit can go up to $200. While Chime Spot Me is in itself a great service, what makes it better is Chime Spot Me Boosts. In this guide, we will cover the complete concept of what is Chime Boost and how to use it.

What is Chime Spot Me Boost

Chime Spot Me Boost is a temporary increase in Chime Spot Me Limit by $5. Every month, Chime gives you the ability to send up to four SpotMe Boosts to friends or other people you know, who have a Chime account. The person with whom you share your Chime Spot Me Boost will be able to temporarily increase their Spot Me Limit by $5. At the same time, the receiver also gets the an option to ‘Boost You Back’ to return the favor.

What’s great is that sending Boost to your friends will not have any impact on your own Spot Me Limit. It is just a way to help others out without any cost to you. So you are getting a pat on your back at Chime’s expense.

While the amount is not much, it can make a difference. You can send your friends SpotMe Boosts to help them tide over a bad time.

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It is actually a different concept, where Chime gives you the power to pick and send boosts to the people you want to help out.

At the same time, you will need your friends to share Chime Spot Me Boost with you if you too are looking to temporarily increase your own Spot Me Limit. Infact once you send someone a Chime Spot Me Boost, they get an option to “Boost You Back” and return the favour.

So the more friends you have on Chime, the more you can get Boost or share with. You can even share your Boosts with your partner, boyfriend, gf, besties, etc. But do remember the limit of 4 nos. of boost which can help you overdraw an additional $20 per month.

A Boost that you share with a friend may make his day. So Chime encourages you in a way to play Santa- be kind and humane.

Having a friend send you a Chime Spot Me Boost is one of the easy ways to increase your Chime Spot Me limit.

And every month, you get a new set of Spot Me Boosts (4 Nos.) that you can send out. So every month, Chime replenishes you the ability to do more and help others on a regular basis.

Of course, this does help Chime in the way that to increase their base of Chime Spot Me users and spread the word around. It also keeps the Chime community strong and growing. But it is indeed a wonderful idea.

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How to Use Chime Spot Me Boost

  • Open the Chime App
  • Next Go to Friends tab
  • Next select the SpotMe Boosts section
  • Select a friend from your contacts to whom you want to send a boost
  • Next Tap “Send $5 Boost” displayed next to their name
  • Your friend will receive the boost and also get an option to “Boost you Back” if they want to return the favour

Chime Boost for Boost

People are trading boosts which is an exchange of Boosts to help each other. Since the Boosts cannot be used by yourself, you share it with a friend with the expectation that he sends you one when you need it.

Chime gives you 4 Spot Me Boosts of $5 each every month, with which the receiver can overdraft their accounts by $20. Yes, you can even send all the boosts to same person or multiple persons. However, do note that the limit of 4 Nos. is applicable for both sending and receiving. So a person cannot send or receive more than 4 boosts a month.

You can even send the boosts to users who are not using Chime Spot Me. And they will still have ability to return the favour by sending you a boost back.

You will also find the buzz on reddit and other forums where people are ready to trade boosts.

There is no fees on using Chime Spot Me Boosts. Only thing that is required is that person should be a Chime Member.

If you have a friend who is not on Chime with whom you want to share a boost, you can in fact invite him or her to Chime. This way both you and your friend can also get a referral bonus of $100. For this, your friend needs to signs up for Chime and have a direct deposit of $200 within 45 days of signing up. The $100 bonus will get credited within 2 business days of meeting the acceptance criteria.

How to Add Friends on Chime

  • Open Chime App and select Settings on top left
  • Next tap on “Invite Friends” at top
  • Select names from your contacts to send an invite,
  • Write the message if you’d like
  • Next tap Send

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Chime Spot Me Boost Not Working

While Chime Spot Me Boosts work quite easily, there could be some obvious reasons where boost is not working

  • You have exhausted the no of Boost that you can send for the month
  • Your friend to whom you are sending the Boost may have hit the maximum limit of receiving boosts in that month

Wrap Up

Chime Spot Me Boost is welcome gesture from Chime, where you get to help a friend and be remembered, just for being a Chime member. At the same time, you can help each other out by exchanging Chime Spot Me Boosts. Hope this post was helpful to gain a better understanding of Chime Spot Me Boosts and best of luck to use it wisely.

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