How to Order Checks from Bank of America App [Easy Guide]

If you are looking for a way to order checks from Bank of America app, you are on the right post. This easy guide will give you all the ways in which you can order checks including how to order checks using the mobile banking app from Bank Of America.

Bank of America is one of the top banks in USA and it provides you various convenient ways to easily access banking services. One of the common banking needs is the ability to order checks.

Fortunately, Bank of America provides you easy options to order checks on your phone using mobile app or even online on Bank of America website.

Let’s look at the ways to order checks from Bank of America

How to Order Checks from Bank of America

  • Way 1: Order checks on Bank of America Website using Online Banking
  • Way 2: On your mobile phone using Bank of America Mobile App
  • Way 3: Visiting Local Bank Brach (offline way)

Let’s now look at the details for each of these ways.

Way 1- Order Checks using Bank of America Online Banking

  • Step 1 – Go to the Bank of America Website
  • Step 2- Login with your Online ID and Passcode if you have enrolled in Online Banking
    If not, you will have to use “Enroll now” link to go ahead with new enrolment process. For this, do keep the Account Number and Tax ID or SSN no. handy for this purpose.
  • Step 3- Once you are logged in, you can go to “Help” link which takes you to Support Page
  • Step 4- Next click on “Checking & Saving Account” Link
  • Step 5- Click on the link “Order Checks & Deposit Slips”
  • Step 6- Order the checks and check “Review Order Status” to view order status

The checks you order are usually chargeable generally in the range of around $25 including shipping charges. However, for some premium bank accounts which satisfy monthly average balance requirement, it may also be free.

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Way 2-Order Checks Using Bank of America Mobile App

Bank of America Mobile app provides a ton of useful options to simplify your banking life. This is a user friendly app that gives you options to check account balance, deposit checks, pay bills and of course order checks.

It even has a helpful virtual finance assistant by the name of Erica.

Step 1- Download or Install Bank of America Mobile App. This is available for all phones including iPhone , Android or Windows Phone

Step 2- Go to your checking or saving account

Step 3- Go to “Order Checks & Deposit Tickets”

BoA has been continuously improving its app with more features. If you face any difficulty in navigation, you can just type the query on Erica – the virtual finance assistant available on this app. It will provide you with the relevant link to access the option.

You also have options to customize your checks like picking a font, image or saying of your choice. You can also order accessories like check-book covers, card holders, stamps etc. on the app.

The checks will be sent to your registered address which you can even confirm or change online.

If you are looking to get your checks in shortest time, you also have an option to go for expedited shipping.

There is usually a minimum order quantity for online checks you order.

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Way 3 – Visit Bank of America Branch to request from teller

You can also order checks offline by visiting any branch of Bank of America near you. This saves you on the shipment cost, but can be a more time consuming option.

But it depends, if it is convenient for your to visit your local branch-this option also works great. Just make a request to the teller at the branch to help you with the order process.

If you face difficulties, you can also contact Bank of America customer service on phone at 800.432.1000 for more information.

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Details on BoA check

A standard check from BoA carries the folowing numbers

  • Check Routing Number- This is usually a 9 digit number at the bottom left corner of the check. It is also called Routing transit number. It identifies the location where the bank account is opened.
  • Account Number– Your specific Account number usually 8-12 digits long is next piece of important information on your check.
  • Check Number– Next comes the unique number of the check leaf.
  • Personal information- Bank account holder name and address is usually placed on the top left corner of checks

Wrap Up

So you can use any of the 3 convenient ways to order Bank of America checks. There are also ways to get checks printed from third parties, but ordering through the bank is always a safe and convenient option.

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