Prepaid Cards that work with Cash App | Updated List

If you are looking to know if Prepaid cards work with Cash App, you are on the right post. Cash App does support prepaid cards. However, not all prepaid cards are supported. In this post, we have compiled the list of prepaid cards that work with Cash App in 2022.

First of all some context about prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards are not the ones like debit cards which are linked to your bank account. With Prepaid Cards, the issue is the sheer variety of cards that are available in the market. You have Vanilla gift cards, reloadable cards, payroll cards etc.

Then they are issued by different brands like Walmart, PayPal, Greenlight, Green Dot, NetSpend, Vanilla etc. The brands may put their own restriction on using the prepaid cards on various platforms and have conflicting interests in many circumstances.

So it is never a 100% surety on which prepaid cards will work with Cash App.

In case of many cards which were supported earlier are not working now. And also the reverse, the cards did not work earlier are working now. So it is unfortunately a hit and miss.

Having said that, Cash app has its own official guidance on this topic of supporting prepaid cards.

Cash App supports debit and credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Most prepaid cards are also supported, but depositing to these cards does not work

And the good recent update is Cash App has been expanding its support for the prepaid cards. This was not the case earlier when Cash App did not work with most prepaid cards. Many of the cards which failed to work earlier are now working with Cash App.

So to interpret you can link a prepaid in Cash App if its from any of the popular networks like Visa, MasterCard etc. However, the prepaid cards don’t have full functionality. You cannot cash out or add funds to such cards from your Cash App balance, which is possible with a debit card.

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Prepaid Cards that work with Cash App

  • Venmo Prepaid Card
  • Brinks Mastercard
  • Netspend Cards
  • Go Bank Prepaid Card
  • Vanilla Visa Gift Card (May or may not work)
  • Credit Karma
  • Chime (actually a debit card)

1. Venmo Prepaid Card

If you have the Venmo App and got a Venmo card, you can use it with Cash App. The Venmo card is a prepaid debit card auto-linked to your Venmo wallet. The Venmo card works fine with Cash App and you can use it as vehicle to connect Venmo with Cash App.

Alternatively, you can even add the Cash App Card to your Venmo Wallet and add money by way of instant transfer from Venmo to Cash App.

2. Brinks Prepaid MasterCard

Brinks Prepaid Master Card is another prepaid card that is supported by Cash App. It is a type of Netspend card, which can reload at any of NetSpend Reload locations.

The Brink’s Money Prepaid Mastercard comes with early paycheck access. It has no minimum balance requirement. The money is FDIC Insured by Republic Bank & Trust Company, Member FDIC, upon card activation and identity verification. It does have monthly maintenance fees and number of other fees.

3. NetSpend All-Access Prepaid Card

The Net Spend All-Access Prepaid card is also one of the prepaid cards that works fine with Cash App.

You can use the option to add bank using debit card and enter your card details in Cash App.

Most reloadable NetSpend cards are now being supported by Cash App.

In case of NetSpend, you also get the routing number and account number associated with the card on NetSpend website or app.

These details may also be used to link NetSpend as a bank account to the Cash App, which has worked for some users.

Again, you may not be to add funds to such prepaid cards from Cash App.

4. Go Bank Prepaid Card

The Go Bank Prepaid Card issued by GreenDot Corporation, also works with Cash App now. You may have to register the card online before being able to use it on Cash App.

5. Vanilla Visa Gift Card

The Vanilla Visa Gift Card may works with the Cash App Now.

There are mixed responses from users who have been trying to make add funds from Vanilla Visa Gift Card to Cash App. Some users have had luck adding an Vanilla Visa e-Gift Card to Cash App, while some have got a message saying “Your bank has declined payments”

So unfortunately, we don’t have a confirmed answer to this. Do let us know your experience in the comments.

6. Credit Karma Prepaid Debit Card

The Credit Karma Prepaid Debit Card is also a card that works with Cash App.

7. Chime Cards

Chime card works fine with Cash App. It is actually a full fledged debit card linked to your Chime Spending account, but many times viewed as a prepaid card.

Chime is actually a fintech but offers full fledged banking services through its banking partners The Bancorp Bank and Strides Bank N.A


So you do have a few options when it comes to using Prepaid card with Cash App. It is not surefire but can be a hit and miss sometimes, cause the policies keep on changing.

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