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If you have a Walmart Gift Card and have the question if you can use Walmart Gift Card for gas, you are on the right post. Yes, you can use your Walmart Gift Card for gas and in this post, we will cover all the steps on how to use your Walmart Gift Card at the gas pump and places where you can use your Walmart Gift Card including Sam’s Club, Murphy, etc.

Can You Use Walmart Gift Card for Gas

Yes, you can use the Walmart Gift Card to get gas at Walmart Gas Stations as well as at Sam’s Club and Murphy’s gas pumps.

Since Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart, you get the ability to use the Walmart Gift Card at all gas stations of Sam’s Club.

Murphy’s has a partnership with Walmart and Walmart even sells Murphy’s gas at most of its gas stations. In fact, Murphy runs most of the gas stations nearby Walmart Stores. So you get the benefit of being able to pay with Walmart Gift Cards at Murphy’s gas stations.

You cannot use the Walmart Gift Card at any other gas station, apart from the above three brands.

What gas stations accept Walmart Gift Card for gas?

You can use your Walmart gift card for gas at the following places:

  • Walmart
  • Murphy USA
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walmart Neighborhood Market stations

How to Use Walmart Gift Card at Gas Station

You can use Walmart Gift Card at a gas station like a normal debit or credit card.

  1. Insert the gift card at the pump and follow the on-screen instructions
  2. Enter the PIN when prompted

Alternatively, you can type in the Walmart gift card number.

It is even possible to use the Walmart e-gift card by using the number and PIN.

Another way to make payments at Walmart gas station is if you can explore adding the Walmart gift card to Walmart App.

Walmart also accepts payments using QR codes with the app at the Walmart gas pumps. So you can add the Walmart gift card as a payment method inside the app and use your phone to scan the QR code at the pump. You can even use Walmart Pay App to buy gift cards.

In the case of some gas stations, you may have to go inside and prepay at the register, if it does not work at the pump.

Can you get a discount on using Walmart Gift Card at Gas Station

Up until January 2022, you could get a discount of 3 cents a gallon on your gas purchases with a Walmart Gift Card.

Unfortunately, this discount has been discontinued and it is no longer possible to save bucks on your purchase with your Walmart Gift Card.

Walmart runs a Walmart+ membership which costs you $98 per year (or $12.95 per month), that offers 10 cents per gallon discount on gas along with other benefits. This discount benefit even extends to Exxon, Mobil, and Murphy‘s gas stations. (surprisingly, does not mention Sam’s club)

The Walmart App also shows you its participating network of gas stations near your location, where you can fuel your vehicle. Using the app is also a great way to pay with your at the Walmart Stores, as Walmart does not support other payment Wallets including Apple Pay.

Walmart+ members get free shipping and free same-day delivery benefit on Walmart purchases. So you can explore this option if you regularly purchase at Walmart if you want to save money on gas.

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Walmart Gift Card not working at Sam’s Club Pump error

Sometimes you face the error where the Walmart gift card does not work on inserting at the pump and you get a message “Re-insert the card”.

Here you can go resolve this issue in two ways-

  • Instead of inserting a gift card, type in the gift card number and PIN
  • Switch the Walmart Gift Card to Sam’s Club one at their customer service desk– You can convert your Walmart Gift Card to Sam’s club one

Other Ways to Use Walmart Gift Card

Apart from gas, you can use Walmart Gift Card for

  • Making purchases from any Walmart store
  • Making purchases from any of the Sam’s Club Stores
  • Online shopping at Walmart or Sam’s Club websites

Do Walmart Gift Cards Expire?

The good thing about Walmart Gift Cards is that they don’t have a fixed expiry period. However, they are not reloadable and cannot be used once the gift card amount is exhausted.

How to Check the Balance on Walmart Gift Card after buying gas?

You can check the Walmart Gift Card balance by calling the number mentioned on the back of the Walmart gift card or check the balance online at the Walmart website by entering the card number and associated PIN. If you use Walmart App, you can even add the gift card inside the app and it will show you the available balance on it.

Wrap Up

So you do have a lot of options when it comes to using your Walmart Gift Cards for Gas- courtesy of Walmart’s own gas stations and affiliated gas stations of Sam’s club and Murphy gas stations.

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