What Does Lock Card Mean on Cash App [Explained]

If you have a Cash App Card and are curious to know what does ‘Lock Card’ mean on Cash App, you are on the right post to get the complete details.

Cash App gives you the ability to prevent the misuse of your Cash App card with the “Lock Card” option, which you can enable immediately on the Cash App.

It is a handy feature and is to prevent anyone from using your Cash card for any transaction if they have or you expect anyone to get access to it.

Let’s now dive into details of what the Lock Card feature does, when to use it, and what it does and what not.

What Does Lock Card Mean on Cash App

Lock Card on Cash App is a security feature to temporarily freeze or block your Cash App Card from being used to perform any new transactions. This is helpful in situations where you have misplaced your card or you are in situations where others have access to it or even as a precaution, to prevent misuse of Cash Card till the time you need to use it.

Once you have locked your Card on Cash App, it will remain blocked for further use till the time you toggle off the Lock Card option.

However, this does not necessarily mean that any automatic bill payments or recurring transactions that you have previously authorized on your Cash Card will not go through.

Essentially, the purpose of locking Cash Card is to prevent any new transactions from happening and not to disable any transaction which has already been authorized or set up by you earlier.

Use of this feature will not prevent processing of pending transactions initiated prior to disabling your Cash Card.

Lock Cash App Card does not lock Cash App account as a whole

When you use the ‘Lock Card” feature, it only impacts any payments that are processed using your Cash Card directly. Transactions that are processed using your Cash App account and routing numbers should still go through, even when your Cash Card is locked, as long as your direct deposit account is still open.

Security Locking vs Lock Card on Cash App

One thing to understand is the Lock Card feature is completely different from the Security Lock option on Cash App.

As you may know, Cash App also has a feature called “Security Lock” which gives you the option of setting a 4-digit PIN or Touch id (for direct transactions on Cash App) for performing any send or payment transaction.

Any PIN you set using this option remains the same for any transaction on Cash App or Cash Card.

To set a security lock, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the profile icon on your Cash App home screen
  2. Select Privacy & Security
  3. Toggle on the Security Lock
  4. Enter a PIN of your choice or Touch ID

This feature basically requires Cash App to ask you for a PIN to authenticate yourself before performing any payment or transfer on Cash App. It can be compared with setting an ATM pin for any bank debit card.

How do I Lock My Cash App Card

You can lock your Cash App card using only the Cash App on your phone. To lock your Cash Card, follow the steps below:

  • Open Cash App and log in
  • On the home screen, tap on the “Card” tab
  • Next, toggle on the “Lock Card” option displayed below the image of the Cash Card

The feature is also called as temporarily disable Cash App Card.

What happens when you lock your Cash App Card

When you lock your Cash App Card, it cannot be used by any person for performing any new transactions until you unlock it.

So in a scenario where you have misplaced the card, say in a public place and fear that it will be misused by another person, simply toggle on the Lock Card option on Cash App to avoid this possibility.

Another use case is said where you have children at home where you want to give only restricted access to the Cash Card for performing a one-off transaction. You can keep it locked and only enable it at the time required.

There are also users who rarely use the Cash Cards and only use Cash App on mobile. In such cases, it makes sense to keep the Cash Card in lock mode and turn it off only when you have a need to use it.

If I lock my Cash App Card can I still receive money

Yes, locking the Cash App Card does not block receiving money in your Cash App account and does not impact your overall Cash App account.

It should not even restrict the ability to receive refunds if any that are to be credited on your Cash Card.

The Lock Card is mainly designed as a security feature to block the payment transactions on your Cash Card, to prevent misuse.

Wrap Up

The “Lock Card” option is a very useful security feature available in the Cash App. You should take benefit of this feature to prevent misuse of your Cash App card for any fraudulent or unauthorized transaction. Hope this post was able to understand the ins and outs of this feature. Share it with your friends, if it was helpful. Locking your card is a pretty much a standard feature. You even get this feature on Chime App with the ability to lock Chime Card.

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