Does Macy’s take AfterPay? [Easy Guide]

AfterPay is a popular Buy Now Pay Later Service that allows you to pay for your purchases in four easy installments. It is accepted at most popular retail locations. If you are wondering if Macy’s accepts AfterPay? you are on the right post to get the complete details

So let’s go straight to the main question:

Does Macy’s take AfterPay?

Yes, you can pay at Macy’s using AfterPay. You can check on the AfterPay app, if you have access to Macy’s store.

In June 2021, AfterPay announced their expansion by tying up with major retailers including Macy’s among other names, including Amazon, CVS, Nike, Walgreens etc. However, it may not be available to all AfterPay users yet.

If you are looking for more sure Buy Now Pay Later options for Macy’s, you can consider Klarna and Zip (earlier called QuadPay) which offer support for these retailers.

The best choice would be Klarna as Macy’s has a partnership with Klarna and also has a stake in this popular Swedish Buy Now Pay Later service. So Macy’s offer better integration with Klarna app.

However, there have been positive reports from users confirming they have been able to use AfterPay at Macy’s lately.

Moreover, if you have an AfterPay plus card, you can use AfterPay to shop at Macy’s as well as just about any merchant including Ticketmaster with AfterPay service.

AfterPay allows you to make payments conveniently by setting up the AfterPay card in the app, if you want to make a purchase in store. Alternatively, you can even shop online and buy items from Macy’s using AfterPay financing .

You can find participating stores in the Afterpay app in the Card tab or in the in-Store section of the Shop tab. In case you get the option to use AfterPay at Macy’s, you will be able to generate one time virtual card on AfterPay which can be used for check out at the store. Do remember to activate AfterPay card before using.

To find store locations near you, you need to enable location services acces for the Afterpay app and have the app updated.

How to Use AfterPay at Macy’s in Store

  • Open Afterpay app on your mobile and log in
  • Next tap on the ‘Card’ tab
  • Follow the steps to set up the Afterpay Card
  • Add the AfterPay card to your digital wallet
  • At the register, fire up the Afterpay app and tap the ‘Card’ tab to see the amount you have available to spend
  • Tap the ‘Authorize and pay in-store’ button to initiate the payment process
  • Next tap ‘Pay in-store with Apple Pay or Google Pay’’ to authorize and launch the Afterpay Card in your digital wallet. (iPhone users use either Face ID, Touch ID or device passcode to authenticate your Afterpay purchase)
  • Hold your mobile near the card reader at the register, 
  • You’ll see a confirmation of your purchase in the app.
  • Take your items home immediately and pay your purchase total over four payments.

What other Buy Now Pay Later options you can use at Macy’s

Macy’s is on the official list of retailers supported by Buy Now Later Services Klarna and Zip (earlier called QuadPay).

Macy has a stake in Klarna, so there will be no issue of compatability when you are attempting to use Macy’s with Klarna.

You can also consider Zip which includes Macy’s on its list of supported retailers on their website.

In fact, even Affirm has been know to support Macy’s now. You can use the Affirm virtual card to make purchases at Macy’s.

Other Payment options to buy at Macy;s

You can also make payment at Macy’s using any other payment options like

  • Macy’s Card or Macy’s American Express Card
  • Payment with Third-Party Credit Cards
  • Payment with PayPal
  • Payment with your Macy’s Gift Card or
  • E-Gift Card Payment with a Third-Party Gift Card

Wrap Up

Macy’s is enabling purchases using most of Buy Now Pay Later options. And AfterPay has been adding more merchants to their list by the day. But if you do face any issue, you can try reaching out to their customer support or try the other options like Klarna for your purchases at Marcy’s.

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