Does Sofi Have Zelle? | Answer Inside

If you bank with SoFi and wondering on the question if SoFi has Zelle feature, which gives you the option to send and receive money instantly for free, you are on the right post.

SoFi does not have Zelle as an option integrated within the app. But you can still use Sofi with Zelle, by linking your Sofi debit card in the Zelle App.

In this post, we will cover all the steps on how to use Zelle with Sofi.

SoFi was earlier partnering with The Bancorp Bank to offer its bank account services. But recently in 2022, it received regulatory approval to become a full-fledged bank with a banking charter.

SoFi is one of the online-only banks that is popular with millennials. The bank offers an early paycheck feature and has an easy-to-use mobile app to access all the banking features. But unfortunately, the SoFi app does not have the Zelle option available with most of the banks.

While many users have been waiting for this option, especially with SoFi’s official communication response mentions that they don’t support Zelle currently.

But this does not mean you cannot use Sofi with Zelle. In fact, most Sofi users have been using Sofi with Zelle for a long time, by using the Zelle App.

This is a valid option provided by Zelle for banks, that don’t have the Zelle feature integrated within their own app. You do need to jump over a few hoops.

Does Sofi Have Zelle?

While Sofi does not have Zelle as an option integrated into its app, you can download the Zelle App and link your Sofi debit card to use Sofi with Zelle. Thereafter, you can use the Zelle app to send and receive money from your Sofi account.

it is expected that SoFi will soon have the Zelle option integrated within its mobile banking app (they have officially mentioned it’s in the pipeline).

Until then, you can use Zelle by using the debit card or use SoFi’s own peer-to-peer payment service which it offers through its app.

It is not convenient, especially when you are looking to minimize the apps you have to deal with. But it gets the job done.

Let’s now see the create and set up your Zelle account with SoFi.

How to Use SoFi with Zelle? [Steps]

  1. Download and Install the Zelle App on your mobile
  2. Set up your account in Zelle with a US mobile number
  3. Read and Accept the terms of use if agreeable
  4. It will prompt you to Search for the bank. Search by entering “Sofi” which will be shown not found, you will get the option “Don’t See Bank” tap on it
  5. It may prompt you to enter your email id to continue. Enter the email id you would like to register on Zelle.
  6. Next, it brings you the option to enter debit card details. Enter the details of your SoFi debit card number like card number, zip code, etc.

When is the Zelle option expected in the SoFi app

The Zelle feature has been in-demand by SoFi Bank users for a long time now. SoFi has responded on multiple occasions that it is in the pipeline and they are actively working towards it.

And with Sofi becoming a full-fledged bank in 2022, the expectation is strong that it should be released sooner than later.

But, so far, SoFi has not shared a fixed timeline as to when you are going to see it.

We do hope to see it soon, but often new-age online banks prefer promoting their own peer-to-peer products.

Zelle, being a product of traditional banks, can create issues of conflicting interests. e.g. Chime has its own Pay Anyone (also called Chime Pay friends) option which allows you to send money instantly to even non-Chime members and has had issues working with Zelle.

If you want to consider other options, you can also check online banks that use Zelle, at the moment.

SoFi Zelle Weekly Limit

Since Zelle is not offered within SoFi, the weekly limit for sending money using a SoFi Debit card on Zelle is $500 per week i.e. Zelle App’s limit for banks that do not offer Zelle.

Wrap Up

We hope that SoFi soon comes up with the Zelle feature within its mobile app. Till then, you still have the option to download Zelle App and use Sofi debit card with Zelle which works just fine.

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