Can you use Cash App Card on AfterPay? [Explained]

Buy Now Pay Later Services like AfterPay are emerging as a popular option to split the payments for your purchases in the USA. If you use Cash App, you may be wondering if you can use your Cash App Card to make payments on AfterPay, with your Cash App Balance.

To use AfterPay, you have to set up a payment method beforehand on AfterPay App that is used to repay the installments. This repayment can either be done manually or automatically where the installment is directly deducted on the due date.

Answer in a nutshell: Cash App card is a prepaid card that can only be used to make payments manually on the AfterPay app, using the “Pay Now” option. It cannot be saved as a payment method on the AfterPay app for making automatic payments. However, there is a workaround by using a Cash App card on Apple Pay.

To quote AfterPay’s payment options:

Afterpay accepts domestic debit and credit cards and bank checking accounts.  We do not accept savings accounts or cards issued from overseas banks.  You can use a pre-paid card for the Manual Payments tab to “Pay now,” but you cannot save a pre-paid card as a payment method. 

But you can expect things to change in the future-The fact is that AfterPay was acquired in 2021 by Square Inc. [now called Block Inc] which is the parent company of Cash App.

This means that you can only expect to see the compatibility grow between the two services in the future and it may even be integrated (you can get an idea here on future plans AfterPay and Cash App)

The first AfterPay installment becomes due immediately when you place the order.  This is unless you have AfterPay mint status (for eligible long-time customers with established repayment history), where you can even get the first payment deferred for two weeks after your purchase.

Let’s understand the option in detail on how you can use the Cash App Card on AfterPay:

Can you use Cash App Card on AfterPay

You can only use the Cash App Card to make payments manually for your later AfterPay installments. Cash App card being a prepaid card, there are limitations when it comes to using it on AfterPay. You cannot save the Cash App card as a payment method inside AfterPay app for auto payments or use it for your first installment which becomes due on the purchase.

In short, you can pay the balance in 3 installments using the Cash App card using the manual “Pay Now” button on the AfterPay app. It does not work for auto-pay, at the moment.

When you choose the Pay Now option you will have to untick the box that says “Store card for future use” as AfterPay does not allow you to store the prepaid card on the account.

Now the problem with making payments manually is that it can be a hassle to do it every time. Further, if you forget and miss a payment, you invite the AfterPay late fees charge of $8. But you do get reminders from the AfterPay app on the installments due.

However, there is another workaround you can explore here if you want to use auto-pay.

Another Workaround for using a Cash App card with AfterPay [using wallet]

Another method you can explore is that AfterPay allows you to use Apple Pay as a payment method. And the Cash App card is compatible with Apple Pay

So as a workaround- Add your Apple Pay wallet as the payment method inside the AfterPay App. Then add your Cash App card as a default payment card inside the Apple Pay wallet.

With this method, you don’t need to add an individual bank card or even your Cash App card inside AfterPay. Rather just link your AfterPay account to Apple Pay, which gives you the option to use the cards in your Apple Pay wallet to make the payments.

Other Buy Now Pay Later Apps that work with Cash App

  • Sezzle for making balance installment payments

Other apps like Klarna, Affirm, etc. do not accept prepaid cards. Read more on the details of other BNPL providers’ acceptance of Cash App cards.

Wrapping Up

So you can use a Cash App card on AfterPay only for limited scenarios and not as an auto-pay method. To make things convenient, you can also opt for the Apple Pay payment method so that you have greater flexibility of cards when making the payment and not hard coded to one particular debit card.

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