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If you are a Facebook User, changing or uploading a Facebook Profile Picture of your choice seems like an easy task. However, there are many questions that may come to your mind like how to get the right Facebook profile picture size, how to upload image without cropping it or changing profile picture without loosing likes . You may also have privacy concerns like option to change profile picture without notifying one or having a facebook profile picture guard.

In this detailed guide, we are going to cover the complete tips and tricks to answer all of these questions. This post will give you a ton of information to simplify your life on Facebook as far as profile picture is concerned.

The answer to some of the questions needs a bit of workaround. That’s just the way Facebook is at the moment, requiring some complicated steps to even do these simple tasks. Add to this, the fact that Facebook constantly makes changes and tweaks to its interface can make things a bit more confusing.

Nevertheless, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms with more than 2.6 billion active users. That’s more than population of most countries. Facebook statistics reveal that it has more than 350 billions photos posted in its platform i.e. more than 350 millions photos a day.

Facebook has 2 types of images that sit on your main profile- First is the Profile Picture which is displayed in circle shape and the Cover Photo which is the rectangular shaped banner like image. If you are using the Classic Facebook, the profile picture is displayed on the left side of cover photo (overlapping it). On the other hand, if you have switched to new Facebook interface, it is displayed on the center of the cover photo.

So let’s now jump to our main topic on Facebook Profile Picture,

First and the basic question regarding what size or dimensions to use for Facebook Profile Picture. Let’s answer this.

What’s the Facebook Profile Picture Size?

The Facebook Profile picture is displayed in the following dimensions:

180 by 180 pixels- For Desktop / Laptop view

128 by 128 pixels- For Mobiles

Note, that this is the size in which the profile picture is displayed and not necessarily what is uploaded or stored in Facebook. You can actually upload a picture of any size but the minimum width needs to be 180 pixels.

While these dimensions make it look simple, getting the right image size can be confusing. This is because when you upload the Facebook Profile picture in a normal fashion, it is cropped automatically in a square shape and uploaded (there are some easy hacks to upload without cropping discussed below) . And the way cropping is done is that it will crop the height or width whichever is more to make it equal to the size of smaller side to form a square. This is assuming you use the option to zoom out completely while uploading the pic.

If you don’t apply any zoom-in or out, the photo will be cropped 180 by 180 which is the default display size ignoring both dimensions of original pic. However, when it is displayed on your profile or in your posts, it takes the shape of a circle with diameter equal to 180 pixels.

So ideally, you should choose a square profile picture with yourself in the middle so that the image looks good even when its displayed in smaller format the mobile.

Let’s see the ways to change Facebook profile picture without cropping:

How to Change Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping

There are 3 easy ways to upload Facebook Profile Picture without cropping.

Way 1- Using Classic Facebook Interface (on Desktop)

For the first way, you need to use the Classic Facebook Interface on Desktop which gives you an option to “Skip Cropping” when uploading the Facebook Profile Picture. Surprisingly, this useful option is taken away from the New Facebook Interface.

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Way 2- Upload the image as a post in the timeline and use “Make it Profile Picture” option Using Facebook Lite App (Note that this option is not available on Normal Facebook App for some reason)

Step 1-Post the image you want to use as “Profile Picture” on your timeline. While posting, you can keep the privacy settings to “Only Me” (since this is a temporary posting which you can delete later)

Step 2– Open Facebook Lite App and click on the image posted in timeline. You will see an option to “Make Profile Picture” which is basically allowing you to use the image as your Profile Picture. Once you use this option, the image becomes your Profile Picture without any cropping

Way 3- Upload the image as a post in the timeline and use “Make it Profile Picture” option on

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Another longer hack which works for Mobile involves the following steps-

  1. Post the image you want to use as “Profile Picture” on your timeline. While posting, you can keep the privacy settings to “Only Me” (since this is a temporary posting which you can delete later)
  2. Login to your on your mobile (even works on laptop) using Google Chrome or any other browser.
  3. Click the image you posted on your timeline to expand it and you will see an option below the image to “Make it Profile Picture”. It will ask you if you want to Switch back to original profile picture after some time period. Just click on ‘Never’ meaning you don’t want to switch back
  4. You can now see the full image is posted without any cropping as the Profile Picture.
  5. You can delete the image post now that the profile picture is updated.

How to Change Facebook Profile Picture without Notifying Anyone / Change Profile Picture without Posting

When you change your Facebook Profile Picture, there is auto-post on your timeline which mentions your profile picture is updated. You can switch the privacy setting for this particular post immediately from “Public” to “Only Me” which means only you will be able to see this post .

Steps to change Facebook Profile Picture without notifying anyone

  • Add the photo as a post to your timeline. While adding you have an option change the post privacy settings to “Only me”
  • Click on the photo in this post and click on the option “Make Profile Picture”
  • Your Profile Pic will be updated with this photo and there will be an auto-post about the update. Now immediately go to this auto-post and change the privacy settings of this post to “Only me”

In fact when you delete a picture from Facebook Profile Pic Album, it also deletes the auto-post from your timeline.

How to Change Facebook Profile Picture without loosing Likes

Got a bunch of likes and comments on your Facebook Profile Picture which you don’t want to sacrifice by changing. Well, the thing is with Facebook, you don’t really lose the likes and comments. The likes and comments stay along with the original picture which is stored in your Facebook Profile Picture Album .

So in case you moved to your new Pic that doesn’t get the kind of likes and comments as your old one, you can always switch back to the old profile Pic by going to the Facebook Profile Pic Album and selecting it from there (Don’t do a fresh upload of old profile pic which will cause you to lose the likes and comments)

Other Important Points on Profile Pic

Facebook Profile Picture Guard

Facebook Profile Picture Guard is a great feature to protect your privacy. If you turn it on, Facebook does not give an option to download your Facebook Profile Pic for any other user. A random user will also not get any option to share, send in message or share your profile pic externally.

It also avoids the possibility for anyone to tag your profile pic, unless the person is your friend.

When you turn on the Facebook Profile Picture Guard, it adds a blue border to your profile pic and also shows a shield symbol.

Steps to add Profile Picture Guard

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your profile picture to expand it
  3. Click on option to “Turn On Profile Picture Guard” below the image
  4. You will see that your profile pic is now wrapped in blue border and also has as shield symbol in the bottom center

Facebook Profile Picture Ideas

You can get creative with your Facebook Profile Picture using a number of ways. Many people mix the cover photo and profile pic to blend seamlessly. You can also add effects or design using the “Add Frames” option which is available when you click on update profile picture.

In case you want to keep it private, here are some ideas you can use for having Facebook Profile Picture without face-

  1. Cartoon image of yourself
  2. Facing your back image-Looking towards something scenic
  3. Hat pulled down look-covering your face
  4. Having a motivational- quotes with images picture
  5. You can even use the new feature Facebook Avatar– create your own animated Avatar and use it in Facebook Profile Picture.

Hope you find this article helpful. Do share it with your friends and family to help them get their Facebook Profile Picture right.

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