Does Klarna Accept Prepaid Cards [No, Workaround]

If you use the Klarna Buy Now Pay later service, you may think of using your prepaid card as a payment method to pay back your Klarna installments. But does this really work- Does Klarna Accept Prepaid Cards?

In a nutshell- No, Klarna does not accept prepaid cards like Cash App Card, Venmo, etc. for making payments.

But this may not be the end of the road. There is still a workaround that you can explore to make your Klarna payments, using some of the prepaid cards. We will also cover some alternate payment and BNPL options to help you further on this.

First, let’s see what payment methods are accepted by Klarna

As per Klarna’s official terms, it accepts all major debit cards and credit cards from brands like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Maestro, etc. Other than that, it also accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

So Klarna essentially accepts most debit cards linked to a bank account and does not accept the prepaid ones.

But a point to note is that Klarna also accepts Apple Pay as one of the payment options.

So if you have a prepaid card that works with Apple Pay, you can set the payment method in Klarna as Apple Pay and then use the prepaid card to add funds to Apple Wallet.

e.g. If you have a Cash App Card, you can add it to Apple Pay and then transfer money from Cash App to Apple Pay to make your Klarna payments.

Other Payment Methods to be used with Klarna

  • Debit Cards of major banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Discover, Ally, etc.
  • Credit Cards
  • Apple Pay

Capital One Cards do not support any of the Buy Now Pay Later options.

Does Klarna support Chime

Klarna does not accept Chime Debit Card, citing high payment failure issues.

However, there are few users who have been able to successfully use Chime Credit Builder Card with Klarna, which is a prepaid credit card.

Does Klarna Accept Venmo or Cash App

Klarna does not accept either the Venmo Debit Card or the Cash App card, both of whom fall in the category of prepaid cards.

But as mentioned earlier, if you have the Cash App Card added to Apple Pay, this is one out-of-the-box way you can explore by adding Apple Pay as the payment method in Klarna and moving your Cash App Funds to Apple Pay.

Venmo also does not work with Apple Pay, so you can’t try using Apple Pay as an option as well.

However, if you have the Venmo credit card, you can try that as a payment option with Klarna.

Does Klarna work with Current Cards

Yes, Klarna accepts the debit cards issued by Current Bank.

Does Klarna Accept Netspend Cards

No, Klarna is not known to accept NetSpend cards. NetSpend cards fall in the category of prepaid cards, that are not supported by Klarna.

Alternate Options-Do other Buy Now Pay Later Services accept Prepaid Cards?

Affirm- Affirm does not accept prepaid cards, as per its official terms. You can use debit cards, checking accounts, and mail a check option. Credit Cards can be used for selected items for the down payment as well as installment payments.

AfterPay- You can use a prepaid card only by using the “Pay Now” option for making manual payments. AfterPay does not allow you to save a prepaid card as a payment method and also it cannot be used for automatic payments.
Note: AfterPay has been acquired by Cash App’s parent company Square Inc. in August 2021 (now called Block Inc.). So you may expect things to change. There are speculations that Cash App may integrate it into their app and allow Cash App as a payment method in the future.

Zip (QuadPay)- Zip does not accept payments by prepaid cards or reloadable credit cards or debit cards including Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, etc.

Sezzle– Sezzle accepts Prepaid cards only for making installment payments, but does not for the initial payment on new orders.

How to Change Payment Method on Klarna


  1. Go to My Klarna
  2. Navigate to Settings and
  3. Next select Payment methods
  4. Tap Add card or select a stored card
  5. Tap Make card primary or Remove your stored card

You‘ll see a temporary authorization hold when you add a new card, which will be released within 5-7 business days.

Wrap Up

So while Klarna does not accept prepaid cards-you can still use the workaround. For those prepaid cards that work with Apple Pay, you can explore setting up Apple Pay as the payment method to pay off your Klarna instalments. Or you can look at the alternate Buy Now Pay Later Options that work with Klarna like AfterPay and Sezzle which work in specific scenarios detailed above.

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