Does Venmo have a Virtual debit card [Answered]

If you are a Venmo user, you know that Venmo offers a debit card linked to your Venmo account. But a question may pop up in your mind “Does Venmo have a virtual debit card” or is the Venmo card digital and can be used inside of the Venmo app.

Venmo being a digital payment method, this is one of the common questions that come to the mind of any Venmo user.

A virtual debit card especially comes in handy in situations where you are still waiting to receive a physical card in your mail, after ordering one. With a virtual card in-app, you can start using it immediately for your transactions.

To give a straight answer to the question:

No, Venmo does not offer a virtual debit card and only has a physical debit card. If you want to make the payment digitally, you have to use the Venmo app to scan the QR code at a physical store OR pay online using Venmo Wallet.

Venmo does not even display your Venmo debit card number and other details inside the Venmo app, citing security reasons.

This is unlike other apps like Cash App which offers a virtual card for use within the app, in absence of the physical Cash Card. You can even add this virtual Cash Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

With Venmo, it may be also due to a fact that Venmo does not even work with Apple Pay. So even if you had an option to get a virtual Venmo debit card, you could not add it to your digital wallet.

This may be because Venmo, a product of PayPal, is increasingly positioning itself as a payment wallet of its own (thus a competitor to Apple Pay)

However, if you have got a Venmo credit card, this comes with an in-app virtual card. You can use the virtual credit card number online.

Does Venmo have a virtual debit card?

No, Venmo does not offer a virtual debit card or show a Venmo Debit Card number inside the App.

You can only use the physical Venmo debit card when it arrives at your address. So you have to wait for the Venmo card to arrive if you have ordered a new Venmo card.

If you want to avoid carrying the Venmo card, you can make payments directly using the Venmo app, where accepted by scanning the QR code at the merchant.

Some online merchant websites and apps also give you the option to use Venmo online directly using the wallet, without Venmo debit card.

Alternately, you can add Venmo Card to Google Pay (if you have Android) or add the Venmo Card to Cash App on your mobile (if you use it),

Currently, Venmo does not work with Apple Pay.

Venmo is competing with Apple Pay as a payment wallet. There are a growing number of merchants that accept Venmo as a direct payment option using the QR code.

Similarly, in the online space, you have some merchants which directly allow paying using a Venmo wallet. There are speculations that Amazon will soon accept Venmo as a direct payment option.

Is the Venmo debit card digital?

No, the Venmo card is not digital and available only as a physical card.

There is no in-app version of the Venmo debit card, due to security reasons.

However, if you have the Venmo Credit Card, it comes with a virtual in-app credit card.

How to view Venmo Debit Card Number? How can I see my Venmo card number online?

Venmo does not give you the option to view details of Venmo debit card number on its app or online.

So you need to make sure you take care of your Venmo debit card and preserve the details if you need them handy.

If you have lost or misplaced your Venmo Debit Card, you can disable your card in the Venmo app

  • Go to the “Cards” tab blobid0.png
  • Next tap on the Venmo Debit Card section
  • Next tap on the image of your card
  • Tap on the option to disable your card 

If you do not have access to your app, you can call Venmo Support No. and deactivate your card that way.

Wrap Up

So currently there is no option to get a Venmo virtual debit card. With payment apps, the scenario is also evolving and may change in the future.

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