Venmo Goods & Service Fee Calculator | Venmo Seller Fees

Venmo Goods & Service Fee Calculator helps you quickly calculate the fees to be borne by sellers on selling goods or service on Venmo . You can use this free updated Venmo Goods & Service Fee calculator to do the math for you. Just input the amount and you get an instant calculation of the Venmo fees and amount you will actually receive for each business transaction.

Venmo Goods & Service Fee Calculator 2023 | Seller Fees Calculator


  • Transaction Amount–> Venmo payment made by the buyer
  • Venmo Fees-> Fees deducted by Venmo on the transaction
  • Amount Received-> Amount received in your Venmo account after deducting fees

Pricing Based on Venmo Fees | How much should I charge calculator

If you want to know how much to charge your customer to receive a particular amount, after taking into account Venmo Fees, check out this calculator. This calculator will reverse calculate the amount you should charge your customer

Plugin the amount you want to receive in the field above and you will get the price you need to charge to your customer.

Therefore, if we want to receive $100 from selling an item using Venmo, we must charge $102.04 for the item.

Following is a Venmo fee table that shows how much transaction fees you have to pay based on the standard 1.90% + $0.`10 fees.

  • Amount – Product price
  • Venmo Fees – Fees that Venmo will charge
  • Received – Amount received by merchants after Venmo fees
  • Sell For – if merchants want to receive the “amount” after Venmo fees, then they should sell the item for this price.

Terms of Usage: The calculators on this post are for reference and educational purpose only and not official Venmo calculator. Although care has been taken in making this calculator, there may be deviations in individual cases and fees / transfer amount are only estimates.

How much fee does Venmo charge to receive money for Sellers?

As of 2023, Venmo charges 1.90% + $0.10 for each transaction for sellers. Buyers do not need to pay any fees or commissions.

If you are a seller with a Venmo Business Profile, the fees is 1.90% of your product price sold plus a constant of $0.10 regardless of how much you sold the item for.

The fees do seem to be heavy but you also get benefit of Venmo Purchase Protection (so does your customer). This shields sellers from losing money due to unauthorized transactions or claims that the buyer never received their purchases.

The fee kicks in whenever you receive a payment of $1 or more.

There is no fees on the Buyer, as per industry practice. On the other hand, Buyer also gets the benefit of purchase protection.

What what percentage does Venmo take for business

As explained above, Venmo levies a fee of 1.90% of the transaction amount plus $0.10 for each transaction for sellers in the United States.

So the actual amount that you will receive on your Venmo payments is net of the fees, which you can get to know from this calculator.

Venmo may change this fees from time to time.

How to Calculate Venmo Fees

Here’s a step by step way to calculate Venmo Fees for each transaction.
Venmo fees Fee = Transaction Amount*1.90%+ $0.10, where the amount is the price that sellers charge for their product.

You can use this calculator to do this maths for you. Bookmark this page for easy access.

How much is the Venmo fee for $100?

Let’s learn how much the Venmo fee is for $100.
Using the same formula as the above, we plug in the number

Final Fee = $100 x 1.90%+ $0.10 = $1.19 + $0.10 = $2
Therefore, the Venmo fee for a $100 product is $98

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Reporting on Venmo Receipts

From 2021 tax year, Venmo has started issue Form 1099-K for receipts to all business profile owners, based on the IRS reporting threshold as per state of residence:

  • For most states, the threshold is $20,000 in gross payment volume from sales of goods or services in a single year, AND 200 payments for goods and services in the same year
  • For residents of Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont, and Virginia, the threshold is $600 USD, irrespective of the number of transactions 
  • For Illinois residents, the threshold is $1,000 USD with 3 or more transactions 

It is important that both from the fees perspective and tax reporting perspective to double check and turn off the Venmo goods and services option , when using Venmo for any personal transactions

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