How to add Debit Card to Chime [Guide]

Chime is a popular fintech that offers no-fee online banking services in partnership with The Bancorp Bank and Strides Bank, N.A. If you use Chime and looking for a way how to add a debit card to Chime, you are on the right post to get the answer.

As a Chime user, one common query you may run into is how to add money to Chime from another external bank account you own or vice versa i.e. how to transfer your Chime funds to an external bank. While this looks like a simple task, it has its own complications. Especially, if you are looking for a way to instantly transfer the funds.

If you are thinking to transfer money using Chime with Zelle, it does not work.

You may want to link another bank debit card to add or move out funds to quickly achieve this. Let’s see if this is possible and what are the ways to transfer money to and fro from your Chime account to another bank account.

How to add a Debit card to Chime?

There is no direct way to add or link a bank debit card on Chime. You can only link your external bank account to Chime App, using the bank credentials by authenticating yourself using Plaid.

Chime earlier had the option to link a debit card to do an initial transfer from an external bank account to Chime Account instantly. However, this option is no longer available and you can only link your bank account in Chime using Plaid verification.

Currently, you can add the following banks which are supported by Chime to be linked inside the Chime App:

  • Chase,
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo, Citi
  • US Bank
  • USAA
  • Fidelity
  • PNC Bank
  • TD Bank
  • SunTrust
  • Navy Federal
  • Charles Schwab

You can check our guide on how to link a bank account and transfer money from Chime to another bank account.

Once you have linked a bank account in Chime using the above method, you can transfer money to and from such an external bank account. However, do note that the transfer will not be instant and takes 1-3 business days as it will be processed using the Standard ACH transfer route.

In case, this does not work for you and you want to move money instantly from Chime to an External bank account, you have to explore indirect routes which do require jumping through hoops.

Adding your Chime Debit Card in Wallets

If your main objective is to add funds instantly to your Chime account, you can add your Chime Debit Card in Wallets like Apple Pay, Cash App or Venmo and cash out your wallet money to your Chime Card, as and when required. All these wallets support instant transfer to a linked debit card. However, this does subject you to instant transfer fees.

Alternatively, you can also load cash to your Chime Card free of cost at Walgreens. This is again an instant option, but may not be convenient for all.

However, if you are looking to move money from your Chime Account to other bank accounts instantly, you can explore the following ways.

Other Ways for Instant Transfer from Chime to Debit Card

Using Apple Pay

You can link your Chime Card with Apple Pay. This way you can add cash from Chime to your Apple Cash Card and then cash out your Apple Wallet funds to the other bank debit card, using either Instant transfer (with 1.5% Minimum – $0.25, Max-$15) or Standard Transfer

Steps to do the transfer

  • Link your Chime Debit Card as a payment method in Apple Pay
  • Add money from Chime Debit Card to Apple Cash
  • Link your other bank debit card in Apple Cash, where the money is required
  • Cash out or transfer money from your Apple Pay balance to an external bank debit card using “Instant Transfer” or “Standard Transfer”

Using this same method, you can also instantly add funds from another debit card to your Chime card. However, you do have to bear instant transfer fees in the whole process.

Using Cash App as an intermediary

Chime works with Cash App and you can use Cash App as a vehicle to move money from your Chime account to an external bank account. You can transfer your Chime Funds to your Cash App account (by linking your Chime bank account debit card to Cash App and then adding money to Cash App ).

You can then cash out or transfer funds from your Cash App balance which can be done instantly with 1with fees in the range of 0.5% to 1.75% of the transfer amount, Minimum – 0.25$ or Standard transfer 1-3 business days

Steps to do the transfer

  • Link your Chime Debit Card as a payment method in Cash App
  • Add money from Chime Debit Card to Cash App
  • Remove Chime Debit Card and then link your external bank debit card (as Cash App allows you to link only 1 debit card at a time)
  • Cash out your Cash App balance to an external bank account using “Instant Transfer” or “Standard Transfer”

Using Chime Pay AnyOne

You can also use the Chime Pay Friends feature which allows you to make payments to even non-Chime members, instantly with Chime. You can use this to transfer funds to a family member or a friend who has a non-Chime bank account and then have them transfer you back to your external banking account, using a convenient option like Zelle. We are assuming your other bank account and the one used by your friend are compatible with Zelle.

Again, this is not an ideal solution and something you can explore only in case of emergencies. Though you don’t have to bear any fees in the process.

Wrap Up

Chime does not offer your a way to add your bank debit card and do the instant transfer. So the current solution is to make use of Wallets or add cash to fund your Chime account. It is not ideal but does the job in case of those urgent situations.

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