How to Add Money to Cash App without Debit Card [Complete Guide]

Cash App is one of the popular payment apps from Square Inc. which allows you to send, receive and invest money conveniently. If you use Cash App and are looking to add money to Cash App without a debit card, you are on the right post. 

There are many ways to add money to Cash App. However, if you are looking to add money from a bank account using Cash App, you will need to have your bank debit card linked in Cash App.

An important to note here is you don’t need money in your Cash App balance to use Cash App. You can make payments using Cash App directly from a linked bank account.

While Cash App allows you to link your bank account using Plaid or manual verification (without debit card), the bank account which you have linked in Cash App can be used to withdraw (cash out) or transfer your Cash App funds to your bank account.

To add money from bank account, you need to add the bank debit card.

But even if you don’t have a bank debit card, that is not the end of the road. There are still few a ways you can explore to add money to Cash App.

Let’s talk about them with the details and steps involved.

How to Add Money to Cash App without Debit Card

You can add money to Cash App using

  1. By loading cash at a retail store using Cash App Paper Money Deposit by showing barcode on Cash App
  2. By transferring money using Venmo or Apple Pay to Cash App Card
  3. By requesting money from a friend or family member on Cash App

Let’s cover the important details for each of these ways, with the steps involved.

Way 1: Add Money to Cash App using Paper Money Deposit using Barcode

Cash App now allows you to deposit money at supported retail stores that include popular names like Walmart, Walgreens, 7- Eleven, etc. among others. This feature is called “Paper Money Deposit” and you can find it by going to the “Banking Tab” on Cash App.

You can check our guide on how to deposit Paper Money on Cash App for the complete steps involved. If you have access to this feature, you can deposit cash in your Cash App account even without having Cash App Card. You can walk in at a retail stores near you like Walgreen etc. and show barcode on Cash App at the cash register for cash deposit at a small fee (Only 1 dollar per transaction).

Using this method, you can deposit minimum $5 and maximum $500 per transaction. Also, paper money deposit cannot be more than $1,000 per rolling 7 days and $4,000 per rolling 30 days.

This method replaces the earlier method of swipe reload which was used earlier to add cash to Cash App card at stores.

Way 2: Transfer Money from Venmo or Apple Pay to Cash App

If you have a Cash App Card, you can use it not only to make payments conveniently but also to add money from other wallets like Venmo or Apple Pay to your Cash App account.

If you have an iPhone and use Apple Pay, you can link your Cash App Card to Apple Pay and transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash App.

You can not only link your Cash App Card to Apple Pay, but also link your Cash app account using the routing number and account number associated with your Cash App direct deposit account (though you ,must have applied for and approved for the Cash App card to get these account details). If you link Cash App as bank account, you can transfer money for free from Apple Pay but the transfer can take 1-3 business days.

Another way of adding money to Cash App is by using Venmo. You can add your Cash App card to Venmo and transfer money from Venmo to Cash App account. Venmo works with Cash App if you add your Cash App Card to Venmo, you can cash out or transfer funds from Venmo to Cash Card instantly (this is subject to 1.5% instant transfer fees)

Way 3: Request Money from Friend on Cash App

You can also request money from a friend or family member to quickly add money to Cash App and then pay them using alternate means.

Money that you receive from such transfer is available instantly on your Cash App account.

You can also use Cash App to request money. To do so:

  1. Open Cash App
  2. Enter the amount you would like to request
  3. Tap Request
  4. Enter $Cashtag of friend or family member
  5. Add a note on reason for the request (optional)
  6. Tap Request

Wrap Up

So there are a couple of ways in which you can add money to your Cash App account, even without a bank debit card. You can pick on which meets your requirement. It does make sense to add your bank debit card as a more permanent method. At the same time, you don’t want to hold a lot of funds in your Cash App account, since it does not come with FDIC insurance or any interest. As regards making payments, Cash App gives you the ability to make the payment directly from a linked payment method i.e. bank account.

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