Card Not Supported on Cash App Explained [Reasons & Solutions]

If you use Cash App and are facing the issue of your card not supported on Cash App, you are on the right post to get the potential reasons and solutions for this issue.

Cash App allows you to add a debit card (linked to a bank account) as well as selected prepaid cards as a payment method inside Cash App. A debit card can be used to add money to Cash App, make payments as well as to cash out i.e. transfer your funds from Cash App to a linked bank account.

On the other hand, you can even choose to link your bank account to Cash App without adding a debit card (either using Plaid or manual verification using account and routing number).

Although such a linked bank account cannot be used to add money to Cash App balance and you can’t do an instant deposit from Cash App to your bank account, as this feature is only supported on debit cards.

As per its official site, Cash App allows you to link debit and credit cards of major brands that include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. However, ATM cards, Paypal, and business debit cards are NOT supported.

Even many prepaid cards are now supported on Cash App. But you can’t transfer from Cash App to such prepaid cards can only be used to add money and you are NOT able to cash out your Cash App funds.

So the following type of cards are supported on Cash App

  • Debit Cards of major brands
  • Prepaid Cards (Selected)
  • Credit Cards of major brands (involves 3% fee for sending money + Bank may charge own fee)

However, when it comes to practical reality, not all banks and institutions that issue debit/prepaid cards work with Cash App and even those that work can change their policies from time to time.

As a result, users often face an issue where they are NOT able to link the card in Cash App. The issue here is not to much to do with the type of the card or the brand issuing the card i.e. Visa, MasterCard etc.

Let’s get to more details on how this actually plays out when you attempt to add a card to Cash App.

Card Not Supported on Cash App

When Cash App displays the message “Card Not Supported on Cash App“, it means that either the card is not compatible to be added to Cash App or there is mismatch between the card details and your Cash App records or account security related issue.

This may be either because of the issues with the bank issuing the card or it could be a block from Cash App.

Let’s look into the details for each of these reasons.

Reason 1: Card is not compatible with Cash App

This is the most common reason why your card of getting the error message: “Card not supported”.

Specifically, if you are attempting to add prepaid cards or credit cards, not all of them will work with Cash App.

Prepaid Cards-In case of prepaid cards, if it is a bank supported and registered in your name which matches with Cash App, it may work.

Recently, there has been a growing acceptance of prepaid cards on Cash App, which were not supported earlier. But they have limited functionality. e.g. Prepaid card cannot be used for cash out like a debit card i.e. you cannot deposit cash from your Cash App balance into such cards.

Credit Cards-If you are attempting to add a credit card, it will pop up the error -“this card is not supported because the issuing bank charges additional fees”. This usually blocks credit cards where the banks have their own fees in addition to the 3% fees that Cash App charges on using credit cards.

Debit Cards-Even with debit cards, not all banks or credit unions may support linking your debit card with peer-to-peer payment apps like Cash App or Venmo, citing security issues and higher fraud rates. There are also situations where a bank that supported Cash App in the past may no longer work with it.

Specifically, users have faced issues adding the following cards:

  • Green Dot Cards (only some versions work)
  • Capital One Card
  • Paypal Card (not supported by Cash App)
  • PNC card
  • Business debit cards (not supported by Cash App)

Potential Solution: In such cases, you can try to

  • First, confirm the issue with the compatibility of the card
    • Contact Cash App Support Team-
      • Using the Cash App OR
      • Direct Message on Cash App Twitter Handle- or
      • Cash App Official Reddit handle-
    • Confirm with your Bank customer support team if debit card works with Cash App
  • Try using an alternate bank card (if the above confirmed)
  • Alternatively, try the workaround method with Apple Pay

Reason 2: Discrepancies between Card Details and Cash App Records

If there is any error in the card details, it can be a reason for this issue.

For e.g. check the card details like name, number, Zip code, Expiry date, etc. are entered correctly.

If there is any inconsistency between your card details and your Cash App records, it can also be a trigger for this issue. e.g. there could be an inconsistency between your name and zip code details as entered in Cash App vs the bank debit card.

Cash App will allow you to add cards as long as they are in your name and match your legal name and other details in your Cash App account (not related to the display name in Cash App)

If there is a discrepancy between these two records, it may be a reason for this error to pop up.

In such cases, recheck the card details and confirm there is no inconsistency to cause the issue.

Reason 3: Security issues associated with your account

If you have recently faced the issue where your account has been locked by Cash App or stopped, that could probably cause the issue. Or it could be your bank reporting an issue with the card.

You could also run into this issue where you have earlier removed a debit card from Cash App and then again attempt to link it.

If there are security issues identified relating to your account, for e.g. Cash App account created in your name by someone or other such cases, Cash App may have placed a block on the account or card to unusual activity.

In such cases, it is best to contact the Cash App support team to help resolve the issue.

Workaround-Using the card on Apple Pay vs Cash App

A workaround you can try in case of such issues, you can add your Cash App Card to Apple Pay as well as your bank debit card if it is supported by Apple Pay.

In such cases, you can transfer funds from Cash App to a bank account card

  • Transfer funds from Cash App to Apple Pay (Apple Cash)
  • Then transfer from Apple Cash to your bank debit card (for an instant deposit, Apple Pay charges flat 1.5%, Max-$15 which can be less than Cash App’s rate which is variable from 0.5% to 1.75%)

To move money from a bank card to Cash App

How to Add Debit Card to Cash App

Cash App allows you to link one debit card and one bank account at a time.

You can follow the same steps to add a prepaid card (as it works the same way and Cash App does not make a distinction in )

  1. Tap the Profile (person icon) on your Cash App home screen top right
  2. Select Linked Banks
  3. Tap Link Debit Card -if you already have a debit card added, you need to tap on it and remove it before adding a new debit card as Cash App supports one card at a time
  4. Follow the prompts- enter your debit card no, expiry date, and zip code when requested

You can check this guide if you are looking to add a credit card to Cash App.

Wrap Up

Hope this post helped you in resolving the card not supported on Cash App issue. Let me know about your experience in the comments.

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